Tuesday, May 24, 2011

More Vivox servers and patch 88 tonight
Maintenance at 12am PST / 3am EST / 08:00 GMT / 09:00 CEST

Two Wild Days of Open Beta Fun!

Open Beta so far has gone extremely well in most areas, and now we are heading in to the "cleanup phase" for several parts of the game, including post beta optimizations, tweaks and preparation for new features and items.

In a very short time we saw a huge number of players in game to the point where we accidentally overloaded our voice over IP systems earlier today (which is part of tonight's maintenance).

We have also seen our Facebook group rapidly reach 80,000 likes (now beating out other great games such as Star Trek Online, Champions Online, Runes of Magic, Dungeons and Dragons Online and World of Tanks), while setting our sights next on Eve Online (104,000 likes)!

Of course Facebook likes are vanity items and not great indicators of good games (after all Charlie Sheen has 1.3 million likes, not sure he is a "good person"), however for us Facebook is clearly another important channel we use as a communication tool with our rapidly growing community (and you guys of course know how much we DO value our ongoing communication with players!).

So a big Thank You for all the FB likes (!), and please do continue telling your friends about our Facebook Page, and if they have not yet heard of APB then certainly tell them everything you know about APB and San Paro as well!

Maintenance tonight

Tonight at midnight PST (aka early am in Europe) we are performing a quick maintenance to continue rolling out tweaks (patch, that will further improve the game.

First - we will be adding more Vivox (Voice over IP) servers tonight on our end, since the incredibly high load and demand for the game had us running short on voice channels today. After the additional systems are added, we should see fewer problems with people unable to launch team based voice chat due to unavailable voice connections.

Second - the new threat levels and matchmaking systems have started working out much better game in the last 24 hours. Still a few more tweaks to go, but now we can see clear behavior trends in the data, and what appears to be some really great matches.

Specifically - Patch 88 has the following changes:

Threat Level and Matchmaking Updates
  • Fixed an exploit where a leader could gain large amounts of Threat by kicking their team just before winning the mission.
  • Fixed a bug where a kicked player could still have their Threat updated as if they had won.
  • Fixed the Max Threat Player Notification referring to a ‘Threat Level 30’ player instead of ‘Gold Level 10’.
  • Adjusted Matchmaking formula to better fit the new Threat system.
  • Added a new ‘Threat Training’ system:
       o    New characters will see their Threat level as ‘In Training’, with a unique Threat icon for up to the first ten opposed missions.
       o    This gives the Threat system some time to home in on a characters skill level before displaying it on the UI and to other players.

Going Forward
Over the next few weeks we will continue tweaking and optimizing the game, and among other things we will be adding more network providers to give people more optimized network routes to reach our servers, and also laying the foundation for the next big wave of core game additions that will give people many more choices in the types of gameplay and engagements they can pick in APB. But we will share more about that after the post Beta cleanup.

And - before I go - we DO hate cheaters (when they are in fact able to bypass things for short periods of time). As I responded in one of the earlier Blog Responses; after this first wave of OB-launch-craziness subsides this week, we are going to start a much more aggressive campaign of public naming-and-shaming of cheaters when we catch them. 

The exact community policing methods are still under discussion, but we CLEARLY want people to realize that they are playing with fire when they are drawn to the "dark side of the force." In fact, we will extend the system to friends of hackers, where if your friend gets caught cheating, you will instantly be a suspect too. The motto is "Friends don't let friends cheat in APB" - and we will work on new methods of Community Policing to deter cheaters in conjunction with the "normal" technical policing we perform all the time. 

As hackers attempt new cheats that work for limited periods of time (and idiots pay the hackers for the cheat - which basically lets hackers install a keylogger on each machine running the cheat), we will eventually detect it (we always do), and at that point we will invalidate everything you have achieved in the game, and eventually we will also suspect anything any of your friends have also done or achieved in game.

Nueume will shortly share more information about the upcoming City Council program and other exciting community events in the near future, and as all these initiatives get underway, we look forward to growing a great San Paro community that can thrive and prosper as a self-governing city in cyber space...


  1. if you let players police the so called cheaters I'M SO FUCKED!


  2. @dreamss - well - it's not exactly the method we will use (ie putting it in player's hands).

    Rather - we will presume that cheaters are friends with other cheaters... More though to come about what we will do as we analyze the current data.

  3. It's nice to hear mention of cheaters and some sort of discipline being done, as well as the community event updates in the future. One of these days I hope to see the cineplex up and running(Hopefully more than in-game movies as well.)

  4. tech I was talking about this City Council.

    Honestly i group up with a ton of random people, and I really should not be punished for other peoples actions.

    Suspect or not, If I'm not cheating I should not be punished. Policing is YOUR guys problem, we just want to play the game

    Players WILL allways be biased in a pvp game there no reason they should have any power (including this council idea)

  5. OH on the friends that cheat topic, YOU guys had 2 mods CHEATING and g1 did not know until they where PB banned... so yeah you cant never tell

  6. well some sort of anonymous vote would be cool , if you think someone is cheating you start a vote .. but noone will see it .. the cheat system than checks this guy on any running hacks/cheats and if he has some then he gets banned , kinda that .. that anti hack/cheat system should be updated everyday to detect all hacks/cheats out there

  7. gnoddie what? the system already checks everyone without the need of a vote. players SHOULD NOT BE ABLE TO SAY WHO CHEATS AND WHO DOSENT. look at my link for proof

  8. i guess u misunderstand me, im talking about a seperate detection system .. PB is easy to avoid .. just google for it, tons of hacks etc

    i mean a completely different system !, and a player doesnt say who is cheating, the system does!

    and the screenshot proofs nothing, just shows some messages thats it, i cant see any proof of being non-cheater, i dont say you are cheating .. just saying that this is no proof of anything

  9. As dreamss has said, letting players police cheaters without being able to look at all the data is a bad idea. Hell, even if they can see all of it, they'll still be biased.

    I know dreamss and most of my clan constantly gets accused. We've been forced to put live streams of us playing just to convince people we don't cheat.

    That said, I think the friends of cheaters thing is bad too. What if we do play with someone who cheats and have absolutely no idea?

    I know you already ban on suspicion, I just don't want to be banned simply because someone else in my group is cheating.

  10. Were does he say players will be involved in banning cheaters. The City Council plans are in a different paragraph of the blogpost, and probably in no way related to his thoughts on the cheating. Read with both eyes open before you panic.

  11. he said friends would be "suspect", not banned, just watched to see if they are cheating. i like this idea, because cheaters hangout with other cheaters.

    now if a cheater is a friend and you don't know they cheat, well if your not a cheater you will have nothing to worry about.

    and I'm not calling anybody a cheater just stating a point.

  12. @Bjorn

    While we're on the Vivox subject.
    Are you guys aware that it's causing mouse lag or "jitter" to ALOT of people? It's solved by shutting it down in task manager, but you have to do it every time you start the game, and it's a bit of an inconvenience.

  13. I love seeing the update late in the night (For PST especially) But I would like to throw in my two cents by saying it would be nice to see an implication of rating mixed with threat level some how.

    For example I was playing earlier and getting smack talked by a couple guys that were decked out in level 3 upgraded gear. I lost, shrugged it off and said alright just gonna continue. Low and behold got against the same guys 4 times in a row. After a while of putting up some good fights we had finally one a couple.

    But it is really frustrating to get grouped with such terrible odds of winning. I don't know if I am the only one noticing this?

  14. so how you gona handel all the false reports of cheaters. i been told a few times now that i been reported ,not tha i realy care due to recorded games , but i feel sorry for peapol that cant use ingame recorder and have some back up to all the 12 year old kidds that loves to scream hacker ect.
    and just a tip in game recorder makes the game crash .

    and the TL system
    1 Yes you made a awsome job on match makeing even if they might have 2 more players but still ends up being a fair fight .so awsome that works great .

    2 well TL lvl dosent work ,or its just me that dont get TL ,well i did jump from silver 6 to G6 over the new patch dont know how it will be to day when i get home . last night 8missions win streak ,did play 1 on 2 atleast 3 times 13 kills 2 deaths one was N5 . that is how most misson did look , and after that i did join some friends and well no loss and no TL up. cant be right ,ro?

  15. ohh did miss one thing
    the high latency is back not as high as it was for a wek under closed beta but still around 100-150 instead of 50

  16. @Sinco

    Actually - in a perfect world you would actually stabilize at a certain TL, then slowly drift up until you start losing more then 50%, and at that point you would have found "your" skill level.

    Check back after tonight's update, and it will be further refined for all players.

  17. any1 know ho wlong will the update last?

  18. @Bjorn

    It's real good to hear you guys are doing all of this. Every new update my game FPS keeps going up and up, it went from 16 fps to 40 fps with the latest patch. I have a feeling you guys are doing more than just what you tell us. ;)

  19. @Bjorn Could you please fix the SLI Graphic card bug? with 4870x2 when i log in the game i see
    Invisible people, Green, White or Violet NEON shining players... bugged textures of cars etc...
    i only see the weapon but the rest of the bodies are INVISIBLE only if i rename the exe crysis i can play without gfx bugs... PLEASE GUYS FIX THAT PROBLEM FOR SLI VIDEO CARDS!!!
    Many ppl got that bug and its impossible to play agianst invisible players


  20. I just have lag in the social district, on the others im doing pretty good, i just have quad core 6600 8600gt and 2gb ram and im playing the game at medium with 30 fps. I dont have anymore the problem of "out of memory" played about 3 hours without any problem. just 1 when changing district i got stuck in the loading screen, but overall its petty nice.

  21. This is your most fail post yet, Bjorn. I know it's hard to see your unprofessionalism while, well..being unprofessional so I have taken the time time to point them out for you.

    - Slamming Charlie Sheen
    Was it necessary? - 5 pts

    - Keylogger assumption
    No factual basis of which to make assumption. For all we know, you could also be installing keyloggers on our computers, no? - 5 pts

    - "Hate" usage
    You're implying the entire company HATES hackers, or just you? Don't you think you should leave YOUR thoughts out of it, and simply just give us the updates like you're supposed to rather than boring us to tears with your hate ramble. - 10 pts

    - Naming & Shaming (Friends)
    I know this probably wasn't your idea, but G1 can take the fail points for this. This is just desperate and will include a lot of false positives. - 15 pts

    Overall I think you need to concentrate more on giving us updates than your ideologies. "We" know you're trying to win over the fanbase and scaremonger the community that is debating on purchasing hacks.

    Not a very good post, Bjorn. I thought you were better than that.

    PS: Idea for "policing community", it should be "SS".

  22. @ Bjorn or any other Developer.
    As i would really like to hear a dev's view on this, I will repost here something I posted on beta forums:

    A refreshing solution for cheaters, exploiters and such trash

    Suppose someone is marked FOR THE FIRST TIME with absolute certainty as a cheater. Heres what happens to them:

    * All guns, cars and clothes are unavailable to them till they meet the Redemption Criteria.
    * They cant use Social or Tutorial Districts.
    * They cant be groupped with normal players in any way!
    * Their auctions and bids are automatically cancelled!
    * The characters CANNOT be deletd!!
    * They cant create new characters.
    * They are temporarily (until the Redemption Criteria is met) banned in every possible way from creating new G1 accounts. They 'll have to either quit or suck it up.

    So, how does a cheater meets the Redemption Criteria?

    They have to complete (lets say) 100 hours in ACTION districts running arround in a "cheatsuit" (a specifically designed suit that looks like a straightjacket and glows, marking them as cheaters). They can enter in cars that are abandoned by crims or enfs (they cant steal cars from npcs or parked and locked ones).
    When in districts they have a special marker on them on both Map and Radar just like a bounty, and guess what!!!
    They 're SHOOTABLE! Anyone can shoot and kill them.
    - Whoever from the opposing faction shoots and kills them gets a $100 reward.
    - Anyone from THEIR faction kills them gets a $50 reward
    These rewards are actually subtracted from the character's money stash.
    If their money ends, money is spent from other alts they may have.
    When these money end too, they start losing equipment (guns, cars, modifications, clothes).
    If all money and possesions come to an end, they start having a negative balance which they will be filling after the Redemption Criteria is met by taxing their rewards by 80% till the debt is paid (no interest rates - we re not the Rothschilds!).

    If they re caught a second, a third, or a fourth, time cheating the Redemption Criteria time, doubles, triples, quaduples, respectivelly.
    Fifth time and it's a permanent ban.

    For exploiters, scripters, etc 10-30 hours to meet "Redemption Criteria" based on GM judgement.
    Kill rewards are $50 for opposing faction, $25 for their faction.
    For racists and other scum 5-10 hours to meet "Redemption Criteria" based on GM judgement.
    Kill reward is $25 for all factions.

  23. @LamersLast
    Man, you re a real troll. A pure blood genuine troll.. Exactly what this blog doesnt need. How about you go and make your own "IhateBJORN" blog and stop wasting our pagescrolls just to skip your trolling diarrhea of hate?

  24. Hi is there a way to get old RTW login??

  25. @Rm4g3dD0v

    How would they exactly "stop" them from creating new accounts?

    The only way I can think of is an IP ban and it's not that hard to get your IP changed.

    Besides that I think your punishment is too easy. It should be after the second offense a permanent ban.

    Otherwise I think your idea is pretty hilarious and would love to see it done.

  26. @Gamers Last

    You are a pansy, short of a Nazi. I appreciate Bjorn's BLOG. There is a simple solution for you; do not read his blog.

  27. is the game back online??


  28. I just want to know how long the maintanence is going to last XD

  29. @Rm4g
    I in fact already have a blog retaliating against G1's posts... (: I don't hate Bjorn... I don't hate anybody (a big difference between G1 and I). I wouldn't hate Bjorn nor any other staff member over a game because that's silly.

  30. @bjorn

    I would have to agree with xxantonyxx. I would love to see a SLI fix. I'm having to run on a single card atm and although it is good enough to run the game, I have to dial things down to grab 60+fps.

    There is also the issue of friends being suspect. Honestly, I don't mind being checked out. I don't and won't run hacks so it's not an issue. What it does do, is keep clans clean. Anyone playing the original RTW i'm sure can remember the hack clans. Given G1's vision of clan warfare, I don't mind it at all.

    On the subject of kicking players, I have been having some issues. I understand and agree with the need. However, there are players that are far too eager in random groups. There have been quite a few times when I get into a group, drive all the way across town, get caught in a crossfire or sniped off, and get kicked the second I die. I just spent the last few minutes wasting my time and got nothing for it.

    Last but not least, there is patch night starting at 12pm pst. Is this going to be standard with G1 or will they conform to the industry standard of 3am pst.

  31. @Bjorn or anyone that can answer this. What is the progress on the new districts like racing and what not? Is there any progress?

  32. I'm happy you are working on methods to exemplify cheaters as they are becoming very cocky with their bypassing but SO obvious aim-bots. I wonder who they think they are fooling, even when they still fail.

    I think it's a bit harsh not to give them a second chance to be honest, though. Wipe them clean to be sure, but it is only a game and cheaters cheat because they suck or don't believe in themselves.

    Also find some of the uber defensive posters here amusing. Why so worried? By the way, being defensive is a symptom of lying and guilt when facing an accusation, most particularly when its preemptive. ;)

  33. I think that if someone is caught cheating the character they where playing would be deleted and the slot would be locked for lets say a month.

  34. Hey Bjorn, you really need to get rid of the mission where we have to pick up alot of things (its 8 stages long this mission) and at the final stage, the opposition has to run.. this mission is so stupid, because you dont have a chance to make it... :(

  35. @Bjorn: Half the people on my friends list are gamers that I suspect are cheating. I keep them there to know which districts they're playing in, so that I can avoid bumping into them in the game.
    Now if it turns out that they really are cheaters, how will that affect me when a large number of my "friends" are the greatest cheaters on the server?

  36. @Shawn
    * The characters CANNOT be deletd!!
    * They cant create new characters.
    * They are temporarily (until the Redemption Criteria is met) banned in every possible way from creating new G1 accounts. They 'll have to either quit or suck it up.

  37. The worst thing they could have done, was to tell us that they are going to suspect friends as well. Real cheaters probably removed all there cheating friends by now from there friends list..

  38. If you not a cheater, you nothing to fear. This is really good idea to check the friends of cheaters. Оn Russian servers of some other game happening so awful cheat mess that even the administration does not know what to do. But this is a problem of the Russian mentality, so I hope it didn't touch you.

  39. @Rm4g3dD0v

    I was referring to:
    * They are temporarily (until the Redemption Criteria is met) banned in every possible way from creating new G1 accounts. They 'll have to either quit or suck it up.

    By resetting their modem or a quick call to their ISP, they can reset their IP, make a new account, and be right back in hacking again.

    There's not really a sure-fire way to make them stop, besides just auto-banning by detecting hacks. That seems to be the best way and that's why it's used so widely.

  40. @Servail
    Actually you do. Are you and I reading the same post? It says rather clearly, that if you associate yourself with a hacker, you too are a suspect.

  41. @xxanthonyxx

    "i only see the weapon but the rest of the bodies are INVISIBLE only if i rename the exe crysis i can play without gfx bugs..."

    Do you mean when renaming "Binaries/APB.exe" to "Binaries/crysis.exe" it works with SLI/CrossFire enabled? Please let me know!

  42. This comment has been removed by the author.

  43. @Gamers Last
    Perhaps your English isn't 100% (not your first language?), but being a suspect doesn't automatically get you punished.. It just means they will check you out.

  44. @servail: The reason that I'm a bit uneasy is because there have been rumors about G1 banning people based on suspicion, or because people had software running in the background (like TeamSpeak, Skype, Mumble, etc.) that apparently made them look suspicious.

    As ridiculous as both claims may sound, I'd rather have Bjorn affirm that I have nothing to worry about when five of my "friends" are cheaters and I have Winamp and Skype running in the background while I play APB.

  45. You need to stop 1vs1, first it is not interesting. Seconde, it's not equal, the one who have to defend the point, need to kill his ennemy during 5 minutes, and the one who have to go at the point will only need one kill !! that's not fair.

    And there is a problem with groupe and party, why is it different? sometimes i play in a mission, "/g blabla" "you are not in a group" but i'm playing with guys, useless if i can't talk to them :/

  46. earlier i took my packer (that i bought) on a ram raid spree and filled it with stolen goods but when i went to drop off the load at one of my contacts i got one item inside and someone drove off with my packer WTF you cant get in other peoples cars unless your in the same group but i wasn't in a group i had no idea how he got in LOL!!

  47. @Kaleb

    Yea, this has always pissed me off so I stopped ram raiding all together. Almost ALWAYS some asshole comes and steals your stuff. The only option is to buy a packer or something.

  48. @Bjorn / TechMech

    First: Applaud, what u have done so far :-D

    Second: NICE! u exactly let us know at EACH time something will happen.

    Third: Have u seen around 20:00 UK time,
    That there was some lagg? I suppose to have 50-100 MS
    But about that time it was like: 100-500 MS
    Playing at Obeya 1, From the Netherlands
    It was for 15 minutes this kind a laggy.
    (Joined other district) and it was solved.

    Fourth: I heard from some people that when u do:
    1v1 matches that u get more Expierence for your Threat Level then when u do 2v2?

  49. you dont offer an hate system and want to watch guys who use your friend system as warning from cheaters?

    please watch at the factions, for example: my crime has around 10-15 friends on enforcer side and im nearly sure around 60% of them are cheating - i only want to dont play with them and be able to see with this trick on wich servers they are...

    im sure im not the only one doing this... so watch out, not everyone has cheaters in the friend list by the same reasons...

  50. one time i had an armored truck full of stuff and when i got to the contact and took a tv in two other people start grabbing stuff and cashing in lol knew i couldn't stop em so i just grabbed what i could and left lol they took the truck afterwards

  51. @Cheater
    Its a little suspicious that your name is Cheater

  52. when will it be back online??

  53. From what the post said... around 4:30am

  54. The login server itself is up and running, but it fails to return the proper reply..

  55. servers are up im ingame now!

  56. I can't say hacker are stupid because that's a offense to everyone that's stupid...Most cheaters have premium accounts and donator weapons plus they pay for the hack!So if G1 figures out that they are cheaters they will loose a LOT of MONEY...

  57. Dont forget to add cheaters clan name so we can shame the clan also for having those members.

    It would be good to see which clans are pros with legit players and not hackers.

  58. OI! Unexpected side effect of the new system makes everyone "in training" when they log on.. Just a heads up, do a mission and it should be fixed!

  59. Oh great.

    I added all suspecious cheaters to my friends list for an easy way to avoid the instances they're playing on. And now Im a suspect because of that.

    I get the point, but not a bulletproof system.

  60. @ Bjorn

    I notice about 80% of the time i am playing and im in a group with a friend, it puts in a 3v2 situation but the TL's are actually higher than ours, any reasoning for this? It also happens when a random also comes along and its a 3v3 then it instanlty turns into a 4v3 against us. TL's are all equal as well. Can you explain a possible reasoning behind this? Im an experiance Player from RTW times but being outnumbered in this game is huge....good or bad.

  61. WHOA WHOA, Why the hell would you ban people who are "friends" with cheaters? What if you are one of the many people who simply dont know your friend cheats? Theres really no way to know FOR SURE if they never tell you? This is extremely messed up man, I dont want to get banned because some idiot bought hacks to be able to keep up with me. You better not go the wrong way, I'm disappointed with what was said about that for sure.

  62. I also agree with what Jesper said, as I do the same thing he does. I dont want to play in a district with some guy that is killing my whole team with star in 1 clip by downloading his skill. However, I believe if a hacker needs to be banned... definitely ban him. Do NOT go after people who try to avoid that person, just because they have them on their friends list.

  63. lol i add enemy cheaters as friends to avoid them! btw mugging charlie sheen... was that worth? i like him, hes not a bad person, why u treat him like that? anyways... gj bjorn for keeping us up to date! :-*

  64. @bjorn
    so for a person that just started to play APB
    and dident test in rtw so his first time loses half the games of 50 matches untill he gets a hang on it, that would mean hes more or less fuckt to get highest TL achivement (dont remember if it friends in high places) sens he lost so many matches and it would take him 5 weeks whit not a loss and a kpd at 10 plus more or less doing everything on all the missons .

    i realy my TL did make a jump over the night at the update .
    just like to say the new TL system and MM is realy realy good just this point that seems to be a problem .

  65. @Sinco

    Once your skill picks up, your TL will go up over time. Judging from the activity patch wise and the latest player boom, this game will stick around longer than RTW's attempt at it.

  66. YET still havent restored my OLD RTW account and iv already put in a ticket and no reply

  67. Just Check out all these TL 10 Gold Players. Many of them are Cheaters. I'm a very good Players (without Cheats or Exploits) and i dont get further than TL 3 Gold. I forgot to wright down the names but i had to Play against a Team of Cheaters. All 3 of them were TL 10 Gold. There were Grenades from nowhere. Yeah could be a random throughn, but all 3 of them sync? and always at target? And what about this one guy killing 3 Enforcers from 3 diffrent directions just in seconds?
    You should really have a look at TL 10 Gold. Not all but many are cheating espacially when you need exploits to reach it, isnt it a first sign?

  68. @Bjorn
    ViVox is causing the mouse to lag ingame.

    At the moment we're forced to enter the Task Manager while the game is running to terminate VivoxVoiceService.exe in the process list.

    Will this be addressed?
    Would be much appreciated.

  69. Hey I have a question that has little to nothing to do with the post, but does anyone know how I can fix my problem? I have a delay between my mouse and keyboard and the game (I'll push a key and it will take about a second or two to respond). This has happened to me before on similar games, but I have no clue why. If anyone could tell me how I can fix this it would be much appreciated.

  70. SLI FIX!
    SLI FIX!
    SLI FIX!

    Copy APB.exe to Crysis.exe after patching. Start game with Crysis.exe. Works for me. I have to re-do it after every patch though Crysis.exe

  71. yeah i hope for the new patch to boost me the last few TL sens im gold 6 so i dont realy have a problem whit it just feel that it should be higher :P

  72. Charlie Sheen is a God... How could you disgrace his name in this post?!?! Join the Sheenite Truth on Facebook for the truth! On another note.. LOVE your game, guys. You're doing wonderful things with it, and I'm loving the direction you're taking it in. I mean, I still suck.. Favorite change? The new Star model. :D I'll keep telling my friends. Thanks again, guys for bringing us such a wonderful game, and FOR FREE! <3


  74. This comment has been removed by the author.

  75. I just wanna thank GamersFirst team for resurrect this game and give it the importance that he needs. Also thank you for trying to communicate with your Fans the more that you can, keep doing it.

    Some day will see a GREAT LAN party in USA for APB players so, Thank you for everything <3

  76. It's very hard to proof thats someone cheating,... so what can I do when i found some who "might" cheat? I mean where should i report and how? because a video is not really a proof and there is no Spectator mode (which could be very helpful)

  77. Is there any closed beta player reward or so?
    I have read about a reward.

  78. Can you don't let system match "1 versus 1" - missions? They aren't fun at all, very silly. Actually system cant give you backup, even if it allowed. At this moment 1v1 missions are great flaw in gameplay. I know that APB is team-game, but what if I have no friends (ye-ye, no life and stuff) and no public groups around? I have to play 1v1 then because system matches so.



    rofl iam so nice today

  80. Still getting randomly disconnected just wondering if its because of my internet connection or if that bug is still in the game.

  81. I've been playing at TL 29 for some days, and all of a sudden it says in training; why is that?

    Isn't new players the only ones who are supposed to get this 'in-training' threat? I've been playing for over a month so I don't understand why my threat is refreshed to in-training. My character isn't new at all.

    An explanation would be much appreciated, thanks.

  82. When you APB guys will put a low resolution for some players

  83. Just played few hours APB and I had to came here.

    I dont like it at all when teams are not even, but I understand if I had to play 2vs3 or 3vs4 and thats was fine for me. There was 3vs5 sometimes, but I could handle it becouse it was just sometimes.

    Today I have had all the time 2vs4 & 3vs6 matches and A LOT 2vs5 & 3vs7 matches which kills the fun. We still managed to win about 4/6 from those so Im not whining about that we cant win anymore or such. I just cant enjoy about matches like that.

    My TL is gold7 and my friends were gold6 and gold3. Open beta brings a lot of new players so I guess that is one reason why there is a lot of matches where teams are uneven. Hopefully when the time passes and players skill raises, things gets a bit better.

    Anyway, you should not allow matches where another team has 2x or more players. I think 2 more players is maxium. but 2vs5 and 3vs7 is just something ridiculous. I guess you try to make this game more "noob friendly", but you kill the fun for skilled players. At the moment, I dont feel playing APB at all.

    If I remember right (too lazy to check), there is going to be skill based districts in the future. That sounds good and might be solution for this. Ill be waiting!

  84. This comment has been removed by the author.

  85. Are you doing anything towards lowering the load on your current servers? Since the open beta the latency has been all over the place?

  86. can you put 800x600 resolution pliz ?

  87. I even got a pm last night saying Nice Aimbot - the thing is, I am pretty rubbish at the game, so how anyone could think I am cheating is beyond me.

    In this particular case, the guy was running at optimal range for my weapon at 90deg (across my screen) and at constant speed, no swerving or jumping, so ofc it was fairly easy to start shooting and keep my sights trained on him, especially as I just upgraded my PC and can run the game at full graphics 60FPS with vsync on and not get even the slightest hint of client lag.

    Hence the Aimbot accusation.

    Point being, that probably 90% of cheating accusations are false.

  88. You'll never be able to stop all the cheaters, it will always be a problem no matter what. But what I appreciate about G1 is they won't give up on it, might as well get rid of as many cheaters as possible to make the field a much more welcoming place for people to play in.

    APB is a great game, just needs constant love.

  89. EU Servers are fucked up, Server FPS drops to 10, ping way too high.... unplayable at the moment...

  90. In a way, players with premium accounts are also cheaters... I mean, they do have an advantage over normal players.

  91. Ping-Statistik für
    Pakete: Gesendet = 273, Empfangen = 202, Verloren = 71
    (26% Verlust),
    Ca. Zeitangaben in Millisek.:
    Minimum = 78ms, Maximum = 101ms, Mittelwert = 85ms

    26% packet loss all the time... that cannot work,... guys your servers are to overloaded... normally i get 40ms to your servers - to other frankfurt servers i get 10ms !

    Route here (because you guys ignore it since i posted it march this year on the forums). Germany -> amsterdam -> london -> amsterdam -> germany isnt the best path...:

    Routenverfolgung zu über maximal 30 Abschnitte

    1 3 ms 4 ms 2 ms []
    2 * * * Zeitüberschreitung der Anforderung.
    3 7 ms 8 ms 9 ms 1416A-MX960-01-ae10-1020.moenchengladbach.unity- []
    4 17 ms 8 ms 8 ms 1416A-MX960-02-ae0.moenchengladbach.unity-media.
    net []
    5 12 ms 9 ms 7 ms [80.6
    6 8 ms 8 ms 12 ms [80.6
    7 8 ms 11 ms 11 ms [80.69.
    8 20 ms 24 ms 23 ms []
    9 35 ms 40 ms 27 ms [
    10 53 ms 30 ms 31 ms
    11 30 ms 31 ms 34 ms []

    12 37 ms 35 ms 37 ms [69.174.120
    13 43 ms 45 ms 44 ms
    14 78 ms 42 ms 43 ms
    15 75 ms 49 ms 44 ms
    16 * * * Zeitüberschreitung der Anforderung.
    17 * 80 ms 86 ms

    Ablaufverfolgung beendet.

  92. I thought that "NEW" players were going to get the new Threat level in Training..... I now apparently am starting over again....sigh.

  93. @LadyGodiva

    Actually just play one match and you will again see your threat level. Minor bug that just makes the very first match after patch 88 a "training" visual TL.

  94. The game is lagging as HELL !!

    Matchmaking is failing too much (4 rank 50 versus 3 rank 150 ... yeah ...)

    And cheat for all the criminals ... i shoot, i touch (thing on the screen) need 20-40 bullets.
    when they shoot, 0.5seconds and i die, 2-3 bullets.
    It's unbalanced, why they are more powerful? i repeat, i touch my target the game tell me that.

  95. @Bjornlol just saw that I was gonna take my message down but thanks for the response!

  96. How do you witness as a enforcer. I heard that it is disabled, but I'm not sure.

  97. @kaleb i think its disabled too because that never worked for me

  98. OMG same here i can't aim, drive, or even walk because of it.

  99. @kaleb i think its disabled too because that never worked for me

    @APB-GERMANY the game didnt lag before the patch today, its this patch.

  100. i dont know why so many people are crying because of becoming suspect .. if you dont cheat you have nothing to fear .. or are you cheating? i personally like the idea , hate goddamn cheaters

  101. One other thing that I would like to mention is the car bug... It seems to be random but if you are in a squad and receive a mission it has a tendency to dump someone out the car..could be the driver could be the passengers.

  102. It is still lagging. I can play a lot of games with the same graphic and stuff, besides APB.

  103. Host Name IP Address Hop Ping Time Ping Avg % Loss Pkts r/s Ping best/worst
    WL-520GU 1 4ms 0ms 0% 138 / 138 0ms / 16ms 2 1ms 0ms 0% 138 / 138 0ms / 9ms 3 2ms 6ms 0% 138 / 138 1ms / 354ms 4 1ms 2ms 0% 138 / 138 1ms / 86ms 5 1ms 2ms 0% 138 / 138 1ms / 28ms 6 56ms 58ms 0% 138 / 138 56ms / 88ms 7 57ms 58ms 0% 138 / 138 54ms / 113ms
    * Unknown Host * 8 76ms 76ms 0% 138 / 138 76ms / 88ms
    * Unknown Host * 9 70ms 70ms 0% 138 / 138 69ms / 87ms
    * Unknown Host * 10 72ms 100% 0 / 137
    * Unknown Host * 11 0ms
    * Unknown Host * 12 109ms 109ms 20% 109 / 137 103ms / 126ms

    So as you can see at last hop 20% loss!!!111
    20-30% Loss everytime!
    You are doing shitwork, get my money back.
    K2 failwork, Free-shit-for-everyonefirst, APB FOAR EVERYWUN!
    Shame on you!

  104. To witness as a enforcer you need to hit the (ALT)key when they have handcuffs over their head, so rite as they break a window or as they start to steal a car, you will only get a limited amount of time to witness, so keep them eye open.

  105. I have to confirm what LadyGodiva said. It happend to me often but only when you are in group. Sometimes the Driver, Sometimes all Passengers but never all. It's always someone left in the car. Very strange and completely random, because sometimes nothing happens =D

  106. the kicked from car bug has been around since start of closed beta.

  107. Love the idea. And the suspecting friends is great too. If you don't cheat you have nothing to worry about. If you are scared you are going to be banned of suspicion, then you probably cheat. And being under surveillance is also not a problem.. If you don't cheat.

  108. @ BJORN

    Please reduce the resolution of the game, for the players oh didn t have great PC please

    Keep the good work guys

  109. I have a question, I always try to log in, but I can not do it for the famous (error code 10010), but I know my username and password are correct, my question is: whenever I try loguearme maybe the server is down for maintenance, can that be? The beta is open? I apologize for my English, I'm from Latin America and use google translator. from now, thank you very much.

    si alguien puede responderme mi e-mail es

  110. if anyone can answer my e-mail is

  111. I hate to even do this, but since the newest patch I am unable to play. After I log onto the game, about 20 seconds the system sound lags and then the game locks up. The only way I can get out of apb is to do a hard restart on my system. I was playing fine before this newest patch. Any help anyone or bjorn could offer on this issue.

  112. the invisible people isnt a g1 issue its a driver issue thats why thy havent done anything about it
    why would renameing it to crysis.exe work hmmm because crysis works with sli.

  113. i like the idea of putting 'friends' of cheaters under the burner, makes people not wanna play with them, thus their incentive to play is pretty much nullified, or their need to hack is boosted cause they have to make up for the lack of coordination in playing with public groups, thus making them more likely to be noticed by other players. and all these people "what if you dont know they hack" unless your completely naive you know when a player is suspect... sometimes if im called for backup ill whisper the enemy team and say "hey i think my teamate is botting" its unfair and if i was in their situation id want to know that theyre not just tagging along for the ride

  114. @ bjorn
    where are the G1 server located in EU ??
    im voteing for a disabel on the voip system ,if it would reduce the server latency /ms
    im haveing latency problems aswell ,once more
    did jump for normal 40-60 to 150-250 ms.
    and MM need a few tweaks as some peapol did say , playing 4 vs 7 its do abel but depending on the location of the task can be more or less inpossipel .
    (yeah iknow bad eng )

  115. Hi Gamersfirst! I have a clan with close to 100 people who are slowly installing your game and loving it we are on the Joker server and we honestly just would like a ETA on the Chaos Servers will they come out before release? They will really give our clan a way to get out and represent our brotherhood (we are enforcers) So please it would be awesome if you could respond Bjorn Thank you so much for reading


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