Thursday, April 21, 2011

Version 1.5 is Live!

Whew! So with the exception of some last minute visual issues (for example, the Crim starter car has an issue with its shader, making the car and its wheels have a bizzare glow, and a few other graphical issues) we decided to roll out version 1.5 in closed beta mode. We expect to release small patch updates nearly daily over the next few days to clean out the last few issues, in preparation for inviting A LOT of people next week.

It's a 4GB+ sized patch, so clearly will take some time to patch up. Once you do, our first release of 1.5 has the following items:

1.5.0 (72) External Release Notes
Locked and Preloaded!
Build – early Closed Beta edition of “Open Beta RC-1”

Open World Crimes and Witnessing
Witnessing has RETURNED and it's bigger and badder than ever! Criminals earn notoriety and stash by committing crimes all around San Paro. Any crime – ram raids, stealing cars or mugging citizens –will earn Criminals notoriety and add to their stash. Criminals will want to get their notoriety as high as possible before dropping their stash off at the Money Launderer who'll give them an APB$ bonus based on their notoriety.
Enforcers however, need to be on the lookout for Criminals committing crimes. When an Enforcer sees a Criminal commit a crime they can "Witness" them (by pressing ALT) and start a mini-mission. When killed during this mini-mission Criminals will drop their stash which Enforcers can then grab. Whoever has the stash needs to make a run for their drop zone to get the cash! Get rich quick, or die tryin'!
·         Added new ‘Stash’ logic for criminals. All cash from open world crimes is now added to a stash of dirty money rather than directly to the player’s actual cash. Players are required to drop off the stash at a money launderer to receive the actual cash.
o   Added new Work in Progress (WIP) Heads-up Display (HUD) icons to show stash amount and current notoriety multiplier – the higher your notoriety, the higher the reward.
o   Dropping off the stash adds cash equal to the stash amount times your multiplier and then reduces your notoriety to zero.
o   Money gained from dropping off the stash is split between group members.
o   While playing in a group, all group members’ notoriety will return to zero when one member drops off a stash, so remember to return stashes as a group!
·         Added new ‘Witnessing’ Mechanic for Enforcers.  Enforcers can witness crimes performed by criminals with a stash over $100.  Witnessing this crime starts a 5 minute witness mission between the two player groups where they fight it out over the stash. First to drop-off the stash gets to keep it.
o   Added new HUD element for Enforcers on targeting a criminal to show stash amount if witnessing the criminal will result in an immediate match.
o   No HUD element means that you can’t be matched against that criminal due to other restrictions.
·         Increased rewards for completing a mugging and added a reward for ramraid.
·         Adjusted amount of items pedestrians will drop when mugged.
o   Poor: 0 items.
o   Middle Class: 2-3 items.
o   Affluent: 4-6 items.
·         Altered vehicle drop off rewards based on vehicle cost.
·         Altered item drop off rewards.

Never fear spawning hundreds of meters away from your team again. We've made significant improvements to the spawning system so that you are more likely to spawn near your teammates. Also, you are more likely to spawn close to your target and with your other fallen teammates. Gone are the days of spawning right on top of an enemy!

·         New Spawning system implemented. This takes into account locations of teammates, enemies, objectives and dead players (both teammates and player) to determine the best location to spawn nearby.
o   Increased spawn time to offset this. Takes slightly longer now, but you spend far less time running back to the action.
·         Tripled number of potential spawn points in both districts to aid in better spawning.

Weapon and Vehicle Leasing
After serious consideration and review of closed beta participant behavior, we have added additional APB$ money sinks to the game and simultaneously reduced the initial in-game money cost for several items. All weapons and preset vehicles will now be leased for 10 days at a time before the items are repossessed by the thuggish people working the Repossession Squad. After the 10 days weapon or preset vehicle are unequipped and any modifiers that were in the item will be returned to you and can be reused later.
These changes let players try different weapons and preset vehicles without having to first earn millions of APB$. Players can try a weapon or preset vehicle for a short period of time for relatively little APB$ instead of only expensive permanent choices. This change will control in-game inflation and controlling inflation will make it easier and more fun for new players to come into game and participate in the in-game economy elements like the Auction House, and also allows us to create a new set of base prices for future weapons
·         Weapons and Preset Vehicles are now Leased with in-game cash (this change does not affect Equipment, Modifications and Customizable items). 
o   Leased items are not tradable.
o   Upgrades are automatically removed and returned to player when a weapon expires so they can be applied to another weapon.
·         Adjustments to most costs for weapons and vehicles.
·         Removed pickup time for items.

·         ‘Upgrades’ renamed to ‘Modifiers’.
·         Mods have been coloured to denote grouping. Characters can only have one mod of each colour type equipped at any time to prevent stacking.
·         Most upgrades now have detrimental effects as well as benefits.
·         Rebalanced all existing modifiers.
·         Reworded ‘Activate Nitro’ and ‘Activate Field Supplier’ keybinds.

·         Fixed the ‘look behind’ key exploit for burst fire weapons.
·         ‘Witness’ now set to Alt key.
o   This leaves Look Behind unbound by default (note: this isn't the fix to the fire bug :P)
·         Reduced impulse applied to ragdolls from being shot.
·         Very slightly reduced crouch speed to make it fit the animation better.
·         Slightly reduced the extra time players stay arrested.
·         Added neutral vehicle collision immunity.
o   If a player is rammed by someone not on their mission, no collision damage will be applied in most cases.
·         The camera now bobs when the player is moving, adding a bit more dynamism to the game.

·         Fixed the “Supercop” enforcer achievement unlocking after an arrest streak of 1, now unlocks after an arrest streak of 5.
·         Adjusted the number of levels per contact.
o   Tutorial contacts have 5 levels, Boss contacts 15 levels, and all other contacts have 10 levels.
o   The Standing required per contact has not been increased; players now just hit milestones more often.
·         Rewards spread out more throughout contact tree.
·         High-End vehicles now unlock earlier.
·         Enabled ‘Simon Tran’ and ‘Pagan Bloodrose’ again.  These contacts don’t have any progression or missions, but we’ll be adding experimental new mission types to them in future.
·         Added cash reward for levelling contacts.
·         Items unlocked by contacts are now shown on the contact pledge screen, in order of level unlocked.
·         Locked items are now shown under the buy menu of all contacts, rather than just the contact that unlocks it.
·         Players are now able to pledge to and progress any unlocked contact individually, regardless of the group leader’s pledge.

Weapons Balancing
·         Re-enabled UI stats for weapon properties (they were previously disabled for balance testing).
·         Colby CSG-20:  Now is more accurate with a tighter spread than the JG (though less damaging)
·         ACT44: Damage lowered
·         Colby RSA: Increased recoil, slightly lowered firing rate and slowed the accuracy gain slightly.
·         OBEYA CR762: Damage lowered, now loses accuracy if fired at full cyclic rate.
·         DMR-SD: Recoil Lowered, Movement accuracy in MMS increased. Fire rate slightly increased.
·         OPGL: Fire rate substantially decreased, slightly increased fuse timer. Slightly reduced kill radius.
·         SHAW: Increased Damage, increased minimum accuracy, increased horizontal recoil.
·         N-FA9 : Increased Damage, slightly increased accuracy
·         SAS-PDW: Significantly increased accuracy.
·         OCA-626: Increased recoil.
·         PMG-28: Increased recoil.

·         Re-enabled vehicle stats in the UI.
·         Task items in vehicles now slow down the vehicle.
o   Slowdown is based on task item type and number of items.
·         VIPs now slow down vehicles.
·         Vehicle spawn cost now varies based on vehicle (starter vehicle is free).

Character Slots
·         Players are now able to create one character initially for free in a free account. As an extra bonus, during Beta phase, everyone will be able to create a SECOND free character for as long as the game is in Beta.
·         More character slots can be purchased from the Armas Marketplace, and a player could in theory have a very large number of characters in each account spread across the different servers. The benefit to the player is that if the player buys a "Premium" to upgrade the account, it applies to ALL characters in that account as long as the Premium is active, regardless of how many characters the account contains.

·         Complete overhaul of all post-process and lighting values.
o   Modified values to iris response.
o   Balanced every district material containing emissive values, to help mitigate some of the over-blooming that was happening.
§  Vehicle emissive maps toned down in order to prevent detail corruption.
§  Signage balanced so that it is much more legible.
§  Skyscraper windows balanced so the colour variation comes though.
o   Depth of field greatly modified in order to:
§  Set back the plainer, LOD2 geometry.
§  Help soften the harsh edge of buildings in general.
§  Give a better sense of depth to the environment.
o   Improved day/night cycle, including a 1 in 5 chance of heavy fog cycle:
§  16:00 culminates in heavy sea fog and overcast sky.
§  03:00 – 05:00 has heavy night fog with darker shadows and brighter pools of light, to give the occasional horror/film noir vibe.
o   Re-lit many areas where bounce lights were set too brightly.

·         Ever get bored of grey? We were bored to tears by it. Some of the worst offending spawn zones have had an initial material pass to add a bit of colour and variety to San Paro.

·         Many spawn zones adjusted in order to ‘plant’ the relevant contact characters more effectively.
o   Lilith and Jeung can now be found hanging out together at the Beltane with Bloodrose-themed feature graffiti.
o   Tyron Sennet shifts his focus to matters of planning… A better context and a better view of his jacket customisation.
o   Bonita Benjamin no longer stands in a dark corner, but is brought out to her own table outside the Golden Mall.
o   Shift given more boyish pose, and now leans next to some of her own graffiti.
o   Double B given a more prominent position in the subway.
o   Mirri Kent now has something to look at.
o   Stu Phoenix spawn zone given some Prentiss theming.

·         Some of the contacts given a visual update to bring them in line with some of our more recent/incoming character assets. Notable changes:
o   Miguel Esteban – Urban gumshoe and brawler.
o   Shift – Riot version as seen in intro cinematic.
o   Violet Prentiss – Gets a hot cowgirl style to compliment the accent.
o   Kaspar Danko – Grizzled army vet and overall badass.

·         South West side of the Waterfront District now has ‘Ophelia Customs’ blimp to aid navigation around that area of the city.

·         Lots of bug fixes applied to props and features. Some examples:
o   ‘FU’ two-pane shop window corruption fixed.
o   Glass modified so that restaurant interiors are now fully visible.
o   Some of the shop windows given a facelift.
o   Organic food no longer available at petrol stations.

·         Social District given a bit of a visual revamp:
o   Vehicle display zones improved.
o   New banners and blimp.
§  Introduction of incoming contact, Ophelia.
o   Shop interiors made more colourful and varied.

·         Added ramps to north end of Financial District freeway to tie up routes more effectively.
·         Fixed several locations where players could exit the world or get within geometry.
·         Added some cover to a roof in waterfront that leads to a nasty camping location. Still work to do here but this should help in the meantime.
·         Added a large number of new vehicle spawn machines to both maps.
o   Additionally, all vehicle spawn machines that aren’t in factional spawn areas are no longer faction-locked.
·         Fixed a non-functioning graffiti target in Waterfront.
·         Removed a possible Truck mission target that was in an area that a truck cannot get out of.

·         Reduced number of missions from 5 to 3.
·         Updated initial tutorial mail.
·         Added ‘Ready’ mechanic to tutorial, with an explanation of how it works.
·         Removed majority of on-screen popup tutorials.
·         Removed ‘Welcome to San Paro’ achievement.
·         Added following tutorial mails sent to players:
o   Explanation of how contact progression works.
o   How to equip and use modifications.
o   Importance of Teamplay and group composition.
o   Open World Crimes and Arresting…

·         Players can no longer send each other APB$ in the mail.
·         Removed the world recommendation when creating new characters. Server names will include their location so players can choose the one they want.
·         Minimum client screen resolution is now 1024x768, in order to increase the size of some UI screens which were getting cluttered.
·         Cyrillic and accented characters are now disallowed for character names. Some players were unable to interact with each other due to localised keyboards and OS settings. Russian players will be moved to Russian servers once those go live.
·         Updated the in-game browser version to Gecko / Firefox 3.6.13.
·         Fixed the in-game video recorder saving video at the wrong aspect ratio on ATI machines.
·         Updated the in-game video capture code to use the latest LibTheora, LibVorbis and LlibOgg libraries.
o   The new version of the encoder should improve performance and video quality, and includes SSE2 optimisations.
·         Cleaned up the character select UI
o   Increased the font size of the email address.
o   The account type is now displayed on the same line as the account type header.
o   Decreased the size of the header panel and slightly increased the separation between the header and character list.
·         Hooked up contact levelling emails.
·         Lengthened contact and organisation biographies significantly.
·         Added 88 Biography emails as random rewards detailing companies, manufacturers, celebrities and the city itself.

·         New Developer splash screen intros added.
·         Updated and reintegrated the intro cinematic.
·         Fixed audio display points in the Social District having the wrong ‘Obtained By’ text.
·         Hooked up URLs across the game to bring up the relevant pages using the in-game browser.
·         Adjusted customisation limits for free players.
o   Clothing/Tattoos are now 3 symbols per item.
o   Vehicles are 7 symbols.

Client Size, Performance and Stability
·         Fixed top stability issues:
o   Client crash due to rendering issue (seemed to happen to players on death mostly).
o   Client crash caused by changing the colour of unselected duplicated layers in the symbol designer.
o   Client crash that happened sometimes when you accessed your inventory.
·         Added DXT texture compression, which reduces in-game memory usage and significantly improves the texture/graphical quality for players on a 32-bit OS.
·         Updated WWise libraries, increasing game performance (more so on lower-end machines)
·         Recompressed the game audio with no noticeable drop in quality. This substantially reduces the total client size on disk (now ~4GB).

Known Issues
·         Starter Vehicles
·         There is a known issue with some shaders for the starter vehicles, in particular for the Crim starter vehicles which will make the tires and sometimes the whole car look insane. Will be addressed in an early patch.
·         Localisation/Translation
o   Much of the new and edited in game text has still to be translated and entered into the game. Playing APB in languages other than English may result in English text being shown anyway in some places.

Full Default Control Listing


Primary Binding
Secondary Binding





Left Control



Primary Binding
Secondary Binding
Fire Weapon
Left Mouse


Marksmanship Mode (Hold)
Right Mouse

Marksmanship Mode (Toggle)

Lean Left (in Marksmanship Mode)

Lean Right (in Marksmanship Mode)

Middle Mouse
Next Weapon
Mouse Wheel Down
Previous Weapon
Mouse Wheel Up
Activate/Deactivate Character Mod

Put Away Weapon



Primary Binding
Secondary Binding


Turn Left

Turn Right


Left Mouse

Activate/Deactivate Vehicle Mod

Vehicle Special Function
Right Mouse

Left Turn Signal

Right Turn Signal


Primary Binding
Secondary Binding

Ammo Resupply

Drop Item

Player Interaction Menu

Ready For Mission

Toggle Movie Capturing

Voice – Push To Talk


Primary Binding
Secondary Binding
Look Behind

Rotate Left

Rotate Right

Switch Camera Position

Toggle Camera Distance

Zoom In

Zoom Out


Primary Binding
Secondary Binding
Next Track

Previous Track

Resume/Pause Playback
Right Control


Primary Binding
Secondary Binding
Accept Offer

Decline Offer

Call For Backup


Character Info

Groups & Friends




Music Player


Last Hint

Clan Management

View Support Pages


Quick Chat

Quick Reply

Chat Window

Open Full Chat

Chat Channel Commands

Chat Console Commands

Chat Emote Commands

Main Chat Scroll Down
Page Down

Main Chat Scroll Up
Page Up

Print Screen

Toggle HUD


  1. cmooooooooon lemme in!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. So we are looking at about a weak until official open beta, if 1.5 is stable?

  3. Also, for premium accounts - What do you plan on doing if one is a premium member, creates a bunch of characters, and then no longer is premium? How will you go about deciding which characters should be deleted?

  4. None of the characters get deleted :)

    In fact - buying character slots is not a premium function, you just pay per slot, and then they are permanent. So if you buy 3 slots, get 1 free, plus the 1 bonus beta slot - you have 5 slots. And you will always have 5 slots for as long as you have that account.

    If you are a premium player, then the premium benefits (20% item purchase discounts, 30% standing bonus, 100% more likely to get rewards at end of missions etc.) those benefits will apply TO ALL your characters at once.

    Once you no longer are Premium, whatever items you collected while Premium you will be able to keep.

  5. Did you fix the lag between pressing a key and your vehicle reacting to it?

  6. What happened to switching weapons from right to left handed? I really liked that feature and used it A LOT.

  7. so do we people that applied get in or what?

    u said we get in when this goes live yet u just said its nxt week wtf???

  8. Thank you for the update sir. Is it too soon to let us know when we may expect to claim our old RTW characters? Also, will there be a wipe between Closed Beta and Open Beta so everyone will start on an equal opportunity rather than Closed Beta Testers having an advantage with names, leveling, weapons, etc over other players?

  9. Thanks Bjorn for the update. Hats off to G1 for realizing the potential in APB and acquiring it.

  10. Great job. So, Im growing tired of re-creating my characters, and now I have the same 2 I want. Will there be another complete character wipe or just an experience and modifier wipe while maintaining the same character and name?

  11. I am HUGELY impressed at this changelog, and I eagerly await my inevitable invitation to the closed beta :D

    Keep up the fantastic work guys, it will only serve to improve the game in the long run.

  12. Players can no longer send each other APB$ in the mail.

    Wait, what?

  13. "Players can no longer send each other APB$ in the mail."

    Yeah, I'm sorry, what?

    I'm sure this is some attempt to stop gold sellers or something, but to me to doesn't make sense to sacrifice legitmate trade through the mail and ability for friends to send one another money.

  14. I have a question... Before I start let me say I AM NOT computer smart. APB is the only game I have for PC and I have all of the stuff from the original APB on my computer, launcher, just havent deleted anything. Am I gunna be able too patch it without using more memory. I think I have like 3 GB left. Please answer me without being a jerk or a smart@$$. Thank You

  15. Bjorn, how long would you anticipate 1.5 being closed beta only testing for? I know you've still got things to do, but a rough guess.


    Thanks for the broken promises.

  17. They very clearly stated that there was going to be a character wipe. They said their not sure if there is going to be a wipe in the transition from open beta to official release.

    ...Thanks for reading.

  18. "Weapons and Preset Vehicles are now Leased with in-game cash (this change does not affect Equipment, Modifications and Customizable items). "
    Concerns me.. does this mean we won't be seeing the ability to purchase standard weapons permanently with in-game cash?

  19. As soon as this build is live, THEN we plan to invite EVERYONE else who applied for Closed Beta (!).


    We expect to release small patch updates nearly daily over the next few days to clean out the last few issues, in preparation for inviting A LOT of people next week.

    Thank you lied to us again -_-

  20. really nice (and massive) update
    heres hopeing the fruits of your labor will be as sweet at the effort you put in no doubt was head wreacking (and not just result in more QQ'ing about how everything was better in the old days and how it was up hill both ways)

  21. oh come on... another week of waiting... and even more for those who haven't applied in February...

  22. As soon as this build is live, THEN we plan to invite EVERYONE else who applied for Closed Beta (!).


    We expect to release small patch updates nearly daily over the next few days to clean out the last few issues, in preparation for inviting A LOT of people next week.

    I hate you

  23. Oh cmon guys, please send us invite to this game, We are waiting from February when you have sent the first beta applications

  24. ohhhh please you got to let me in on the game while it is on beta i want 2 characters you know, a enforcer and a criminal so then i could get the game knowing better !

  25. @Bjorn/G1,
    Pando Media Booster downloads have never finished correctly for me for any game I've tried which used the service, always presenting an error and cancelling the download right at the very end. I tried downloading APB through the G1 client this evening and predictably the download failed at 99% with the same error I always see from PMB. If an alternative download method could be provided for the final open beta installer (or even better yet, the current installer, since it seems like I'll be in the final big wave of CB invites!) that would allow me to actually install the game :)

    I know your other game installers have been uploaded to FileFront and other places... doing the same with APB sooner rather than later would be awesome.

  26. Russian players will be moved to Russian servers once those go live.

    WTF REALLY? I dont wanna play there >_<

  27. Is the social district faction based (only Enforces and Only Criminals)

    Or are all of these together in this district ^^

  28. Oh Great... 1.5 version \o\
    now when we get activated account? ._.
    (the CBT app one! yep...i know this question scks!)
    but waiting since february...
    I opened the blog 20 times today!
    (or more... idk)
    And mah email too...
    I knew you would not call!
    But hope for something was born in email!
    Like when u leave the packages of chocolate in box... >_<
    just very excited to play! (since last year)

    Two or Three weeks for the OB \o\

  29. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  30. Well it is nothing new for me. The first time i heard they are adding premium accounts, it was sure that there will be benefists for premium user.

    As soon it is no RealMoney-To-Win game,it is ok ^^

  31. Leased weapons = dumbest idea ever.

    i can understand it for the preslotted ones...
    i can certainly understand it for the ARMA ones...

    but for regular guns without slots? thats just wrong.

  32. Weapon leasing is the biggest piece of fail you could've come up with. It's the single feature from Combat Arms that made me leave that game. It might be fine for the hardcore player who spends his entire life playing but it fucks the casual player right in the pooper. You stop playing for a few days, come back and all the stuff you worked for is gone.

    I'm starting to wish RTW was still in charge with this change, the TTK and some other amateur stuff..

  33. Weapon leasing isn't good game design it's like making you chase your tail. Worst idea ever.

    At the very least make it a repair thing, so that your gear doesn't actually dissapear but you have to repair it to use it again. And make it based on time played, not actual real time.

  34. WoooW Bjorn! Very good, good good... How long time will there be untill OB is up? or do you have to see if it is running stabble... I have to say, really good job on the patching, i have already played, because i have borrowed a friends G1 account this morning... really good first impressions... and im glad you desided to put the price on cars ect. a bit down, because they were just horrifying expensinve, i love costumising cars, but i havent really tried it yet here i CB, so if it is the same "way" as with RTW... i have a suggestion.. make car upgrades "faster to get" meaning that if you have a sorry ass car, you can relativly qucikly stick some nitrous in it, to get some more speed. maybe a turbo as well to make it sound awesome, together with an exhaust... just a sugestion :)

  35. And yet still no invites *THIS IS NO WHINE*
    They just shouldn't make false promises, they said next week as soon patch 1.5 gets live we will invite everyone who applied for CB, now they say next week.
    i will expect a next week again :)

  36. Please could you confirm, are we not able to buy perminant weapons now?

    I would prefer to have one weapon I paid a lot for that I can keep, and one weapon I can change every 10 days or so that I can play around with.

    If I choose to play only once every week or so, leasing a weapon to only be used once or twice could become very expensive.


  37. thx for lying bro my account isnt activated and i applyed awile back

  38. I second what Duncan says - Can we not buy standard weapons permanently?

    @Bjorn how much are we looking to go premium?

    P.S People stop whining about not getting in to beta. If you applied in Feb then your computer it's what they're looking for. I got in within a day after applying in feb.

    I have to say i'm enjoying this game A LOT and can't wait to finish work and patch this badboy.

    Keep up the good work G1.

  39. @bonse/foe we are mad at g1 because they said they would invite every1 when patch went live and they have not

    so stfu

  40. Bjorn explain yourself.
    You said u will inv 25 k closed beta apps

  41. you can still buy them permanently as i understand it. They just ADDED the feature to lease the standard versions... That's just to test new weapons which you may buy permanently afterwards.
    I like that feature, but what i don't like are those broken promises...

  42. I am NOT already a Closed Beta tester, but have been sitting on my hands patiently waiting to get back in to San Paro, is there any chance you will invite me before 1.5 goes out?
    A - No. But if you DID complete a Beta Application in February, then you are first in line to get in while the game is still in Closed Beta and as soon as 1.5 is out. (see note below). That means this COULD happen this week.

  43. Patience everyone. We just put 1.5 up, and we will review the stability of the build in the morning. If everything looks good, then we will start inviting people. We are not going back on anything - but - we are certainly making sure things work before throwing more people into the game.

  44. "Weapon leasing is the biggest piece of fail you could've come up with."
    "Weapon leasing isn't good game design it's like making you chase your tail. Worst idea ever."

    Of goddamn course it is a completely stupid idea. If I won't be able to get my gear permanently, I have no reason to play the game!

  45. @mike seconded i left alot of FPS mmos because to get an ACTUAL perma wep u had to pay like 20-30$ otherwise ur paying for something u get for like 1-3 days or so

  46. You can compare it to a new house you wanna live in:
    Do you want to be in the house which has bare brickwork completed? No doors, No windows?

    Im pretty sure you won't ^^

    So let the builder of the house (developer of APB) build your house, until it is ready to live in.

    Well i have to say im NOT in the beta!

  47. This comment has been removed by the author.

  48. Когда оставшиеся заявки на ЗБТ одобряться?

  49. Ok repost...

    if leasing will stay...

    i will leave :D

    Thanks for no Betakey all in APBR Chat are laughing and want to leave the sinking ship^^

    Nice to see you gonna Fail bigger than RTW with this Idea :D

  50. @Cahëk: probarbly when you stop asking the question in coryllic?

  51. I undestand Yuu and Mike

    It is like if you buy something for 3 days, and you spend your whole money, do you have to create a new character to get new start money? Or will there be a weapon that you have permanently to get any money if you spend everything on an items.

    Not every player is going to be a half day online player ^^. Would be great if you clear that out Bjorn :)

  52. When approved the remaining applications for CBT? (translate by Google)

  53. WOOOOT...this is the first time i saw turn signals in a game with cars...hahahaha...Good Work and see you in san paro in a couple weeks

  54. You...might want to have a -slight- peek at the CB forums before you adamantly say you won't go back on anything. You just might want to, if you want to keep players. At all.

  55. So... There is no such thing as permanent guns now? Every single weapon says "Expires in 10 days." That's lame, and going to be expensive... unless you buy it from Armas Underground and pay G1 real cash, right? Not amused.

    I was under the impression that "leasing weapons/vehicles" would be an Armas Underground feature. That you could rent them to try them without unlocking them via contacts, so players can test and see what they like before spending lots to get one, whether it was in-game money from a contact, or (for example) the gold-plated ACT44 from Armas Underground. I thought Armas weapon purchases for real money would have additional advantages.

    I didn't think you were going to entirely remove the concept of "I have a permanent gun that I own. If I go on vacation for 2 weeks and come back, I'll still have my favorite gun." Rather than... "I just leased a gun for 10 days. I better make the most of it in 10 days, and if I miss much playtime, I'll have flushed my money down the drain." That concept is not enjoyable.

    I also noticed that weapons can no longer be sold on the marketplace, there's no category. While I support the idea of not allowing veterans to sell rocket launchers to newbs, that was not the proper solution to that problem.

    This essentially means that G1 controls all weaponry in the game, weapons are not part of the player economy. And if I hear that you're intending to make me pay something like an additional 15 bucks to get a permanent weapon, I'm not going to continue playing/go premium when you launch APB.

  56. @Hasaosan - Use some common sense you fucking moron. They're not going to release a patch that they admit is having a few minor problems without any major testing. The patch needs to be stable before they're going to let more people pour in.

    The whole "zomg leasing weapons is gonna kill the game" is shite, it's not gonna make that much difference, they've already stated it's going to be a lot cheaper than buying the weapon outright so within the 3 days you'll have easily made enough to lease it again.

    Maybe they can add an option to auto lease when it runs out provided you have the money.

  57. Bjorn, please remove the leasing idea. Its just terrible. thanks.

  58. Why do all the weapons say they expire in 10 days?

    I've been testing since the beginning, and the thought of having weapons expire is a serious turnoff. Even the Stabbas expire in 10 days? WTF, G1? Don't do this. Include the option, sure, but don't make it the only option. I wanna buy my gun the old way.

  59. "·Players can no longer send each other APB$ in the mail"

    eerrr can i only trade via the marketplace now then? :S

  60. Hey Bjorn! I just wanted to thank you for ruining the game!


  61. i think everyone is a bit confused ,most all questions are already posted if you follow the blog/twitter/facebook.. very impressed with G1'S team so far (ressurecting apb for us)and working with player feedback to resolve long time game issue's only makes sense to fix old problems before creating new content(so lets wait and see)

    3.punkbuster in apb ,sounds great lets hope it works well.

    4.IN GAME GM'S .im hoping with gm's and PB .it will be better as far as hackers.

    5.rented weapons (touchy subject)im hoping it's like try before you buy sorta thing like the rented preset cars ..(so rent a car or wep and try it..then if you like purchase it later.

    anyway all the changes look great and please keep posting good suff and g1 make us some more video's

    Gutterboy/Enforcer CI

  62. Really?...Renting guns.....OK if its the only option it will be freaking retarded....SO WHAT I CANT BUY MY FAVOURITE GUN FOREVER I HAVE TO PAY FOR IT EVERY 10 DAYS?!....i have just lost 50% hope of this game being great

  63. "we have added additional APB$ money sinks to the game and simultaneously reduced the initial in-game money cost for several items." - Bjorn.

    This pretty much states that AS WELL as buying perma, there will be an additional way to buy weapons etc. Also - the 'initial in-game money cost' implies that initially it could be cheaper to buy the gun as a lease, OR save up for the perma version...

    Although this is a little unclear it is looking like there are 2 methods to purchasing gear. -I think many of us would like it cleared up a little : P

  64. Ohhh so what you are saying is that you can Perma buy FOR ridiculously high prices but you can rent stuff cheap?

  65. It is really funny how G1 fucked this game up.
    They had to add a fine working trading system
    and premium cars. But buying character slots? SERIOUSELY?? That is the greediest idea I've ever seen man, SO if you wanna be a pro you gotta atcually BUY char SLOTS. And all the "noobs" have no slots.
    I don't call it Free2Play anymore.
    So is that how you guys think to get your £1.5 million back(when they bought da game) by making
    prem char slots?! haha
    This is the beginning of the end, I tell you
    Or wait!!! There are actually newbies that are GOING to pay For this game so, thats why G1 did it.

  66. what about people who registered and filled up the application back on february? when can they start to play? in the previous post was told that they will get access to the game before open beta

  67. @Phosgene you obviously never played battlefield heroes...

  68. Yeah what's up with the gear purchases? Where do we buy permanent??

  69. @ Phosgene

    Are you fucking retarded. How can you fuck a game up that was discontinued. GG and fuck off, bellend.

    It's hillarious, these guys are producing us a game for FREE (with premium content) and you're still fucking moaning. Funny thing is people who say "zomg gonna quit" generally don't and just continue to moan, cant you just ban them.

    Pissing drama-queens need to do one. The game will be better without them.

    @David - Once it's clear that the patch is running with no major issues Bjorn reckons it'll be soon after that. So a few days or so.

    All i hope is that the premium content is mainly for ePeen, not actually giving people a massive advantage, e.g more powerful guns and faster cars etc.

  70. @myccraft

    Loli :P
    Yes I installed the game joined a game and uninstalled it. What do you think?^^
    Comeon I am not giving mii money out on some
    crap called battlefunds.
    And I wont do that too in APB. I work hard for mii
    money and I am going to spend it to something else. You should all do, they eventually have to make the char slots for free if nobody pays

  71. How comme that all of my caracters suddently are desappeared, i specialy had one caracter a girl named bluey, i'd played many hours on and purchased a lot off gear for, at the auktions guns, cars, clothing and so on and she had about 9000, at her hand, is all of this really gone after this update.

  72. the patch is so unstable.random client crash every 5-25 minutes...this is so terrible.

  73. @Bonse/Foe
    Fuck you man.
    I mean with that, that i liked the original APB better. Are you stupid or what, go play a smartass some where else.
    And yes I think it is a shame that they are making
    char slots for prems, what are you going to do now? Insulting, like that would help.
    Making char slots prem is like playing APB, and for a weapon you have to pay realmoney.
    Well That you are one soab that is going to pay for this game is not mii problem. Go Fuck yourself
    But I am just telling ya there will be some no lifers with all char slots.

  74. @phosgene

    is ANY1 forcing u 2 buy char slots???

    is bjorn holding a gun to ur head saying "BITCH betta buy my DAMN char slots or ima put a cap in ur ass" (hehe apb thug talk :P)

    no he isnt. u can do just fine with just 1 char

    hell ive played a p2p mmo with 1 char slot and to get MORE u had to buy a whole new account and u know what.... i didnt and i did just fine so fuck off

  75. Leasing doesn't bother me at all. Obviously the longer you play the higher and higher the total amount of $APB you've spent on a given weapon goes, but it's not like there was much to do with spare cash before anyway, unless you're a designer and want to purchase display points. In that case, it's easy to amass a lot of cash, since you probably won't be buying designs from other characters and thus have more money to burn even if you AREN'T selling.

  76. Great job! Waiting for the activation! =)

  77. In regards to char slot amounts... who really really needs to have more? you can customise your character IN GAME, meaning you dont have to make an alt every time you want a different play style. Not to mention its classless so making more character slots even more irrelevant. Use the Beta time to pick a different gender or faction if you want.

  78. You are honestly a tard. Why do you need more than one char slot? If you dont want more dont buy it. Would you not normally pay something for a game, i.e. £40 for CoD etc. Quit ya pussy ass bitching.

  79. Call of duty? seriously?....i hate the bitchers too but noone deserves a fate of call of duty....thats harsh bro

  80. game still full of haxors i see bulets fly trough wall wtf ? weapons are reworked badly spawn still enemy spawn to your back = still sux + social character custom not work black charracter appears =cannot see customization canot customize clothes + camera if i run shakes make me sick (im epileptic and ingame is not option turn off shakes = i get epileptic shock + accession every half of hour ) its no good

  81. Haha sorry forgot thats a console-fag game >..<!

  82. Bjorn, i cant participate on the beta forum, due to me lending an account from a friend... there is a problem, i tryed to make a new character with a name, i spelled wrong and deleted him, and then i had to go out of the game, and in again to make a new one :)

    Cheers EZIODK

  83. @Bonse/Foe
    I don't need more than one slot, but
    It is just funny to see that they are going to do that lol.
    And you sir, are one bastard.
    Please go play Hello-Kitty Island with my little sis.

  84. Didn't read all 84 responses so far, but I've noticed an increase in crashes. Combat or switching districts. Please work on it.

  85. And now my game launcher won't open. Sweet.

  86. I can't get in either.. Awesome

  87. @Phosgene
    I'm not a bastard i'm a cunt.

    And you're the one whining about shit not me.

    I cant believe that you're shocked that a COMPANY wants to make MONEY.

  88. The leased weapon system sucks more the more i think about it. I like that you can try out weapons cheaper, but that they removed the option to buy them permanently... that just ruins it completely...

    I always liked to own a couple of weapons, to be able to swap weapons during missions, now to gain money im being forced to play for 10 days with just one weapon? (ok i can buy more during the 10 days, but that will cost insane amounts to keep multiple weapons during 10 days)

  89. O thanx,
    We've been waiting for this news for whole week.
    Now i know, that i'll spend all evening translating this to russian for

    Ребята, если не понимаете ни слова из статьи - заходите к нам на сайт. В течение считанных часов будет опубликован перевод.

  90. As soon as this build is live, THEN we plan to invite EVERYONE else who applied for Closed Beta (!).


    We expect to release small patch updates nearly daily over the next few days to clean out the last few issues, in preparation for inviting A LOT of people next week.

    how many people were invited to the closed beta so far after the 1.5 update??? none??? hate you 0.0

  91. seriously more waiting?..come on gamersfirst...why can´t you just let us in -.- i´ts annoying to wait for so long
    AND YOU SERIOUSLY FCKED UP WITH THE LEASED WEAPONS PART!!! thats why i loved apb and i still hate warrock and combat work your ass off for 6 hours and then you can get some random stupid ass weapon for a couple of days....NO ONE LIKES THAT FEATURE! REMOVE IT PLEASE!

  92. alright i'm sorry i didn't read that they were making sure everything was stable, i was just reading through everything and noticed taht he said that :P lol

  93. Still no love for former ABP retail and APB beta players who in closed beta queue for few months now.
    If certain person claim that he were in APB beta and completed CB application that mean he want to test game as it is and not waiting in line for closed beta.
    Shame on you, G1.

  94. Guys... please stop whining like this, and now because i say this does not mean you need to Flame me with words that does not belong here.. you will probably be invited during next week, OR ELSE you will be in Open Beta... You should all be fucking gratefull that they bring this game back from teh dead! HAVE A LITTLE PATIENCE! And Bjorn.. keep them employes working their asses of ;)

  95. @comrade suhov
    there is no prof that that person was even in the retail version so they can wait like EVERY1 else

  96. leasing items, these is so korean.
    Its called farming, asian players love it.

    I call that, nolife. But i got one. So i prever Skills above Farming.

  97. "Ni Hao and farm some more"
    "10 cents an hour is good money when you are a chinese"
    Sorry...Sachas comment made it irresistable

  98. Guys, please don't start spreading rumors that are based on your fears and not based on anything you've actually read. In the release notes it says:

    "These changes let players try different weapons and preset vehicles without having to first earn millions of APB$. Players can try a weapon or preset vehicle for a short period of time for relatively little APB$ instead of only expensive permanent choices."

    See that part in there about "instead of only expensive permanent choices"? The weapons will STILL be able to be bought permanently, but they will cost A LOT of APB$! That is where the incentive to alternatively lease weapons comes in. The general idea is you can lease the weapons temporarily for MUCH cheaper than buying them permanently. The choice is up to you.

  99. Hmm In the RTW APB your own cars couldn't be stolen of other people. Is it still like this?

  100. I ve never been so frustrated before in my life concerning changes in a game, even though it's in beta.


    - Spawn system: totally random spawns. on most missions I was spawned 400m (GIVE OR TAKE 50) from target, or inbetween enemies.

    - Leased weapons. Great job making the game worse than Crossfire, AVA or Exteel. If theres no permanent weapons, no game for me in live. I prefer paid game like with RTW than this load of F2P horseshit.

    - Team balance. Balance my ass. Once you get TL8 you STILL get zerged.

    - Witness system. Sucks ass. I get witnessed, I get ganked by the whole fucking group of those who witnessed me. Not to mention, that they prime nades, witness, throw nades, kill me grab loot and untill i respawn they have delivered the carh. Dont you even dare say any crap about backup, cause by the time backup gets there, they have delivered MY LOOT 10 times.
    Seriously, is that fair? I dont give a rat's ass how many money I can make WHEN I CANNOT!

    - New graphic enhancements. This made my life hell. I have a GF9600GT and I have to set graphics detail to MINIMAL (in previous version i had it on AVERAGE). Even so, when I get in the thick of combat, framerate drops to 20FPS, while in old version I had at least 40.

    - Cheaters removed. LIE! BIG FAT LIE! same cheaters from previous version still play with same names and same cheats.

    - Mission rework. Sure you reworked missions and fucked em up. Last match i played was a VIP mission. They camped on the well known roof in Waterfront (which you still havent fixed to balance) with only 2 entrances, match was over. We got farmed 22 damn times. We had to kick a noob cause he was idling and then couldnt CFB anymore. So it was a 3 vs 2 and the 3 were camped and farming us. That was just an example of how fucked up I found the missions.
    Another one was an item hold. The spawn system spawned me 5m from object, only to screw me up by spawning all opponents on me!

    - Wardrobe. Thanks for fucking up wardrobe too. I cant dress up my toon because the toon shows covered in black. total black. Texture failue? Nope! Developer failure!

    Anyway, I also want to thank all those $#!7heads who moaned about getting 1.5.0 faster out so that we can have this fuckup excuse for an update!

    Fix. The. Damn. Game.

  101. I don't see any problems i think is only you

  102. I'm really upset
    you said if this goes live you'd activate atleast another 25k users.....

    also wtf about that characterslot thing?
    yes I know the game is going to be free and stuff but limiting that ain't the best thing to get money I think :(

    I hate to have limited characters >_>

    and I know there might comments as "let them devs do their work" or "it's a free game so you don't have to expect anything"

    I know that but I'm waiting for this like LOOOOONG. And it was sad to see the game go down with RTW(been beta tester there)....
    And these lies are getting annoying too...

    When the EU Server goes live we sent invites -ye right

    When 1.5 goes live we'll activate another 25k users -ye we see that.

    And yes I appreciate you informing us so often but I don't like waiting and I have been like: "freaking yes maybe I get the chance to play and test this this week IF I get activated."
    But no I have to wait another week until my holidays are over.

    Because now you say we have to wait another week for activations.....

    Don't get me wrong. I love your work but this really is annoying :/

  103. As i m not (usually) a miser, let's give an appalause for the things i liked.

    I liked the rework on cars, prices and chopshop bonuses (medium/high price vehicles sorted out).

    I liked that a car now can slow down when loaded with heavy items.

    I liked the multilevel contacts.

    I liked the individual pledging.

    I liked the dumptruck grief fix.

    I liked the idea to see the items each contact unlocks on their frontpage.

  104. I like all the stuff Rm4g3dD0v likes.

  105. You guys suck, Do you even read what other people and Bjorn says ? If everything is OK, They will send invites tommorow in the morning ...

    Rm4g3dD0v those problems you named are only yours problems, noone esle have them

    There are permanent weapons you can buy them ... Stop talking about things you dont know nor you tried.

    You didnt even thanked to those people who revived the game and Its going to be free to play ...

  106. @Ryan and Juraj: Don't lie to people. You're wrong. Permanent weapons no longer exist. And for the record, Rm4g3dD0v was spot on.

    I'm very frustrated by weapon balance: the Colby PMG has been nerfed to hell, I presume the OCA as well since it also got the same recoil nerf, and those were some of my favorite guns since they're the only spraying run-and-gun type of weapons in the game. I hate this forced pop-into-marks/crouch type BS.

    Where's my run around with a sweet lil MP5/uzi spraying into hallways gameplay? The PMG has to be in their face now to hit anything, but at that range you might as well use a shotgun for the instakill factor. SMG's should at least have range akin to their real-life counterparts. I feel like my fave aspect of gameplay was just ruined, and I don't want to be a damn sniper.

    Needless to say, I'm real happy that I wasted all my money so far buying my formerly favorite PMG, but there's no returns and it's leased so it'll vanish in 10 days. At least trying new weapons used to be an investment when they were permanent. Now, there's not even a Weapons category on the Marketplace, you can't make back your money if you try and don't like it.

  107. @Juraj
    how about you check the CB forums? most users complain about the same stuff. Now if you wann a livein your own little glass world, phine by me, just dont play it a know-all.

    As for permanent weapons i recall saying "If theres no permanent weapons, no game for me in live."

    AndI already thanked the people who resurrected the game. But if they re gonna chop it up like this only to have it like a rotting zombie, thanks but fucking no!

  108. @Bonse/Foe
    You are really retarded aren't you?
    You should be banned for being
    a dick. You are the one who was
    insulting me in teh first place.
    Go back to your room an finish your
    Tetris game. I kill you in your sleep bro..

    Btw still no love for EU players?^^
    G1 are liars, I tell ya.

  109. @Phosgene a little bid kiddy-style ? Just don't say things you can never do....

    And as Techmech said they test the stability of the servers and then they will invite EU players..

  110. update this blog already, im getting bored

  111. Seriously? Leasing?
    Everything else in this patch is awesome, there are a few things that are off, but the biggest thing is leasing every gun. That is such a load. I've been in since Beta 1 (on both occasions) and Leasing is just a horrible idea for everyone.

    Higher level weapons when people have more money to spend, yes it's a great idea. Right from the start when people are just then earning money for the gun they want, it doesn't work out! Do a certain level when these guns are going to start leasing. Or maybe it should be the otehr way around, very expensive weapons later on should be perma, and lower priced ones will be leased.

  112. ·Adjusted customisation limits for free players.
    o Clothing/Tattoos are now 3 symbols per item.
    o Vehicles are 7 symbols.

    Not liking this at all, i dont want to bother. I really love all of these improvements and i understand you must be working extremely hard to get this all done. But 3 tatoos? 3! come on, and leasing weapons.. i have had my experience with fps games and leasing guns and it is fairly annoying. I like to find a gun im comfortable with and KEEP it. FOREVER. Again, other than that i really like where you are taking apb.

  113. You guys, really are a dream come true. It now finally feels like something has really happened to APB and in a good way.

  114. God you people are illiterate, ungrateful asshats.

    Weapons are unlocked by progression. So in order to get access to buy (permanently) a sniper rifle you have to progress along a certain path.

    Now, unlike every other game which makes you grind to get weapons or skills only to find out you don't like them .. APB lets you lease them before you are able to buy them.

    You can lease them BEFORE you can buy them. So you can decide which gun is l33tN00bPwner before you spend time on that progression path.

    So please STFU with you'r "I won't play your free game and waste your bandwidth" bullshit until you see the game.

    Hate you all so much.

  115. Also .. die in a fire, , , die in a fire again.

  116. That clears up the second part of my last comment, sorry about that.

  117. Here's a relevent question on this blog post.

    Will Gamersfirst Live! be updated with 1.5 within the next few days? I'm somewhat short on hard drive space at the moment so it'd be great if I could grab the new 4GB game rather than the current 8GB game + 4GB patch it'd save me a lot of shuffling about. Ideally it'd be great if it was before the closed beta invites went out - and it'd save your bandwidth as well as my drive space.

  118. so they took customization out along with leasing weapons

    sounds like game is gonna die AGEAN b4 full reliese

  119. @Jaylon0012
    Before you talk down to someone or the hard work they have put in you should learn to spell correctly. For instance, b4 = the 12 year old version of the common word before, Agean.. I think means again, and gonna.. I mean come on, at least put some effort in it next time.

    -Grammar Nazi Nick

  120. Excuse me...but when i was 10...10 i used proper grammar...but jaylon....I think he is eight....6 perhaps....
    *clears throat*
    sounds like game is gonna die AGEAN b4 full reliese.
    Sounds like the game is gonna die again before the full release

  121. And i forgot to mention...I dont live in a country where they speak English

  122. This game was BEST till I saw EXPIRING DATES . What the f*ck are you thinking ?? You really know how to make game from best to bad . I hate games with expiring dates because its make me suffer and nervous just for f*****g expiring dates . People who I know (friends and other) never plays a game with expiring dates more than 1-4days MAX.
    I recommend to You better make HIGH PRICES for guns and other things because its much much better than much better ! People playing longer to get high prices items and it much higher pleasure than get like 30.000 and buy gun which expires in 10 days...and get nervous of it and suffer it ! I bet that 50% of all players will stop playing this game in 3-10 days (and I'm 1 of them)


    Btw older APB was better than 1.5 and sorry for bad english...
    Love,Gld <.<

  123. nervous...nervous about an online game?...christ


  125. Hahahah Thank you! I really wish that some of these minges could read. Correctly.

  126. @myccraft
    allow me to ghettofi yo shizzles.


  127. If this was facebook I would like your comment.

  128. Don't like Expired date to!!!! please remove this.

    All In all good and nice job for sure!!!

    guns expired ? ? ? that is a very bad Idea ..

  129. This comment has been removed by the author.

  130. The games in beta; its bound to have problems, that's why its fucking beta; so you can tell them about the errors without crying and whining about them and let them fix it! So if you don't like it stop bitching about the errors everywhere and wait for the full release.

    About weapon leasing I would assume the idea is that they have it so the casual players will buy weapons instead of using tons of time to get in game money for the weapons.

  131. Kriss....You need glasses....STAT

  132. Well kids it is time to stop crying and realising that if it not was for those guys there will not have been any APB here. Thank them for give you a free game morons instead of complaining. they could just have let APB pass them and all of us will have forgotten it by now.

    Sry if my english aint awesome :P

  133. As of the customisation limit I see this game dying infront of me again....

    like what?
    we need to pay to provide extra content to the community and/or for our selfs?

    that's really sad as this is the part about the game I like the most.... :/

  134. Ok so clearly alot of people seem pissed about leased weapons and slots.. but YOU CAN STILL GET ALL THE WEAPONS perma it will just take longer or you lease it and get it for 10 days...

  135. if we have to purchase character slots.what will happen when i reclaim my old apb account that has 3 characters already on it ?

    We can only reclaim our old accounts in the OBT right ?

  136. @nicolia777 its not the gun thing that I am worried about... its the removal of customization that this game was KNOWN for...

  137. Anyone else having problems with starting the game? I updated yesterday but it won't load up the game?

  138. So if we had an account before should we create characters to save our character slots since the characters are limited to 2 now or should we keep them blank? Do we still get our old characters back? Don't you think perhaps you should allow an enforcer and a criminal per account instead of 1 character just seems kinda basic to allow players to play the game to the fullest and if they enjoy then pay to play... Just a though...

  139. @bigweelz1

    Yes i have troubles starting it but just mess with it til i get it working.

  140. i want permanent weapon!!!!!!!

  141. any news when they will let the rest of us in (the other cb aps that is)

  142. I have noticed a problem. Textures have started to appear less quickly than normal. Example: Old APB: I would see a texture not "spawning" it would appear 2 seconds later. New APB: I would see a texture not "spawning" it would appear 5 seconds later. I think this may be happening due to compression added in this patch.

  143. Very unstable. Ive crashed at least 5 times tonight.

  144. hi i have problem with this patch my game crash all the time

  145. @TristanNYC You will not get your old character or previous character name back. Bjorn wont answer it directly, because the answer has been first-come,first-serve.

  146. dont have a problem with leased weapons, i liked the system they used in microvolts. since this game will have mods and they will be sent back to your bag though it woul dbe nice if we could rebuy the weapon in advance to extend the duration another 10days. So we don't have to repurchase AND remod, not that it is a huge deal every 10days


    I WANT TO PLAY!!!!

    Maybe a patch?? ;)

  148. Give me the APB BETA key PLEAS!!!!

  149. I NEED TO PLAY NOW!!!!!!!PLEAS!


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