Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Patch (75) going out, Store Going Live test with 100% G1 credit refund promo, Patch (76) lined up for tomorrow and "Semi Open Beta" process

Ok - the patches are now streaming in to the game like roaring wildfires, all addressing various issues. There will likely be a patch per day for a few days to deal with various items before Open Beta (and do keep in mind this is STILL a Beta game).

First up; Patch is being applied to the servers right now. It contains the following items:

First item: Launch of 1.5.0 (75)

•    Fixed a server crash.
•    Fixed player losing Premium status under some conditions.
•    Stopped witness missions counting towards a players Threat Level and Win Streaks.
•    Fix for Armas Sniper Preset 2. Added second mod (Bandolier) and now using correct model.

•    Heavily increased the Objective spawn weighting (above 2 now).  This means the objective will count for 2+ enemy players in the mind of the spawning system.

Known Issues
•    Localisation/Translation
    o    Much of the new and edited in game text has still to be translated and entered into the game. Playing APB in languages other than English may result in English text being shown anyway in some places.
•    Spawning
    o    Spawning currently has a couple of bugs that we’re working on and hope to get out as soon as possible.
•    Punkbuster
    o    Performance issue, slated to be fixed in next patch.

Second item: - Armas Underground Cash Shop Going Live for Live Testing (Armas Marketplace)
Tonight we are rolling out the Armas Marketplace. For the first 5 days you will be able to buy a limited set of items and premiums, AND because we are in a testing period on day 6 we will give you a full (100%) deposit back to your GamersFirst account of any G1 Credits you used in APB for the first 5 days. What that means is that you can buy 3 months of Premium Account access today, get a deposit back on Tuesday, and then buy another 3 months if you so chose, while still keeping the Premium you bought during the first 5 days. Of course you can keep your Credits to spend them later in the year when we start releasing our big list of 1,400+ items that you will be able to buy in the game.

So go wild. This is one of the perks of having been part of the Closed Beta!

Third item: - Scheduled for tomorrow; Patch (76) fixing PunkBuster CPU spike
Tomorrow we are rolling out a fix to a common PunkBuster CPU spike. Once this patch is live, we should see vastly decreased incidences of random 2-3 second CPU spikes every 15-20 seconds. It's a bug in the last PB implementation causing the issue, and the issue has been addressed.

Fourth item: - All the other fixes (GPF caused by sound issues, various graphics bugs, new SkillRating system etc.), and THEN going to Open Beta
After the PunkBuster patch, then it's on to a whole series of Other important items to fix - in particular some more bugs that were triggered by all the changes, new skill rating system, new district segmentation system, and only THEN do we plan to go to Open Beta.

We are likely to offer an IN-BETWEEN stage between Closed and Open beta next week which will work the following way; if you submit your email address on the front of the APB page: AND if your GamersFirst account is NOT YET part of the Closed Beta, AND if you have a GamersFirst account with the same email, THEN we are going to enable your account to participate in the Early-Open-Beta period (semi-open?) just ahead of making it fully Open.

Insanity will ensue! But we are thrilled with where we have gotten so far!



  1. Fixing PunkBuster CPU spike? Finally yay!


  2. if all goes well, if the patches work as expected, when will we play the Open Beta?

    and an optional question
    You can send me a key to my mail?
    I would love to be a beta tester
    my mail is:


  3. simiospreste, enjoy a lot of spam from now on!

    BTW, what happened to the blog post where it say "we should see vastly decreased incidences of"?

  4. @simiospreste
    At this stage - to get early access - simply go to and submit your email address in the Email box at the APB page and make sure the email on your GamersFirst account matches the email you submit. We will do a semi-open invite where we gather all the submitted emails that match GamersFirst accounts, and invite those to the game first, before opening up the game to the world.

  5. Nice. The cpu spike was very annoying.

  6. Ah, you fixed it the same time I posted about it!

  7. @Saxtus - actually - we haven't spammed anyone from that front page email submit. In fact we have been a little too quiet and sent only a single newsletter. That changes with this transition to Open Beta since now we will use that email box to determine what G1 account gets semi-open (early) access to the game. So if you want in early, submit your email now. If not, then don't :)

  8. If I purchase 6000 G1 points today and use that to buy as much premium as possible. Will I be fully refunded in G1 cash of course? Please respond Bjorn

  9. What an incredibly generous offer re: Armas! I plan to take full advantage of this :D

  10. Would it be possible to get an update regarding character restoration? There's probably quite a few people sitting around waiting for that to be rolled out prior to playing!

  11. What about the character restoration? is that also going to be enabled soon?

  12. any updates about character wipes?

  13. @ Nick yes, an update about regarding character restoration would be nice.
    Do we get our Characters back we played @ RTW ?

  14. I don't know if I'm the only one thinking this (and I apologize if I sound ungrateful in anyway), but the game at this point is 100% unplayable with GPF and "Illegal Instruction" crashes.. In my opinion, those should've been the day one patch. I understand that the GPF's happen for various reasons and on various system types/configurations, but none-the-less, their dehabilitating factor makes them priority #01. If beta players can't play, they can't test other fixes or changes you're making.

  15. Any ETA on servers coming back up? Would like to know if it's worth staying up for :(

  16. how do you get early acess i dont understand it,so if you in the cb right now you cant get into the early acess beta?

  17. So, when can we play again ? :D

    I try every 2 minutes to log again ^^

  18. Could you say what the specific first item server crash is? Would that fix the 5-10 minute crashing problems or do we wait for the fourth item patch? Either way, I really have enjoyed the communication you've kept up. I'm certainly going to be buying premiums and such, hopefully tonight if that crash problem is fixed with the current patch.

  19. ANDREW. The Majority don't have these Unplayable problems. They are doing the best they can and will develop accordingly.

  20. To be clear @s14004

    You will get a deposit of G1 "points" (what we call G1 credits) back to your GamersFirst account. Not a cash refund. Basically you get all your G1 Credits spent in APB "refilled" as if you had not spent any of them :). The "refill" happens on May 2.

  21. No word on the RTW character restore yet?

  22. keep up the g00d w0rk björn!

  23. Can you remove the 32-Bit Graphics restrictions Bjorn? They are a big nuisance to me -.- I hate how the textures don't load on high with 32-Bit restrictions,so in your next patch can you remove the limit,thus enabling us to use the fullest settings on 32-Bit systems that have 4GB of RAM,or more. Thanks

  24. Wow great update and good news to hear about the fixes to the studder issue

  25. Even if not closed Beta, can we still benefit from the refund?
    And when or will the remaining CB participants be invited?

  26. If I buy half a year now Bjorn (Of Premium) Will I be losing a month when you guys are switching from closed to open beta and from open beta to realease?


  28. hahaha you got to be kidding me..
    I logged in to the game and 20seconds after I get the First Crash again.

    General Protection Fault

    Damn I hoped they fixed it ,Guess not

  29. I can not enter the website GameFirst, I hope to do soon. I can not wait to play :)
    Bjorn / TechMech thank you very much for responding

  30. @s14004 - you shouldn't lose anything. In fact - as part of the switch you would still get to keep premium status. The only thing to keep in mind is that we have some fraud limits when you start spending a bizillion of money. You can make at least two G1 deposits of about $80 total, but after that the system might make you wait a day or two before you can make more deposits, so you might run in to those limits (depends on the payment methods you use).

    From our end this wasn't really meant to test HUGE payments, more focused.

    But I would offer a trick - the first premium you put in your cart gives you 20% off all other premiums and items. So if you stack 6 months of premiums, then you will get 5 of them at 20% discount PLUS get all your credits back on May 2... The discount happens automatically in the store so you can try it out.

    The net effect is of course that you would be getting access at something like a 60%-70% effective discount, so sure, you can try that out :) (and we are using this next 5 day period to test all the transaction logic on this end to make sure it works as expected, and in return you get this nice giant discount :) ).

  31. @Neophyte
    Sometimes I wanna slap people, no offence. They are doing a hell of a job, and Bjorn just said there'll probably be a patch every day for the days to come. Which means they are working their asses off to fix these problems.

    If it's that unbearable just wait with playing until the next patch and see if it's fixed then.

  32. I'll have to agree with and re-state what Roblok26 wrote.

    Sir I have two PCs with virtually Identical specs. One pc has half a gig more ram and a slightly beefier video-card, yet APB looks WAY worse on it. Just because the OS is 32 bit.

    The thing is, I use this computer for gaming and the other for running my living room's media. This system has worked out fine until now, because it runs everything BUT APB better.

    Please, remove the restrictions.
    I'm sure my computer can run this game far better than APB allows it to. If you cannot unlock these restrictions, I'll be unable to enjoy any visual customization, and I'll be far, FAR less likely to subscribe premium.

    This isn't an ultimatum, and I don't think this is whiney enough to be a rant. Just for your consideration.

  33. @Kenneth
    Im only telling the Random Crash isn't fixed yet.
    I know they are trying there best and that its still a Beta, I'm just telling the Random Crashes aren't fixed yet

  34. Wow what is the? i closed apb after trying to log in for the 15th time restarted gamers first and now i get this "gamers first live had crash a minidump will be written to disk"

  35. Hey Bjorn, thanks for the numerous amounts of updates and responses you have been giving. When may we expect the RTW character retrieval process to be opened? It was mentioned that it would open along with the store; may we expect it to open tonight? Thanks!

  36. the people that are complaining about the 32 bit memory restrictions complain to microsoft about it is the os that restricts the memory not the game eather get a 64bit windows or just play with 3 gigs.

  37. what about the lag?
    i and my friends on east coast r lagging....
    we all have high spec computers and HIGH speed internet
    the latency is like 2 seconds
    pretty unbearable

  38. But bruce,

    A 32 bit OS restricts the user to 4gb of memory whereas the 64 bit gets access to some 8gb.

    I only have 4gb of memory to begin with. A new OS wouldn't actually improve my system anyway, so why is it necessary to play this game?

  39. Can't wait. Very willing to blow a wad of cash on this game. Hopefully, we'll get our old customization back, otherwise I'll have to re-create this:

    Not that I'd mind doing it again, but it took me atleast eight hours or tweaking to get it like that. xD

  40. great job with the game,I have only had one crash since closed beta started ( i was one of the first group) and it was a punkbuster interrupted data stream error? the graphics look awesome and character customization is so detailed i can actually make my toon look exactly like myself or friends.
    i have never had lag issues or any of that either, been very happy but almost feel bad as a beta tester i havent found any faults to report.

    gameplay is another matter, i already see the no talent cheaters popping up in ever increasing numbers aimboting me, knowing exactly where i am even if i just spawned etc.. i wish there could even be something done to level the playing field. punk-buster is a joke against some of the hacks out there like x22.
    some people are so blatent about it maybe there would be a way to fubar their equipment or something after some super high preset of wins / kills etc or give whomever he is fighting him firepower and accuracy equal to his aimbotted guns..only do this to the guy who can kill you from so far away you cant even see them on your screen, or who wins 100 zillion missions in a row,gets the huge killing streaks who is captain invincible and 3 people can unload a full ammo clip into him point blank then run him over with a car then he just shoots turns instantly to each of us and kills us all with a single shot each.

    I refuse to stoop to the level of these cheaters and they ruin the game for the average gamer who will be your bread and butter if you plan to keep this game alive this time.

    Thank for bringing APB back i want to see it stay so fix this :)

  41. Finally we get a fix for the random stuttering! The days of alt-tabbing and setting CPU affinities are over! =D

  42. WIll this solve the ms rate drop to 1 issue?

  43. oh and almost forgot.. please get rid of that annoying head bobbing thing yall just put into the game. On a large display its almost enough to make you seasick.

  44. "Live! Has crashed. A minidump will be written to disk."

    Anything I can do to fix this? A restart didn't work.

  45. Just entered my E-mail >=D. Hope I get in pre-open open beta xDD. Loved the RTW version and can't wait to try out all the new tweaks and fixes yall have added.

  46. @Nathan - sorry to hear that. Once the crash dump is written, we presume that it will upload to our servers, and then we will review them as they come in.

    Some people can play 12-14 hours with no crashes at all, some only a few minutes. The good news is that fewer and fewer crashes are being reported with each build. We hope your particular issue will be addressed in a future build, hopefully not too far away in the future.

  47. If you have the Gamersfirst crash problem just start the game directly in the apb folder

  48. @Bjorn, please, please answer
    I want to ask you if it's possible to keep the clothes and music made from open beta to actual game?

  49. Well..There you go..80 dollars worth of G1 Tokens bought for Stead..Thanks Reloaded for persuading me to fund you all :D

  50. @s14004 - we truly appreciate it! Enjoy the game! We are going to continue to working our butts off to make this a really great long term game!

  51. Anyone else getting the problem where you can only connect to the social district?

  52. oops just noticed it changed my name when i fixed my profile.. was tcallie2010.

    and yes you can go forever with no crashes, i have.

  53. Says ya take PayPal but looks like its not set up as payment option yet

  54. You know Bjorn, if you have someone just erase that bit of code that restricts 32 bit users, I'll buy $100 worth of G1 credits too...

  55. Ihello I'm extreme227
    just place an order on apb marketplace for a premium account it tells me we check your card or visa after meadow and nothing happens

  56. "We are likely to offer an IN-BETWEEN stage between Closed and Open beta next week which will work the following way; if you submit your email address on the front of the APB page: AND if your GamersFirst account is NOT YET part of the Closed Beta, AND if you have a GamersFirst account with the same email, THEN we are going to enable your account to participate in the Early-Open-Beta period (semi-open?) just ahead of making it fully Open." that why my friend couldn't log into the game, and was dealing with some "special" tech support that changed his password 5 times before giving up?

  57. wow deleted my post because u know im fuckin right

    game is gonna die if u reliese OB without an actual East coast server.

    btw any1 else not able to get the shop open???

  58. I'm in France my account is activated I play four days ago on the closed beta test I want
    tested Marketplace in Game its not work for me

  59. i dont know why some of you have 4 gigs of ram with a 32bit os windows wont even use it your restricted to 3 gigs so why have 4gigs
    you need a 64bit windows in order to use 4 gigs

  60. @Jaylon0012 - eh - we are in the middle of setting up US East. In fact the crew is currently in Washington DC working on it. I expect us to migrate you over to the East Coast next week.

    So chill with your overheated posts. Ask me a question in a reasonable voice and you will get a reasonable answer!


  61. I see that the "invisible buildings" and extremely low fps on machines that previously could run APB on highest settings with 50-60 fps still hasent been adressed (or even aknowledged).
    Unfortunately this is making the game unplayable for me so until that is fixed i (and others) wont be playing.

    Another unfortunate part of this is that there is no real way of alerting you to this except on the forums, witch has wielded no response.
    The in-game bug report is scetchy at best and since the game isnt crashing from this poor performance there are no automated crash reports sent to you, thus (i suspect) making this a low priority issue for you guys (if at all noticed).

  62. you must register for the newsletter! order to be semi-open beta

    "Thank you for signing up! You will receive APB Reloaded updates at the provided address."


    il faut s'inscrire a la newsletter! pour pouvoir etre en semi-beta ouverte

    "Merci pour votre inscription! Vous recevrez des mises à jour APB Reloaded à l'adresse indiquée."

  63. Also, id like to add that im on a 64 bit OS so this is not a 32 bit problem (like some seem to assume)

  64. ha I just saw it at 9:40 p.m. you me it is 6:04 lol :s

    So no key before tonight snif

    En Français

    ha je vien de voir qu'il est 21h40 chez vous lol moi il est 06h04 :s

    donc pas de clef avant ce soire snif

  65. @josefporta_2

    Actually we do tend to acknowledge a lot of these "non-crash" issues. The "invisible building" problem is often tracked back to a streaming-from-disk issue with specific machine configs (ie - running on a 4200 or 5400 RPM harddrive, and letting the processor run in speed step power saving mode and/or play on a laptop). But each case is of course different. But it means you seem to run in to an invisible wall when the server knows there is a building there, but the client has not yet streamed in the textures from disk into memory (and/or issues with virtual memory).

    Due to the very individual nature of these issues, it is certainly a lower priority, but only until we have gotten the biggest bug offenders fixed, and at that point we turn our attention to figuring out lower performance issues as well!

    So we are clearly tackling issues in order of priority, and from this side we have been able to sort though a large number of those issues.


  66. Right - if you sign up for the newsletter link on the APB front-page, we will give you early open beta access!

  67. im wondering why im getting 10-15 fps and 4-5 in a fire fight >.<

    i can play ANY other game with no prob

  68. @Jaylon0012, after we get through the Open Beta transition, then we will provide you with a method to submit these types of performance questions. The short answer though is that it will depend on your distance (again - US East is NOT YET in the East), your machine specific hardware (and some issues we have for example - Realtek sound cards) etc.

    As an example - in the office we have old Dell Inspiron's from 2006, with either E6700 or X6800 dual core processors with 4GB of RAM which we have given an OK $100 video card to (Nvidia 430 low-power card), and those machines get a half-decent 33 fps given that these are more than 5 year old machines.

    In fact those are the machines several of our GMs use in the game (just so we don't spoil them rotten). But - it doesn't change the fact that we HAVE NOT YET had the time to optimize for ALL various hardware combinations. And if you are one of the unlucky ones, then we feel really bad about it :(

    But we will get to it. For sure!

  69. Thank you for your answer Björn :D
    It has gone largely unanswered on the forums so your answer is appreciated (and i will copy paste it to the forum thread i made about it)

  70. Also, I'm having issues trying to purchase G1 credits in both the APB web browser and on G1 itself. Keeps saying my transaction was denied, and I checked my balance twice to make sure I had enough. Apparently, quite a few people in Social (east coast) are having the same issue. I'll try talking to a customer service rep tomorrow.

  71. @Bjorn

    Am I wrong in seeing the premium not giving us 30% standing extra? If anything, I keep getting even less than what I got before (1700-2000 standing per win, now I'm getting closer to 1100-1600 per win)

  72. You guys are doing great work and we all appreciate it haha, unfortunately i am one of those people with the fps issue

    i do have a high end gamer PC so it's definitely not my PC. Whenever you get the chance please let us know if there is any progress on a solution :D

    Thanks Bjorn!

  73. @lildrcuz93

    Actually - your PC might be a good candidate for us to use in a performance test (do you have a new ATI card by chance?). However, we are not quite ready for that yet, but certainly are getting closer to it.

    @Maerdis - we presume that you are getting the correct 30% Standing bonus as a premium player. But if not - the UK team will be around in a couple of hours and will try to verify the issue (to see if it's happening). If it's a global issue then we will issue a hotfix for it. If it's a unique issue to you then we will need to figure out what is happening to that particular item.

  74. @Bjorn

    I thought I read somewhere that the Item we buy in these 5 days we get to keep? Does that mean if I buy one or both of the Guns currently available in the Marketplace, we get to keep and use them after Tuesday? To be perfectly clear, that means we just get a "refreshed" expiration date of whatever time we bought, correct?

    Also, I want to voice my plea to keep the G1C price for a Premium account at (OR lower!) 799! Pleeeease! 1199G1C is just faaar too much for a shooter game!

    Thank you.

  75. Bjorn,

    How much will the actual Premium account cost in US dollars?

    How will it work, where can I find information about this ?

    I found a fix for the realtek sound issue:

  76. @Bjorn

    What about the reamaining 100K+ closed beta applicants? will they be given access before the open Beta?

    I really miss my old Crew :O)

  77. @Bjorn

    Hey there, great work I really appreciate what you made out of the game and I will buy premium definitly, right after the PB-Issue is fixed and the (sound)-stuttering is gone.

    Even though I have a question:
    Which priority is the black cloth bug on your list, any words when you approximtly are going to fix this?

    Thanks so much for a quick answer! :)


  78. Why the fuck don't you Dev team fix that ridicules stupid matchmaking system.

    Every fucking time i rob as mush as 1500$ I get group of 3-4 fucking psychos after me.. Me ALONE!!! ONE FUCKING MAN SHOW vs. Groups of 3-4 very good players.. Now how is that giving me any chance of succeeding huh?

    "Well, you can always call for backup"

    Well guess what. IF FUCKING DO, EVERY TIME.
    And ever so rarely, I get help.

    Don't you get it?? It is not fun to play then.
    FIX IT! PLEASE. APB was a good game. Why fuck it up with something like money laundering.

  79. @Bjorn
    its good to see a dev answering some questions... i generally ONLY see that from small (1-5 man) businesses

    BUT i STRONGLY suggest u DON'T go OB till u at LEAST have a way for us to ACTUALLY turn off shadows. (current graphix options are.... well... cave man limited)

    the ability to say Turn off shadows will give most people )on older pc's) 50-60 Fps BOOST (i used to use an old HP rig b4 i upgraded to my new custom gaming pc... whenever i turned off shadows it made games PLAYABLE)

    the system is GOOD.. just fkin retarded in certin aspects... like a random enforcer able to spot u 5 minutes AFTER u did a mugging...(when ur way accross town)

    or the fact that they can be driving RIGHT at u and activate witness then u go splat

    they SHOULD make it to where the to engage a witness u have to stand STILL (if ur in a car u have to get out)

  80. @Jaylon0012

    Perhaps your right. That the system works, and it is the witnessing there's something wrong with.

    I just think it is to easy for enforcers when they keep follow you around, just waiting for you to drop off your goods, witness you, kill you, and run of with the goods. And they even get double up on the reward!? When they win.

  81. @PacManiacDK - Maybe you should group up before robbing people/stores then :)
    On the other hand: Criminals have missions were enforcers have to chase them down, which sometimes is impossible, seeing that the 4 criminals just flee to different corners of the city.

    @Bjorn - I keep getting an 'out of memory'-crash, I keep sending in the report but I have not heard anything about this being adressed or not. Is this something you are looking in to?

    Great to be back in APB anyway ;)

  82. Petition !

  83. so all i need its sing up to newslleters on apb site and you will active my acc?

  84. Any answers on what or even if you will do anything to deal with punk-buster-proof hacks that are ruining this game for honest players? and am i the only one who HATES the bouncing screen added when you run?

  85. I played the APB Closed Beta and Open Beta when it belonged to the other company and I could play well with medium graphics. In this Beta I've tried to play but I can't even with the lowest graphical options possible, as the game crashes every 15 minutes. I think it happens more often when I accept and play missions but also happens when I stop or right after I choose my spawn place. I've waited for many fixes to fix this problem of mine but none of those that were released actually did fix it.

    When the game crashes, the following errors appear:

    2 - D3DRR (something like that)
    3 - GPF

    I have a dual core 2.2 GHz, 3 GB DDR2, WIN XP 32bit and my graphic card is quite recent and over the requirements.

    I would be pleased to know what could you do to help me out :)

  86. @John, Your dual core is overloading - its a very bad CPU u got there man

    Do you even know what i5 is?

  87. I know it's bad but it's over the minimum requirements so it shouldn't be a trouble

  88. as a matter of fact i do have an ATI card, HD Radeon

    Uhm you can check my DxDiag on my application, if not i can send it to you

  89. with this small patch that fixed the sever problem i made another for me with in 5 min of the game it will crash on my and i get the same error code ever time. the is code: 0xE098BD99. if any one is having this problem too pls help me fixes it i even uninstalled the game and reinstalled it and it is still doing it

  90. I hope that the GPF fix comes REALLY soon, was all excited to buy premium and have fun with my friends and then I get GPF every 10-15 mins if not sooner.

    Sadness overwhelms me at this present moment.. :<

  91. can you go back to dealing whit the real problem that is the game , as vip missions whit only 5 min to take out the vip . and the speed of the cars when haveng items/vips , everyone just camps whit the item now . its so lame .

  92. yeah the GPF is pain in the ass since the new patch, hope for a fix asap

  93. Give me my open beta or else some1 is going to die a very painful death.


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