Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Minor payment issue work-around for European APB customers.

First - if you haven't yet read all the various fixes we just released yesterday, and all about the 100% credit promo in the Marketplace, you can recap that here:

This post is to discuss a temporary work-around for European credit and debit card holders, since right now EU card holders are having a problem completing credit purchases in the game browser (no such issues with US card holders since they use a different provider, and also no issues reported with those using PaySafeCard in the EU - ie a prepaid card).

We have been monitoring the activity in payments, and just realized that low EU payments at this hour appear to be because some features of our European payment provider do not work as expected in the live game, due to the dynamic nature of the payment options (there is a different set of options for every country you connect from). So in particular the EU provider tries to bring up "Verified by Visa" or "Secure Code by Mastercard" (and similar for each payment type) - but unfortunately the in-game marketplace browser cannot permit these secondary pop-ups.

The temporary work around is pretty simple - just go to to purchase the G1 credits separately before you enter the game - and THEN go back in to the game and spend them (and keep in mind you STILL get to participate in the 100% credit-back promo as long as you spend the credits in the game).

To buy the credits on the website follow these steps:

First - make sure you log in to GamersFirst:

Second - either click the big Get G1 Credits button  - or simply go to the following link to buy credits:
(remember to make sure you are logged in at the top right corner BEFORE you click "I want this")

Third - simply pick the G1 Credit package that you want to add to your account ($5, $25, $40 etc.) and then pick the payment method (a whole range of methods - and more than what's in the game)

Bonus Item - you can also EARN credits by taking various sponsor offers:

And again - any actual G1 Credits you spend in the game will STILL count toward the 100% free credit rebate that runs through May 1, even if you bought the credits from the website (as long as you SPEND the credits in the APB game itself of course).

We apologize for this minor issue (but then again - that's why we are doing this in a bit of a test mode). We are working with the payment provider to get past this issue.



  1. Hey Bjorn,
    you strive a lot and have been very good job ... thank you:)
    if the ideas are still in the room noticed and also thinks the bugs away (which has to be re-releas its way) you can only look forward to APB as a fan:) you will surely have many paying customers ... I'm one of them in future

    MFG Aki
    Clan MVP

    PS: I've found that's given our clan-name in the close beta: (I was leader of the clans to rtw times ... Bjorn, there is a path to the clan name to secure the release:)

  2. btw ... my posts are translated by google translator:) So please excuse errors :)

  3. @Bjorn

    What about the reamaining 100K+ closed beta applicants? will they be given access before the open Beta?

    Only 2 of my old crew (including myself) were lucky enough to get in, and I really miss my old Crew :O)

    PS. Thanks for bringing back a GREAT game

  4. Would it be possible to use paypal to buy the credits? It says that you are now accepting paypal but there is no option. Would also be nice to see different currency (£ and euro) unless you can and i just cant see it :).
    I would also like to say a big thank you! I have always supported your work and have never moaned. So keep up the good work!

  5. Hey,
    How do I unlock car parts???

  6. @Bjorn
    Hey, any word on when the character reclamation process opens? Thanks for the updates.

  7. If only you were so fast fixing ingame problems... but i guess when there is time to get paid you gain the speed of light.

  8. if i only have one slot and it's used by my current character and i want to bring my old RTW char back. what happens?

  9. @Valkyria U cant bring back old characters

  10. Holy marmaduke that's some stupid prices in the Arma marketplace. Premium account costs the same as a P2P Triple A MMO like WoW, but then you unlock all content in the game. In APB:R you just get some bonuses... and still gotta pay for weapons. HVR for 7 dollar for 30 days... hah.. good one.

    I thought premium unlocked everything. What a rip offs. Aint gonna buy SHIT.

  11. Still waiting for my beta key to activate. Signed up on day 1 of signups, and even bought the RTW version of the game. Startting to think the activating everyone that signed up for closed beta was a lie. Really, REALLY losing faith in gamersfirst and apb: reloaded.

  12. I got charged by my card was declined. Already put in a petition but still waiting for a reply...

  13. @Odincubus Why? because you've had to wait a little bit longer? Geez, people need to learn patience!!

  14. no debit visa card support ? :( will you add it later or something?

  15. Im not a pro game developer or indie for that sake but even i know that a image as a broken game is bad Pr and is almost impossible to get rid off!..

    im having the realtek problems, and alot of people use realtek? Alot of companies use realtek for that sake

    its alot of people there's gonna experience theyr computers going all jihad on theyr ass's!

    APB is a great game thats super addictive with its customizing options and a great gameplay.. repetetive but fun.. sadly it also has a insane ragefactor, its easy to feel cheated or that its unfair.. Be it Better Mods, Bad missions or better skilled opponents.. still people are gonna rage easily on forums, FB etc. and if you put buggy in to that mix its gonna make a great BadPr-Mojito!..

    So all in all its bad for business..

    But i have uploaded DxDiag and some Crash Dump files on the forum under Bug Report > Realtek Issues :)

  16. @H-bomb Explosion
    Let's see here... February, March, April. That's 3 months of patiently waiting for an invite. And if you look at Bjorns post right before patch 1.5 hit, he talks about inviting everyone who applied. Now the big talk is the armas marketplace and open beta, so the people who have been patiently waiting are still getting screwed over. If I wanted to get into the open beta, I wouldn't have applied for closed beta.

  17. Im Premium now so PLEASE FIX GPF ERROR NOW!

  18. Petition !

  19. Im Premium now so PLEASE FIX GPF ERROR NOW!

  20. @Odincubus You'll most likely get in during the transitional period of closed to open. But I don't understand the sense of priority or impatience a lot of the old retail players are showing. You know this is a different company right?

  21. @Odincubus
    Also this made me lol "If I wanted to get into the open beta, I wouldn't have applied for closed beta."

    Because filling out the application put such a strain on your day right? I bet you had to call in sick to work that day, huh? "Sorry boss, I'm not gonna be able to make it in today... yeah... the APB:R closed beta app is out! Gonna be at my computer all day filling this beast of an application out!"

    Stop crying

  22. not every1 gets into a closed beta... thats why it is a closed beta... u maybe not meet the requirements and btw FIX THAT GPF ERROR NOW!!!

  23. Payment isn't working still for some of us. Even with the workaround. It accepted my payment (appears on my statement) but I have zero points and said "Transaction failed"

  24. Thats really cool I can pay with mobile and get premium items or else :D

  25. earn free gamecoins by playing games:



  27. I hope G1 want to expand acceptable payment methods and add there WebMoney so Russian and East European playrs may easily add funds to their accounts. Or maybe even making pre-paid cards and forward them to major digital retailers like RTW did.

  28. This is all great news, really. Great effort, and diligence from you guys. Only one thing I would like to mention. Please make sure that when you are using the "EU" abbreviation, you actually mean The European Union and not Europe, because those two terms unfortunately still represent two very different entities. Just so we know if what you say is valid for the whole of Europe or just the EU. Thank you for your great service and this amazing opportunity to enjoy this great game once again!!!

  29. What about the 500 Internal Server Error when trying to use an Ultimate Game Card?

  30. Payment does not work yet. Even with the workaround. He accepted my payment, he said you will not receive mail after I wait to see if it appears on my bank statement

    en français

    Le paiement ne fonctionne pas encore . Même avec la solution de contournement. Il a accepté mon paiement il me dit vous allez recevoir un mail après rien j'attend pour voir si ça apparaît sur mon relevé bancaire

  31. When is this movie coming to theaters!!!??

    No, Jk. Great job you guys, Cant wait to play this. :]

  32. Balance 0
    No billing history available for this account.

  33. this game or gamefirst is a fucking shit!!!!
    i got mya access to closed beta and i have since 2 days code error 10010 wrong pass or mail =====______________======= what the fuck my mail and passs is good

  34. This game sucks now. So many people that were once interested in it have left. I've gotten three accounts from people who were sick of the game. Luckily I have hacks, or else this game would be unplayable.

  35. PLEASE FIX CRASH PROBLEM Crashing every 5 min.

  36. Oh Great! The Marketplace! I buy GF credits for $30 and try to buy something cool! But...
    Im very sorry but the sniper rifle HVR Scout - a bull shit. I shot the guy for 4! times from 80 meters and didn't kill him o_O and I shoot again and again and again and dont kill anyone o_O WTF?
    My friend buy this weapon too and try it. And when he sad: "I hope GF will return me the money and Ill never buy this shit again".

    I changed this weapon for normal HVR without slots... Its much much better. If you create another items for Armas Marketplace like this HVR Scout i dont understand how you earn money, cause I will try another 1 or 2 items and if they be a shit like Scout I won't buy anything else. What are you doing?

  37. I got crash Problem again and again after some play time game is crashing ... my friend playing this game and has no problem with crash. but I gave him my account to test.. and its crashed on his PC. so its problem with my account??? WTH??????? please fix and help with my issue!

  38. I play the game 24/24 for me it works very well just by the time lag problem I thought foremost, you need a good computer for well enjoy your games
    sometimes the problem comes from the pc it is not the games
    here is my setup
    Motherboard Asus Striker Extreme 2 NVIDIA Socket 775 nForce 790i SLI)
    INTEL Core 2 Quad Q9550 - 2.83 GHz [overclocking 3.4Ghz]
    Graphics Card NVIDIA GeForce GTX 480 1536Mo
    4GB RAM Kingston PC3-10666 DDR3
    Lian Li supply PS-750W A750GB
    Flat Screen TFT-25'Wide Full HD (1920x1080) Dual HDMI (HDCP)
    Saitek Cyborg Keyboard keyboard
    Mouse Laser Gamer Mouse Elite GM-4800
    Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit

  39. Oi I thought when you max out a contact with a premium account you get a reward. I maxed out Ty Durrant w/ premium and did not get anything.

    This a bug, or did they take away the rewards?

  40. and here is my PC setup--->

    Motherboard: ASUS P6T Deluxe V2
    I7 920 2.66 Ghz overclocked to 3.8Ghz
    ASUS Ati Radeon 4870X2 2GB 2x1GB 512BIT!!
    Corsair 12GB 6x2GB 1600 DDR3
    Power supply 1200W
    Monitor LCD ASUS 26*
    Microsoft Mouse
    Microsoft Keyboard
    Win 7 Ultimate 64Bit

    so this is not the space problem.. and by the way my friend's PC is lower and he can play with his account with no problem... but when he try to connect with my account the game is crashing to desktop with send report or do not send report.

    please fix my problem! asap

    P. S. if its only my problem please help me with this issue.

  41. tiktok I was testing Krrris account on my pc and crushed after 10-15 minutes playing, but with my account I play on the same pc 24/24 with no problem, and his pc is much powerful then mine. the lag u say I have too but not crashes every 10-15 minutes, it's obvious that the problem is in his account.

  42. Wow... server went down right when i pressed purchase...

  43. tiktok

    Vaz y paie trou de balle , tu vas te faire enfiler par gamefirst en force , ce jeu est bien gratuit mais il ne faut rien payer car sinon il vont fermer .
    J'ai eu des echos qu'ils disaient que le jeu va etre lancé mais juste pour voir si ca marchera ..Sinon ils vont le fermer ... Et il marchera pas ...Gamefirst a le droit de cloturer un jeu sans indemniser qui que ce soit . Lis conditions generales de gamefirst mon petit ..

  44. novaime Agreed ! they are owners .. they can do anything.

  45. will the payments by allopass introduced for EU (belgium)?

  46. Update =) Thanks for your work ;)

  47. Its a small patch :( its I think I need and we all need

  48. where can I see what patch I have? lil bit interesting if it's the patch then why in my game folder is Client1.5.0.562973 patch? just curios

  49. novaime
    c toi le trou de balle
    parle bien la prochaine foi
    apré tout les effort qui font pour nous sa me derange pas de payer
    si il en met un patch pour le payment c pas pour rien
    apres tout c mon argent :)

  50. This comment has been removed by the author.

  51. Krrris

    possible problem on the account
    I have friends who are spirit played is to invite in my group are offline

  52. This comment has been removed by the author.

  53. oui oui tu as raison , mais c'est ton argent et ca reste ton argent que tu vas perdres .
    C'est tous ;

  54. Krrris

    I'm sorry for my English not very well translate google

  55. de tout façon ça march pas Marketplace Depui l'europe

  56. Slightly more than minor here in canada it is impossible to complete a purchase either on your website or in game browser.

    I've tried both mastercard and visa. Here's hoping you get paypal up and running soon....

  57. Also considering many people are unable to currently even purchase G1 credits will you be extending the promo?

  58. i stll ahve a lot of freeze sound :( i really need you fix it.....


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