Friday, March 25, 2011

Quick Friday morning update

First - no - our critical routing equipment is still stuck in customs. Turns out that FedEx is really lousy at moving equipment. Great at moving papers. Lousy at actually getting stuff cleared (unlike true freight-forwarders, which we clearly should have used from the start - a lesson for us). But it's being worked out, and we are hoping to get this through in the next few days.

It's a bit sad since the servers are now all running at full speed in Europe, but the network setup is incomplete until we get the last batch of equipment in place. What we are now operating on won't give us sufficient bandwidth for the live game (we can run and test it from here, but not actually turn on live traffic).

I will provide an update on this Monday.

Also - later today I will make a full blog-post talking about some critical changes that are coming shortly to the game.

And I know that in a few hours our community guys will release something new on our Facebook page so check that out in the meantime.



  1. FIRST!

    EU plzplzplzplz, lousy FedEx..
    We're anxiously waiting.

  2. Damn nice. I Can't wait until later todays full blog-post talking about some critical changes that are coming shortly to the game. Ohhh yeah Gett-urr-Dun

  3. gay.... i want THE EU SERVER !!!!

  4. cud take weeks to finally see EU server online :( lets hope it get online sooner.

  5. Thanks for the update Bjorn! ;) Hope to see you ingame aswell as everone else! :D

  6. Thanks for this update ! I hope receive the new wave tomorow :D

  7. BAH! Frigging FedEx. I've ran across some problems with them too, I feel your pains. Hope they get their asses in gear so our EU pals can better enjoy this game. Can't wait for those updates you mentioned!

  8. About time. But when is the goddamn Open beta coming?

  9. Bleh lets hope the missing part gets there fast

  10. You have sent a parts via the airship? what the fuck it is two weeks of flying.

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  12. Never seen anyone use Fedex ever in the UK, now I can tell why. But good work so far can't wait until the EU server comes up and I can jump across and have an amazing, mind blowing, lag-free experience. :)

  13. When will i be in a wave email:

  14. Yay so no new activations yet. Whoop de fucking failiing doo >.>!

  15. I bet you get your equipment out of customs in.... 2-3 days...

  16. i agree i think it will take 2-3 days as well, and everyone DON'T MOAN about beta keys, you will get it if you get it, asking isn't going to make a difference

  17. hope parts move in weekends tho :( and that we dont have to wait to long. Cant wait to play APB:D

  18. Stop posting your email address.
    You never get a invite with this posts!

  19. @G1

    Hey guys customs has a size & weight to cost ratio. did you try to under value your network gear ?
    the only time i see this happen is when you try to avoid paying extra taxes for stuff you paid taxes on already.

    EU is always trying to milk people for taxes to make money.

  20. My friend who got accepted said that the game already have hackers. Just like the original APB before it died. So for all who didn't get accepted yet. Don't have your expectations too high.

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  23. Can To switch character server i am from eu and now play on us server can i move character to eu server??? or whe do this when eu server go online???

  24. I dont want to be rude - but why do people who can not string an intelligable question together in english get beta keys?
    Surely their ability to explain any bugs they find is the whole reason for their taking part in this testing?
    Based on some *cough* recent questions here it eludes me as to why this person has access to the U.S. servers.
    nvm :) just an observation.

  25. "If you found only 60 hackers that is a big disappointment. Im sure that i can pay $20 f....

    "Its AT LEAST 25% hackers at the moment. Even RTW"

    ROFL... You do realize what it takes to get into the CB.... the Fact that (60) hack users actually made it into the CB was astonishing until I was reminded of the type of people that would actually use hacks, I guess if your parents are using the net as a baby sitter the hack users would have the time needed to invest to actually win a CB key, and the low moral fiber to use hacks.
    "Newb = Newbie = New Player"

    "n00b = Idiot"
    YES... exactly.... And a bit of trivia for you, the term Newb came from a COMDEX round table discussion several of us were having with Microsoft about their new windows product. I made the comment; "what Drones would use this..." and the response was, "well these New Worker Bees... let's call them NewBees" which was shortened to Newbs(Newbies) in the trade journals . (using Noobs for Newbs and Visa Versa is as anoying as people using irregardless... It's just regardless)

    "Right now "Threat" - ie what 'should' be rating and what is the critical value used by the matchmaking system - is computed using a mechanic that tries to emulate Premiership League standing...."

    Ok, see you say this as if were a bad thing. Saturday I was able to play APB for the first time since the shut the light off while we were partying in social last year and I have to say, I like what I am seeing.

    We were actually getting together for a MTG game at my sons house and while waiting for the others to show I watched my son and daughter-in-law play. For a round before she got up to start cooking (it was her turn) and she asked if I wanted to play her avatar, I said can you make one to try out and she did; an enforcer and handed me the controls. Now, as it is still a closed beta I will not describe anything or say anything except in response to Bjorn's blog.

    We played for just over an hour, in that time I went from a TL0 to a TL9 as we were constantly on 5-7 winning streaks where the odds were us two vrs 3-7 person teams and the only matches we actually lost were CFB we answered, where we jumped into 5-9 vrs 5-9 battles.

    Yes, usually there were several groups of LTL skulls but that really only made the game exciting as we often literally won in the last 30 second as we were using tactics (sitting in the same room helps but we used to use Voip). Oh well there is one thing I will mention that I hope you do not change, Local Voip please leave it as is, to hear the rage and confusion at how they lost was,.. satisfying)

  26. Point being, I think you are over blowing the match making problem. That is, I believe that there are more important issues to look at first and that the match making can wait until OB as it may not be as much of a concern as you believe. Speaking from the original APB, I (we) never had a problem with the match making system, yes we were often outnumbered and out gunned but that was never really an issue as that's what made the game fun.

    The issues were Un-balanced weapons, Upgrade combos that should not be allowed bad missions (a vip/item with less than 3 people on each team) and hack users in that order. yes we ran into one user and what was interesting was that everyone on the server knew who it was, however being able to see someone coming around a corner does not protect you when that person is cooking off a grenade and yelling BONSI!!! Or when I do my signature, charge in with a pre-damaged vehicle, turn hit the hand break, jump out and destroy it as it flips over the enemy group. It was enough to make the hack user Rage quit after losing 3 in a row to us, which also reminded me of why I LOVE this game.

    Having no real skill rating is not as big of a problem as you may believe, yes a skull can lose (or even worse let a buddy Enf farm) to drop their TL but when all things are equal (balanced in APBR) then all that is going to do is allow them to get spanked by the Newbie's. A few times of this happening and between their pride and the catcalling coming over local and the practice will stop.

  27. @LeJohn

    you sure you aren't a marketing rep?

    sounds fun anyway :))

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  29. @ turk

    Not for GF, I am gamer first, a student working toward my BA in game design second (went back to school after I retired) and an Indi-developer last.

    Actually, as part of the game doc development process for an game we were thinking about creating we were researching to see if there was anything similar on the market or in development, that's when I ran across APB. After getting in the beta and playing gold we decided that APB already do 80% of what we wanted to offer so there was no reason to continue down that path.

    In theory, APB is nearly perfect if they added two more concepts it would, IMHO, be the game most gamers have been looking for. (and no it is not elf's )


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