Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Fixes, fixes and fixes

Performance Tuning - Part Deux

In the last 36 hours we have been working on performance tuning, new patch changes and a whole series of changes to the game that will improve server side performance over the next 24 hours. We just made one critical change to how cheat detection is handled, and that was rolled out in the last hour (yes, we are watching what people are doing, just not banning anyone, and that's on purpose...), and next up we are going to perform configuration changes tomorrow afternoon, which we believe will further improve district performance and get us to the stable release we are looking for.

Once we have the new tuned hardware in place tomorrow, we also plan to release the next set of patches. Below are the patch notes for the next patch. I will spend some time AFTER the next update to put together a more detailed status and roadmap for the next few weeks, especially since once we have tested all the core functions, we then plan to roll out all the NEW functions (yay!), starting in Closed Beta, and then moving in to Open Beta.

Again - thanks to everyone who is testing the game out daily. We REALLY appreciate the feedback, and will continue to make quick patches to address some of the basic items.

Personally I cannot wait until we have the NEW GAME MODES in the game, and after Closed Beta has been fully validated, THEN we are going to focus on that as the next really big project.


 1.4.3 (66) External Release Notes

  • Fixed the mission ‘Just Like Momma Used to Make’, where only one item would drop but two would be required.
  • Corrected Enforcer Bomb Defusal role (starting at 50 rather than 500).
  • Fixed minor typo with Display Points (was using 'Spray' rather than 'Activate', which is not valid in social).
  • Added a building site in the 'killbox' warehouse area behind Wilson Leboyce's spawn zone to add cover and interest to the area.
  • Fixed two district server crashes.
  • Improvements to the FPS display:
    • Moved the /fps and /fpsdetail displays down slightly so they don't render over the HUD.
    • Memory usage is now displayed in MB instead of bytes so it’s easier to read.
    • We now always render the memory usage in green on 64-bit systems.
  • Rewritten the LATENCY calculation code to use less bandwidth and give results closer to the real round-trip time of client-server network traffic.
  • Fixed Macchina Calabria 127 criminal variant showing enforcer front police lights as an option in the Garage.
  • Small fix to rewards to unlock LTL weapons at Ty rather than Grissom. Also tweaked it slightly so the primary comes from Ty and the secondary comes from Chung Hee.
  • Fix for Colby PMG-28 open slot versions not having any open slots.
  • NTEC: Slightly lower damage, worse base accuracy, worse minimum accuracy, worse movement accuracy, Reduced effective range to 50m
  • STAR: Reduced effective range to 50m. Slightly worse minimum accuracy. Slightly better running accuracy (to make up for the min accuracy loss, roughly the same overall)
  • Obeya: Worse movement accuracy.
  • NFAS: Slightly improved damage per pellet.
  • ALIG 762: Worse Damage against players. Increased base accuracy, slightly increased rate of fire (overall a positive effect)
  • OBIR: Slightly increased damage. Significantly reduced accuracy loss per shot, Worse movement accuracy (overall a positive effect)
  • Joker SR-15:  Significantly improved base accuracy.


  1. First!!!

    Please can you tell us if there is gonna be a NEW WAVE? and when? please... we are all waiting to get into the beta for help with fixes, also me im off to work for 1 month i can play and test all day long and im an old apb beta tester too.

  2. Quick question here, sir.

    Will there be a so called "wave" for South America? I've searched around and only have found info' on North America and Europe.


  3. Woot!!! keep up the good work guys :), and antony i remember seeing something about wave 2 starting on march the 15th? i may be wrong about that.

  4. Heya guys!

    Great news about the "Hack and cheat" situation!
    Sounds great!

    Sadly this story is missing the "European players! Dont be afraid! We did not forget about you!!
    Our european servers will launch in xx-days!" post I was so badly hoping on.

    Anyhow I hope you guys keep doing your thing, as imo you're doing a great job!

    So far,


  5. The fact that I haven't gotten accepted yet is disappointing, to say the least, when considering that I've played since the original APB's Beta and was a paying customer. The fact that people who never bought APB are even being CONSIDERED to be in the beta just makes no sense. Those people can't help NEARLY as much as people that played the retail game. They just want to play a free game.

    I also don't understand the point of rolling out invites based on who completed the form first. That... makes no sense. I got my key and didn't feel the need to rush on over and register ASAP. Makes no sense and sounds lazy. Read through the forms, see who can help the most.

  6. You're making too many changes to weapons with little input.. 1,200 CCU isn't enough of a base to drastically change weapons yet. I personally don't feel comfortable with major changes in balance like that so early on, with so little feedback. Just people the style of gun is preferred doesn't mean it's OP. Don't give in so quickly to the whiners otherwise you'll end up like RTW nerfing each weapon into the ground until you need to go back and fix them all.

  7. @Twistamafoo: They aren't sending random invites to players just because they can, they are sending invites to players based off their computer specs so they can make the game adjustable to everyones spec so the game will be enjoyable.....and just because you played Apb and payed to play, doesnt mean you get the right to join closed beta cause your a vet, i mean no offense, but they are probally kicking the people who dont help out in the beta and inviting people who will..and they are noticing the people who just play instead of helping.. so dont worry... the game will be out soon and hopefully us guys who actually want to help out in the beta will get a key, till then chill bro and i hope to see you in the game :)

  8. @Fatality81

    That might be true but most of the Vets got way more knowledge of the game as any of the "new people" will get during the whole CB.

    And sure the Specs for this game need to be optimized, but I myself think that the Vets and/or supportive players on forums should've a significantly higher chance to become a tester.

    Anyhow, did any of you guys come across some info about the EU-server launch? I seem to be unable to find anything worth reading.(Forums are a mess.)

  9. Where in the hell are people getting the impression that the people who signed up first are getting in first?

  10. @Erogh Actually the other day, i read something about Wave 2 starting March 15, Thats when it said the European servers will be made and availible.
    I may be wrong but if not then there you go :). and yes i can understand Vets knowing more, but G1 gives everyone a chance, like when i was a beta tester for 9Dragons they just send to dif people. but hey atleast the vets are getting their stuff back from when they played Apb, first time ive ever heard of a game doing that.

  11. I was actually very disappointed I didn't get into the beta. Me and two other friends have played apb since beta. Even back then before apb went public, it was still a horrible wreck but I played the heck out of this game for 300 hours. I am hoping gamers first will bring new life into this game.

  12. It's not that you "didn't get into the beta". They JUST started the beta process, and are stress testing the serves. I too don't agree with their selection of non-vets and first-come selection, but they already stated they are opening CB to 130,000. Be patient

  13. @Twistamafoo

    You feel you should get beta access because you paid an entirely different company money to play the game? No... doesn't work like that, at all. They are picking people based on their location, computer specifications, configurations, etc. You'll have an equal chance as the rest of us at getting in if you filled out the application properly.

  14. I love it, they WANTED the hackers to come out and play! Take that you no-skill failures.

  15. You've nerfed the Ntec and STAR way too much. Now they're just way worse than anything else instead.
    50m? Those are high caliber assault rifles?

    Other than that. It looks nice.

  16. You didn't give us ANY news on the EU datacenter progress...

  17. @Vortech agree though not entirely in the same way. I think they shouldn't have messed so much with the RTW APB balance to begin with. I can already see we are going to go back to FLOTM gun balancing for a while when I just thought it was pretty much over with at the end of RTW APB :/

  18. When's next wave?

    can you hand out beta keys?

    when is open beta?

  19. i have a bad feeling about the n-tec and the star...

    n-tec with 50m range, its an automatic pistol/smg now...and the star is a burst pistol/smg...

    good grief
    please send me acceptance so i can check this out for myself.

  20. HI APB TAEM!
    please some news on the eu servers next time


  21. Still waiting for confirmation...

    The most players are in EU ( saw this on your post) so why did they begin beta testing with US ?

    French people know the rules...

    Give me a try, Give us all a try ;)

    A question? When we rode a harley or a car, can we hear our own sound? like the MP3 we have on the Hard disk?

    Another question...

    Is there dealer ? gun seller ? or can we make some kidnapping ? ^^

  22. How bout a fix to the JG which takes 3 hits to kill a dude atm (u can kill in 2 hits if u're very VERY lucky) ?

    That makes the whole shottie usless bro.

  23. This blog left many questions (that we all want to know) NOT answered. But thanks for the update guys!!

  24. I just wish they wouldn't nerf range on weapons... So great, now the N-tec can only shoot 50m... but I can see farther than 50m... which means now I can't even shoot people that I see. Which is pretty lame. This was the problem when guns had such limited range before. (during early RTW era)

    Like I've told other people, give all guns max visible range, just make the accuracy horrible for the N-tec past 50m... I mean at least let us have the chance to hit someone from 60m with a rifle. It doesn't have to be pin point accurate, but something would be better than nothing.

    I just know I'm going to waste a lot of ammo and time trying to shoot people who are 51+ meters away, only to find out the bullets pooped out.

  25. please NEW WAVE!!!!! i check my emails and this blog regularly everyday i cant wait for this PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE give details on when the next wave will be,thanks :)

  26. i check my emails every 10min since 2 weeks! please we really want to help with the beta... ive been in old beta and retail PLEASE! send the next wave today... ill be at pc for 1 month cuz of some problems at work! =)

  27. Heres something I don't think i'ts fair and I am quoting it from a fan site "Sound off here if you got a key. =D I got one, but I had to go crying to Neume to get it. =D"

    After seeing something like this, I have no hopes on joining the beta as I REFUSE to cry to join. Lame...
    Heres a link to that fansite post

  28. thats not fair then if we need beg nume or some 1 else to get invites :/

  29. They've expanded their closed beta accounts 3 times... but they still haven't even started the 2nd wave (i.e. east coast wave) of closed beta invites!

    I remember Neume saying it would be "very soon after 1st wave", but it's been almost 2 weeks!

    West coast isn't the only coast, lets get some wider player bases into this beta to get some REAL play going :)

    Please and thank you!

  30. watch they wont send more keys till the weekend or next week...ugh really want to play. Would like to report problems asap that way we can get OB up and running asap.

  31. @Shawn963 I know how you feel, but have to wait unforutnatly..

  32. 2nd wave will be Europe... as they said... is still hope in some invites left in the 1st wave

  33. This seems almost desperate of a game fix... I dont see whats been fixed... but more like whats been broken. And also there should be motorcycles in this game.. getting on one is risky but it should be an option also some cars Slide too much

  34. One more thing its gonna be annoying to play with all the hackers who have the Range hack and can see when 51 meters becomes 50 meters as well as the people who are going to exploit the range and just sit back out of range.. it all just doesnt make sense... too many limations..

  35. Downloaded the new patch with almost 1 mb/sec and im in Denmark (eu) :DD nice work

  36. This comment has been removed by the author.

  37. it should also be possible to kill drivers by shooting them trough vehicle windows

  38. This comment has been removed by the author.

  39. is it just me .. or are servers down, keeps telling me it couldn't establish a connection with the serrver.

  40. I think the game is really fun so far. I always enjoyed this game. I agree with bringing vets and new players in, new players have perspective us vets could never have and the vets have perspective the new players couldn't So the balance is perfect.

    As for the constant flow of information regarding updates, you are doing great. Timely and informative. Keep up the good work!

  41. When its coming new wave? Or the Open beta? :D

  42. Could you get rid of the video card check?

  43. "sigh"

    I have been waiting to play this game again since it was disconnected... Beta player, live player (start to finish and bought time repeatedly) Heard K2 picked this game up, followed every blog and awaited to read each religiously... and i STILL cannot play this game. Please send more keys out, i have been holding in alot of information that i want to share and go over with on the new changes

  44. Next ''wave'' will be in 15th march (next week). For Eu and North America.

  45. I sent in an application a while ago....I don't understand why I have not been accepted yet....

  46. @Bigboy, dont expect to get one so soon, theres still people who signed up for it the 1st day it was availible who still havent gotten anything.

  47. hmm is the closed beta already up? o.o

    cuz i received a key and signup in the link that they sent to my email, were i had to put my key, and my computer info. at the third step i get a link to download, but what i download is the gamersFirst_live, and there is no apb to download :s

    is there anything else i have to do?


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