Sunday, March 13, 2011

End of Closed Beta Week 2 - CB3 around the corner, new invites will go out as soon as CB3 is live !

Closed Beta Build 3 Status
Unless our QA catches anything unexpected - we presume we will release Closed Beta build 3 (technically build 67) at the start of the week. As soon as that happens, we have queued up another 10,000 new invites to the updated beta to be sent out along with the release of CB3. That doubles the population from 10,000 now, to 20,000 as soon as we go live.

If everything goes as planned (and most of the performance lag spikes are confirmed as fixed in this build) then tentatively this MIGHT be the last major Closed Beta build except a few minor balancing fixes and possibly some progression updates, while the team now focuses on Open Beta and all the new components that are a part of the Open Beta (including the entire purchase sequence, which of course has a lot of interesting issues that we need to deal with and work out), as well as a lot of new functionality.

The European datacenter status
We have engineers continuing to work this week (just as they were last week) in Continental Europe to finalize all the server configs in the EU datacenter. As soon as that's up and running and all systems are "go" - we will then go live with the EU focused tests. The original plan called for March 15 for start of the EU test, but given the amount of work left after last week's heroic efforts by the team (generally until 3am every night), I am ready to bet its going to be a few days later than that. So a more conservative estimate brings that to March 22-23 or so start for the EU CB release and performance test. But if it CAN be done before that date - then we would of course proceed as quickly as possible and invite everyone as rapidly as we can.

In the meantime - below are the CB3 (build 67) patch notes. With these latest balance and performance updates, we are getting very close to prime time (ie the time when we START the very long process of testing out all the new game modes, districts, progressions modes etc that will come to define the game for the long haul)!

Til the next status update
/TechMech (Closed Beta 3) - Release Notes
  • Fixed server performance spikes in in death camera code (should remove most remaining server-lag spikes).
  • Removed client and server frame times from latency calculation to better estimate network latency and response (can be seen using /fps and /fpsdetail).
  • Added new HUD markers and text to distinguish between tainted and fresh targets (i.e. graffiti points that you need to guard vs. graffiti points that you have sprayed).
  • Altered HUD markers colours, and switched HUD markers to be more noticeable. Markers are now outlines when player has line of sight and solid when not.
  • Moved Checkpoints in Wilson LeBoyce spawn area to new Construction site out back.
  • Fixed Cement crucible having an incorrect texture in newly-added construction area behind Wilson Leboyce.
  • Fixed an incorrect reward package.


  • Cost of Muscle Car Increased.
  • Reduced Balkan Kolva Population in both districts down to 1% (Still need to remove a couple of spawners in future builds)
  • LTL Ammo cost reduced.
  • Explosive Ammo Cost Reduced.
  • Most weapons now come with more ammo on initial purchase.
  • STAR: Bringing the accuracy back up again, but not to the extent it was originally.
  • Colby PMG: Increased Base Accuracy, Fire rate slightly increased.


  1. Very exciting news, guess I'll be up early clicking that refresh button. Again...

  2. now east ppl got to wait a lil longe

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  4. invitation in europe:)

    I expect my validation from my account with impatience! and thank you for the work you do.

    Motherboard: Asus Striker Extreme 2 nForce 790i SLI)
    Processor: Intel Core 2 Quad Q9550 - 2.83 GHz [overclocking 3.4Ghz]
    Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 480 1536Mo
    RAM: Kingston 4 GB PC3-10666 DDR3
    Food: Lian Li PS-750W A750GB
    Flat Screen: TFT 25'Wide-Full HD (1920x1080) Dual HDMI (HDCP)
    Keyboard: Saitek Cyborg Keyboard
    Mouse: Laser Gamer Mouse Elite GM-4800
    Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit

  5. Will we be able to transfer our avatar on EU server ?

  6. I am expecting to be one of that 10,000 :)

  7. Cool, you fixed the spikes. Now fix latency in general.

    We're not in the 1980's any more, there's no reason for this.

  8. maybe next week :) :) I am happy :)

  9. Ahh....the spikes are so close to being gone, something tells me that once this patch goes out I'll be able to use my A-Game for the first time ever...These spikes have been crippling to my combat abilities as i rely on speed in any action game, and more so here with the quick deaths and all.

    I'm just happy to know it isn't my computer, that little myth has been a thorn in my side for FAR too long.

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  11. So does that mean that we are going to get another blog update when the invites go out? Can't wait to test out the game. Good work!

  12. Nice to see things are getting better with lag, hope i get into the beta. ^^

  13. @Lucas : there was no internet in the 80s...

    As long as u guys don't mean Romania as Eastern Europe we are fine... Considering the current sismic activity and the fact that their "big one" is already overdue by 3 years...

    Still no JG loving tho :( quite sad.

  14. I used to play APB ORIGINAL, I even paid for it, how do I get the priority?

  15. Thank God, hopefully this'll put an end to all the lag with the mentioned changes. And hopefully you folks will further adjust some of the weapons, especially when they're upgraded. Can't wait for this patch!

  16. best thing about being in Europe wave is that we wont have all the glitches that US have :LLL mainly because most are fixed and/or tweaked weapons so things should run smoothly for us europeans :D

  17. MR. Bjorn so tomorrow beta??? thank you!

  18. I hope i actually get into this wave this time...
    To me it doesnt sound like all 140,000 people will actually get into CB and they will have OB out before then, which is fine because everyone can play then anyway - but then you have to start the wait process all over again and i have been chomping at the bit to play this again since i heard K1 took it over. They are fixing a lot of things and adding new things 2, but dont forget there is an actual game already there that was passed off as finished once already - they could have just released it as it was and implemented changes as we play.

  19. How do I even sign up? I saw people mentioning sending their dxdiag, but I see no links on the gamersfirst page or forums to sign up. Just enter my email to get updates and maybe get a chance to sign up, which I already have and have had an account on gamersfirst.

  20. Woot I won the onrpg beta key event!!

    It says I will be invited the next wave...

    otherwise I'm gonna be furious...

  21. I received my code like everyone on Feb 25th, but only applied yesterday.

    Do you think I still got a shot at the CBT or was I too late ?

    I really love the crap out of this game and would hate to nourish vain hopes.

    Merci beaucoup !

  22. Very cool news,i need my key.Continue your great works

  23. OMG,we are waiting...i thought that this weak of europe,but...wait...

  24. Just had a 19/20mb update from the APB launcher

  25. Now muscle cars cost more? ahhhh! I really do hope it's a bug on how they unlock, I mean the current unlock system seems really well out of proportion . I will leave it there with no detail but cars really need to be rethought

  26. hi!

    I really miss this game!

    what happens to those who bought the game on steam 49 euros in 2010 and can we get the first account with the entire increase?

  27. I spent a lot of money in this game and I hope to have at least one invitation in the next wave

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  29. have the invites gone out yet?

  30. Good question i want into the Beta :)

  31. @ all the people who keep thinking that just because they bought the game and spent money on it before deserve 1st invites, well hate to break your hearts, but its a new company and your money didnt go to them, be happy your getting a few things back at all so seriously quit saying yall deserve to get the 1st invites before others, they will send them to who they want.

  32. You still kind of forgot to restore the female tank and crop tops for enforcers. They're all available for criminals, but not for enforcers.

  33. @ Fatality81

    Yeah, new company - same game. I do believe people who played it before should take priority as we know what needs to actually be fixed and have better input then some noobs wanting to just play a new free game.

  34. Or, you just leave it to the admins, cus I have a feeling they know who they need and who they don't need in the beta, so stop whining that you can't pass the entire line, just cus you was in front of it one time long ago.

  35. Nobody is whining on here except the people who obviously never played the game before and don't want to get left in the dust because the old players get in first.
    Also, the "admins" themselves said previous players from the old game took priority in a previous wave - there is a reason for that.

  36. When keys are sent to Israel?

  37. I mass click refresh but to by dismay it appears I will be waiting a few more weeks.

  38. ninjas killed my family I deserve a Closed Beta Key 4 that and Jesus supports me 110% still think i'm crazy?? check out my work on this devs:

  39. I have a complaint to make, I was long waiting for my approval to enter the closed beta of apb, and managed. only the downloader is not downloading the game, an error written thus "failed to start the transfer." anybody know what can be? desde ja thank. I hope to answer in my email (if possible):

  40. @EU NÃO SO EMO, You have to go into control panel and to the Add/remove programs and uninstall Pando Media Booster then start the download again ;)


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