Wednesday, March 2, 2011

CB progress update

So after a night of closely monitoring the game (from the US and UK sides) things are looking quite good.

We have a few issues to deal with right away (and we will hopefully address these today):
The PMG-28 gun accidentally blows up any vehicle you point it at pretty much right away (ooops, I think Zak went on a wild design spreed and forgot to "normalize" the gun when he was done having wild fun :) ), Closed Beta Forum access has a bug (so CB testers cannot post there) and we have seen a world-server crash that happens every few hours that needs to be sorted out. Interesting though, the Action Districts all have stayed stable, and the issue is in the user management server.

So the plan is to patch the game shortly (this gives us a chance to actually test the patching process - so that will also be interesting), and then move forward as fast as we can.

We will evaluate this afternoon if we can send off the next 2,500 invites, or possibly hold those until tomorrow morning. In this next wave (once we release it) we will have a random collection of global players to test high ping times. One idea is to pull that in order that people actually filled in the application. We will also prioritize some people from the original run of the game for this next wave.


  1. Afternoon, will that mean around 12:00?
    And are you going to invite people from Europe to the west US server then?
    Or is it simply wave 2 for the EU server

  2. Would it help you guys if I run some debug stuff on the back-end so you can see, if so what data would be nice and where do you want the info dropped.

    -- Konshu

    Intel quad-core 3.2Ghz
    Intel Gen2 SSD
    8GB DDR3
    nVidia GTX580

  3. Waiting impaciently my invitation :) (I'm from the Old APB).

  4. I've yet to find where I actually submit bugs. I'm assuming it's the built in reporter, but if not (mention of a forum) then I've missed the memo. Download ran overnight so will get online later today.


  5. so is that 2k wave of invites technically wave 2? just curious cause I'm wave 3 and I'm bugin out!

    I just don't wanna miss a whole good day of test time :P

  6. "One idea is to pull that in order that people actually filled in the application. We will also prioritize some people from the original run of the game for this next wave.

    :o yes PUH-LEASE! Hehe :)

    Anticipation keeps building...

  7. Aww APB, your making us Brits so excited :3

  8. I have been having massive issues with signing in on the forums. It wont recognize my login information on the actual forum, but it recognizes my info on the gamerfirst website. I have no way to contact you guys for troubleshooting and it is driving me insane! Please assist.

  9. So, Bjorn. How does this work for someone like me who played the old game, but am using a different email ( Due to forum problem issues that are still unresolved ). Since it's a different email, you guys wont be able to tell that I played the game previously.


  10. Hey Stephen!

    I had the same problem a few days ago. I had a username which I've logged into once. But now it didn't work. If I tried to login with my e-mail it said to me to choose a new username. When I tried my original one it said it was busy. So I just changed it a bit and then I was in.

    When I logged into the forums the first time I clicked the forum link which is now removed from the site. Then I got auto logged in.

    Really strange imo but I worked around it this way. Hope this helps!
    Otherwise you could try to use forgot username and password and check what the site says.

    Björn has the EU beta started yet? You were a bit unclear of that!
    Swedes FTW!


  11. I still have one chance to get the first wave :)


  12. I played in the old APB and was in beta. I would like to suggest i'd be a great addition to your beta team. Just saying of course. :]

  13. @bankai3

    When you filled in the beta application you could fill in your old APB account name/email at the end.

  14. Well its 10:37 In cali, So I hope they decide to send more out. We need this game to be running like a beast! LOLOL

    I know there is 100 more important things now, Just putting this out there. I didnt hear anything about apb when it was in beta or done,But I was watching videos and I saw that music artist could send in music to be in the player or whatever I think at a later date you should do that. Because I make music and would Love to have it in the game.

  15. Great work guys, glad to see everything is running semi-smooth. Can't wait to see what you've done, original APB was so much fun with tons of potential.

  16. lolz hopefully i get a beta invite im sick at home :) so i can play the whole day long :D

  17. Still waiting...

    How much time to start 2nd wave?

  18. aah still waiting for wave 2 :(

  19. steal nothing :(

    In game name: Krrris, US server, La Roche, 289R played 400+ hours.

    Motherboard-> P6T Deluxe v2
    CPU-> Intel I7 920 2.66Ghz - overclocked to 3.8Ghz,
    Memory---> Corsair 12GB 6x2GB

    This game is in good hands for sure :)

  20. I'd really like to test it. I am from Europa. I have submitted CB application, yet. Greetings from - teh German APB Reloaded Fan Community!

  21. I'm worried my specs aren't high enough and i'm going to be left out. Can anyone speculate if this would meet minimum requirements?

    Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU @ 2.50GHz (2 CPUs), ~2.5GHz
    Memory: 2048MB RAM
    Available OS Memory: 2028MB RAM
    Card name: NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GT
    Operating System: Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit

    Also i submitted my app when i had not much space left on my hd i hope they don't count me out because they see that. I'd clearly delete everything to make room for apb client.

    can anyone reassure me?

  22. @ehrw

    Thanks for the help, but when I try to log in with either my ID, nickname, or email address it takes me to the invalid login page. When I click forgot password, OR register, it then takes me to the G1 home site account page where i am logged in still no luck =(. Im having client issues and I cant alert them because I cant get logged into the forums...

  23. @Stephen

    I did poke around quite a bit with this. Tried to log out from the main page and then use the forgot function?

  24. I filled in the information at a friend's house and didn't realize that the conneciton speeds would help determine if I could be elgible to test. Is it possilbe for me to resend that info?

  25. I'm getting "An unexpected error has occurred while redeeming your beta key. Please wait a moment and retry.
    If you continue to see this error please contact customer support." error when submitting my beta application. . I have tried using an x86 and the 64 bit dxdiag, and also have tried chrome, firefox, and IE 7.

    Theres a thread for this on the apb forums ( but we aren't getting any help.
    Is there anyone we can contact for this?

  26. thats cool news...waiting for waves in Ukraine and Russia

  27. @ehrw

    when i logged out and tried to recover password, it lets me fill out the boxes but then after i answer the security question nothing happens

  28. Omg I've been freaking to try this game for months now PLEASSSSEEEE send me an invite omg please lol. I check my email like a million times a day it's really pretty sad. Will this game be compatible with game controlers? or will it just be keyboard mouse based? Cause I bought a controller just to try it out in the game XD

  29. also I cant play because i get a "flash.ocx" error which I found no solution to for vista x64 on the internet...

    -love o839795287526273

  31. @Stephen

    Sounds really strange. Have you tried another browser? Otherwise I'm out of ideas. Hope anyone from the inside can help!

  32. UGH! I WANT MY INVITE! I know my computer can run the game smoothly :( Please hurry & send more invites

  33. my access was granted from apb

  34. So did they decide to send out more invites?

  35. Hey, so I put in my real B-day info not thinking it would be a problem, but I turn 18 this march, so will I be able to get into open beta? (or closed beta if you are still in that by my B-day)

  36. @ehrw

    No luck in firefox, IE, or google chrome...I wouldnt even need the forums if there was some sort of way I could email customer support about my client issue...

    Thanks a ton for trying to help, I truly appreciate it.

    Take care.

  37. everytime i try to put my email and password in the game boxes it wont let me sign in in game wtf mannn

  38. "We will also prioritize some people from the original run of the game for this next wave. "

    You wants to invite me! You know you do! :D

    (All that work in NA CB 1 must have been worth *something*, right? ;)

  39. When is the eastern wave starting!!1!11!!

  40. @Daniel : Are you a retard who cant read?

  41. Nice! I hope I eventually get in.

  42. Very good:) Thank you guys!!

  43. can't wait to be invited
    though I rather wait for second wave
    So I have a better ping :]

    still hope you guys think of the old
    beta testers which were invited to further testing :]

  44. i'm literally going to order a new computer so i can play this game...too bad gdam intel wont have the revised version of their processors till the end of the month...

  45. Im in Canada East Side.. Im holding onto an invisibile lottery ticket waiting for my name to be called like a kid waiting in the candy store for the last twizler! You guys are awsome for rebooting this project, and will forever go down in gaming history! WOOT! Gamers First!

  46. @Kristaps

    dude -.-
    In America its like 7:00 in the morning do you really think that they are litteraly working NO LIFE? everyone wants to play but we just have to wait 4 it

  47. Omggggg waiting for the email is sooooooo painful >.< My excitement is rising and im just staring at my inbox 0.0 Btw hope its amazing and ur exciting us Brits full out! If i dont get picked well hopefully that wont happen...Everything was above minimal and some on recommended so HOPEFULLY ill get that invite soon :)

  48. i wonder if my beta key comes, ive been signing up for a long time ago beeing an old official player i really hope i get one

  49. Still waiting... What hour is in EE.UU?

  50. Can't wait for the beta, i am playing APB from the beginning and im a little bit confused, since i changed my email but i was'nt completly sure i did that its complicated :)!


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