Sunday, February 13, 2011

End of Week 13 Update : The calm before the Beta Storm

Ok - so after two weeks of VERY long posts, this week we are taking a bit of a breather as we are all focused on getting the first Closed Beta of game out in the very near future.

This week time to share a key deadline; in order to be considered for the first wave of Closed Beta keys, you need to submit your email at by midnight PST on Tuesday February 15.

Once that registration closes, you will be assigned a Beta Registration ID. You will receive an email with this ID along with a custom link that will take you to the actual Beta Activation page. You need to log in to this page using your Gamersfirst ID, then you will need to fill out various survey questions, test a couple of ping times from your system to some of our sample locations, submit you DxDiag info, and then agree to the Closed Beta NDA. Presuming you fill all this out correctly, after passing the basic information review we will then activate beta access to the game using your specific Gamersfirst account.

The Beta will be geographically rolled out, with three different regions planned; US-West, US-East and Europe turned up at slightly different times. Tentatively we are aiming to turn up the first Closed Beta during the week of February 28. Given the million of infrastructure items and dependencies that we are handling in order to get this out the door, we reserve the right to delay the launch of the Beta for any reason if we think that the first launch needs additional infrastructure tweaks or if QA catches any last minute issues.

Well over a hundred thousand people have registered their interest in the Beta thus far! By the time we cut off the registrations I will make a new post with the final number. We also presume that about half of everyone who initially sign up will complete the second step in the process and activate the Beta accounts, so we will far exceed the number of people we actually expected or even needed for the first Closed Beta. But that's clearly great news. Stay tuned, and we will make a quick mid-week update with the final numbers and more launch details this week.


  1. What about those of us who are not in US or Europe? Are you going to make us jump through hoops like RTW did?

    For reference, I'm Australian and played on the US RTW servers.

  2. I'm from brazil and i want know if i can get into the closed beta, or i wont be accepted on the final test because im brazilian? or has no IP restriction on the closed beta?

  3. FUCK YES! thank you so much for bringing this game back :)

  4. So excited! Beta round two! Only this time it should be pronounced "Bettah", but maybe that's just my faith in G1 shining through. ;)

  5. Well, that ought to give me time to get my gtx460.
    You never mentioned what order the different regions were being turned on. Unless it was as listed, West US,East US,Europe? If true will they be within a week apart?
    I defer your reasoning and believe you should follow the suns path and go East,West, then Europe.

  6. Thanks g-1. The long wait is finally over.

  7. Hello I'm from France, I live in France and I want to know what is "midnight" for you in GMT, thanks, this is a great news !

  8. Hi I am a professional player, who took 3 rd place in the summer months the league among criminals, what chance to get into the closed test, my nickname DonTappey

  9. Looking forward to the beta! German Fans join our new community here:

    See you!

  10. I'm also wondering about what poedgirl posted. I'm from England, however when I last played APB I was on the US servers.

    I prefer them unmeasurably over european based servers, despite the ping being worse. It was easily playable and didn't feel like much of a handicap.

    So is there any chance (or point - from your point of view) of me getting to play the american servers?

  11. @Geekyy:
    It´s nine in the morning, but you can do it NOW! Tomorrow morning at nine is the latest chance (in CET).
    I also misunderstood first, but...
    I have google ;) and ImTranslator for firefox...

  12. i hope i get my invite i registered on the closed bete page and never recieve updates maybe i'll do it again lol

  13. Hope Canadians are included in the Beta !!!!!
    APB is still the best damn game ever. Cannot wait to finally see it again.

  14. 100.000 players? That's REALLY nice! Just wondering.. I signed up in the first hours the link came on this blog. Does an early signup give you more chance :-)?


    -love o839795287526273

  16. I'm from Argentina, played the RTW beta, bought the game.

    So you're keeping me out because I don't live on the "select countries"? Again?

    Please don't rule out players based on geographical location. You need to test out the connection as well, and I, and many other, were legitimate customers and we don't like to be left out for not being in your countries just because.

    Don't start with that, please.

  17. Oh dear 100k people and all you wanted was 10k sounds like rough cut i hope i get in.

  18. Im from Argentina too, let us know if we can play the beta.

    PD: ¿A que hora seria en argentina la salida de las keys?

  19. I love the great news,APB:R number 1 game for me a also love gamersfirst aswell for bringing this game back.ALso i do hope that i get a closed beta invite <333

  20. Uuuh... think my Core 2 Quad, 6 Gigs of ddr2 ram and My loveable GTX 570 + 3D vision will come in handy... dony you think??? ;p

  21. Can't wait to play APB again! I missed it alot since the servers were down. I hope i get accepted as beta player/tester.



  22. NICE.....SO....NICE!!!

    Thanks for revive and renew THE BEST GAME EVER!

    I'm a south american gammer pleae take us in mind for that closed beta key!!! please!!!!!!!!!!!

    thanks a lot!

  23. OMG i agree tottaly with Poedgirl too since we are out of US and europe you guys will kick us off ? I live in Japan and i have a good internet conection optic fiber 100MBPS and my computer was designed for Games so...NVM ,I hope G1 give us a chance to get in the closed beta . :(

  24. @G-1

    On the one hand, woo! Closed beta is coming! On the other, I love seeing more info on the blog.

    When the beta comes out, will there be a forum for the people in the beta? We can bounce ideas off each other and such.

  25. Oh wow, that's a lot of applicants. Well, I most certainly hope I at least get to the second step of the application (and pass!). Great news. I can't wait for the 28th.

    As for the regions not included in US-West, US-East, and EU, I think it may depend on your ping during the second step; too high and you won't make it in. I saw no mention of IP blocks, so I can only assume that the only restriction will be your ping to those three server locations. That's just what I think though, so don't bank on my words here.

    So, I'm guessing testers can expect to receive a Step 2 e-mail anywhere between the 15th and 28th?

    Are all applicants going to be moved to Step 2, or will a set amount be randomly chosen?

    Will those who successfully complete Step 2 be moved to Beta 1, or will only those who meet certain requirements be accepted?

    Bah. I can't wait.

  26. Hi, I'm Brazilian and I too do the beta testing of this game, I've done several other beats tests like TDU2 and BF P4F, I read some comments and realized that has some people talking about "restrictions of countries", I think if you restrict the countries that can play the game won't run cool with all connection types. (and Yes, I used the microsoft translator)

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  29. The day is finally here? Is it possible!? Oh how I have dreamed of this moment!

  30. Why you so racist against Europe >:(

  31. Finaly! I was about to go insane haha... Good Luck everyone! I hope I get in Dx

  32. @mantas

    Europe isn't a race. And if anything people in Asia, Australia and South America have it worse since they get no servers at all.

  33. What is the email that will be sending us this special code?

    I need to be sure of the email so that I don't miss it, by making sure it gets sent to a priority folder.

  34. I have a very good chance sounds like everyone has a 1/10 chance to get in and I have about a 1/2 chance because I got a good computer, good connection speeds, and I signed up on day one.

  35. im from peru...can i play the beta from here??

  36. To "EU NÃO SO EMO", we actually do answer most questions - but usually on the forums/message boards. That would be here for the General discussions:

    But rest assured, we all DO read the Blog replies. And we also disregard the obvious trolls (though I tend to leave those postings up there just for the entertainment value).

    But do keep checking in. We will make more frequent updates the closer we get to the actual beta launch.

  37. And I should clarify something else. We will in fact invite people from all over the place to play the game. For example from Tokyo/Japan you would have approximately 5,500 miles (about 9,000 kilometers) to connect to our US-West servers.

    The actual speed of light in fiber optics is about 125 miles (or 200km) per millisecond one way. This means (under absolutely optimal conditions) you would have 45ms of travel one-way, so latency (which is a "two-way" measure) "could" be as low as 90ms. BUT - since things are never ever optimal, it really means about 110ms-150ms of latency from Tokyo to LA (approx 30%-60% over the optimal to deal with local ISP issues etc.)

    Since we are located at the very core exchange point in LA, there would be no connection delay on our end. And NTT/DoCoMo is just one hop away. So you MIGHT have an ok core ping time.

    So - the question is - can you play the game with 120ms ping? Sure you can. In fact, we test the game with 120ms ping as a damper in general. But over that (like closer to 200ms) and driving becomes REALLY difficult, and shooting becomes more of a gamble.

    When you connect from REALLY far away, chances are that there will also be jitter and various packet delays that might make it unplayable. BUT - in Closed Beta we actually also WANT to measure long-distance performance, so in fact we WANT to know more about people that are really far away.

    Thus, in the beta application, make sure you actually give us real ping times to our routers (one of the things we are looking for when you apply) so we can measure proper long-distance performance. Faking it (and giving us "short" ping measures) will just mess things up for everyone :)

    See you in the Beta Soon

  38. I just want my original character back, the original e-mail inviting me to closed beta stated "as an original player of ABP, sign up for the close beta and for information on relevant things such as restoring your original character" so yeah, can't wait for the beta, but after the beta I damn well better have my maxed out enf who had 900,000+ and was close to buying the 1,000,000 car ready to slap on the nitro booster 3 and steel plating 3 upgrades I was saving.

  39. @Bjorn / TechMech
    So us Aussies that get around a 400 ping would be ok? As I said in my original post, I played on the US RTW servers back when they were up. I had a perfectly fine experience then. Sure, I'd get lag every now and then, but I was still pretty good.

  40. For existing fansites (either actively updated or pending updates), will you offer them special admission? I'm east coast, so I wouldn't expect to be in the first 'wave' if you are starting with west coast, but correcting what I already have published is paramount and takes a very long time. (up to 8 hours per clothing page, tho correcting hopefully will be shorter once we see what we are working with).

    Support your existing fansites who never turned off the switch.

  41. Any plans for Asia? You know a lot of Korean plays MMOs so you should set up a server for asia.

  42. Regarding the comment on latency, there seems to be a giant jump to your server in Irvine, from Comcast users in the United States.

    I'm generally seeing a latency of around 110ms. There's a giant thread on the GamersFirst APB forums with some users posting their trace routes showing some odd jumps, more specifically showing an increase of more than 100% when it comes to the last hop.

    Any word on this?

  43. we cant wait for the beta to start ! we are a new german fansite, and we hope to get a key !

  44. As I've mentioned before, I live in Argentina and I've played the original game from RTW with my 180ms latency without any issues, it was very playable and I was a competitive player.

    While I understand the limitations, I don't think that restricting players based on their latency is a good choice, because it basically means "We don't want you because you're from an non-optimal place in the world".

    Please reconsider giving out beta invites to people all over the world, becasue those people played APB too and loved the game, as I and many others do.

    Don't keep us out.

  45. Oh... so you dont block brazilian ip?
    awesome! XD
    I cant wait for killing br players!
    ps: i'm brazilian 8D
    ip block is a little annoying... and contradictory a some laws .-.
    The internet is global. Why use that in MMO games?! (Ip block)
    It's kind a xenophobic fact! (where nexon aproves! i was playing vindictus without friends, with aol ._.)
    We brazilian try respect the other countries and cultures! (less Argentine because of football LOL just joking!)
    I love to know there will be a international server of APB! XD
    Thank You! Sooo Much! \o\
    GG 4all beta players 8D

  46. To "Lucas"

    Actually testing ping or trace times to tells you very little about the game server pings. Since unfortunately it's a site that's often DDoS-ed by angry kids, it runs some pretty insane mitigation stuff, and therefore ping times can be really off to the main site.

    As part of the Beta application process you will test your connectivity, which should give you a better idea of your internet "distance" to our game servers.

    Stay tuned.

  47. Woo can't believe I've waited so long for this. I read it every day and checking my emails (kind of sad really) also I wonder if the game looks good in 3D

    Is it ok to test 2 computer prior to the beta?
    As I may switch between the 2 :)

    Thank you

  48. When will the emails be sent finally? :-)

  49. Great news, looks like you're pretty much on schedule based on earlier dates you mentioned. That's always soothing to hear ;)

    I hope I signed up correctly now..>

    BTW. Hopefully you'll allow us to download patches etc. through steam. As I bought the game through Steam and it still shows up there....
    I understand if it won't be a possibility!

    Can't wait... so bored atm.

  50. PS. I'm from Europe. Any idea on how 'slightly' different the beta start will be? 1 week, 1 month, more?

  51. I have a very good question. I remember when i was in the last beta we had to deal with small time frames for testing, like friday & saturday untill 6 or something similar. i have collage classes and i need to study hard, so it kinda sucks when i need to worry about getting on apb after studying and having a "5 minuets until server shutdown" message come up. Agh that usedto make me soooo angry!

    altogether tho i just cant wait to see if i got a beta key!


  52. about 3D...

    The old Version of APB wasn´t very good for Nvidea 3D Vision, playable but not good (the players names and missionpoints were flat on the screen and the rest was deep - and 3D Crosshair was needed).
    Could you fix the game to 3D-READY?!
    That would be awesome. Then I could spend the rest of my life fully in San Paro ;)

    Could you please give me an extra CB-Key? just sayin´ ;)
    (I have a Six-Core AMD, what really needs to be tested 8D)


  53. Bought the game (preorder, collectors) I think it's pathetic I don't automaticly' get a beta key for APB Reloaded. Like, seriously :S

  54. This comment has been removed by the author.

  55. Hmm i can see players who deserve to be in this beta getting screwed out of it.. and they are the ones who actually have input needed to fix this game. I played the beta to this game before, and religiously played it during its short life... This game needs to come back right - we need to be in there.

  56. Crap.. I missed beta by like half a day!! Please consider me for beta! Already signed up for everything I could..

  57. plz consider me for beta. I was one of the unlucky souls who had the original and loved it, would love to be able to have access to the beta!

  58. This comment has been removed by the author.

  59. I submitted my email at:

    When the site was first opened.

    I also created an account with G1.

    I hope I did not have to resubmit it.

  60. i submitted it my email never got even a confirmation email, so idk if it worked or not

  61. Has anyone gotten a email yet? I've got nothing.

  62. E-mails have not yet sended. Devs said once that they update site first and then will send e-mails. They got plenty of time till 28 Feburary.

  63. Hi,

    can i play with my bishada from my old account or is my account delete, i love this game i want my bishada back :-( please

  64. hope i am in the pile that gets to try it out. i played the original apb and i wanna see if this is gonna unlock apb's true potential or just flop


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