Wednesday, February 16, 2011

150,763 requests for Closed Beta applications

So - as of last night at the cut-off time we had received 150,763 unique Closed Beta application emails.

Clearly this puts us WELL ABOVE the 8,000-10,000 people we had estimated were a good initial closed beta group.

Thus, in the next few days (and it hasn't happened yet), we will send out part two of the application, and after logging in with your G1 account, and filling everything in along with your unique Beta Application Key (which will be mailed to you), we then presume some percentage of the above number will be activated in the actual live closed beta.

Should for some reason your account NOT be activated, then don't despair, since Open Beta is scheduled to happen pretty rapidly after closed beta gets underway.

So expect that in the next few days you will get an email from us with the required activation step. After that step, you will get a confirmation email when your account as been activated for the Beta.

Looking forward to seeing you soon in the streets of San Paro!



  1. 150,000

    So the media about having gathered 100,000 got you an additional 50,000.

    That's great for those of us who got in early... not.

  2. 150 000? really ? when rwt had it there was under 10 000 player...
    and the blogspot have under 400 000views in 13 week? so 400 000, and i am maby there 100 time in this like many who wasent able to wait, i dont think you will have 10 000 beta tester since u maby have over 50 000 fake...
    You should try looking at the old ApB players...

  3. Well, I didn't throw in a duplicate application/alternate e-mail. I figured if I was getting in, I was getting in, and if I didn't then there's always OB.

    Anyhow, glad we're underway to Step 2. But really, Step 3 (Closed Beta!) just can't come soon enough. And then everything afterward? Oh, I'm so giddy. :D

    *Grabs balls and spits* Giddy like a manly sort of giddy. You know. Heehee!

    Really though, can't wait. Ugh, I'm such a beta junkie.

  4. Cant wait for CB, this waiting is killing me.

  5. @arncmintas08 I would presume the blog counter counts unique views. Not every refresh a person does.

    @JYamamoto I didn't even think of the dual application... xD I hope not many people did that. Well, it's probably counterproductive since you have to submit your dxdiag and they likely track your IP, so they probably filter those people out anyway :)
    More chance for the honest! *prays*

  6. PS
    @JYamamoto is that Yamamota as in from Kira Yamamoto? :D

  7. Holy ! 150,763 requests for closed beta applications ?! Thats awesome !!!

    It seems that APB Reloaded has alot of fans ! More than the old APB had ! What is it, that make APB Reloaded so popular ? New district, day-night-change and weather, new items ? We will see !!!

    150,763 requests and there will be only 10,000 beta tester allowed ?!
    Thats a chance of 6,63% to get in the closed beta ! So good luck to all !

    Hope to get an invitation !;)
    CYA in San Paro

  8. hope G1 thinks of those who have participated in the CB for RTW too
    and have been chosen to continue as beta tester....(me for example)

    well anywayz can't wait to get the email :]

  9. its a fake , the game is down , and if we see 400 people online is very good

    your team is a team of shit !

  10. rofl gotta love these trolls, best comic relief ever.

    "Your team is a team of shit" - classic.

  11. It would be nice to get information after start of closed beta for those who dont get an invitation !

    Because its like you have 10 kids but give only one of them the red firetruck ! The rest of the kids will cry ! So keep the rest of us informed about the progress of the beta !

    ExoGenia( APB FF beta Tester ! ;)

  12. <3 This.
    I just love when a beta brings a big crew its just a bigger piece of cake for me to chew a big crew.
    Stay off the streets or get ran down like the crim scum you are.
    Enforcers FTW

  13. pretty much everyone I know have made dual/tripple + beta applications, so let's take that number with a grain of salt.

    I personally only applied once as I am too lazy to set up a new email account and all that jazz :|

  14. I would say closer to 130k, because that is supposedly how many players RTW/APB had at its highest point.
    I am locked,loaded, and ready to roll.

  15. Good Stuff,
    As an original APB player it would be nice to get into the closed Beta.

    On that note, i think many submissions were dupes and not everyone who applied will complete the second stage so we all have a good chance. No point getting angry and acting like a child now.

  16. Myself and my APB buddies can't wait to play this again. Looking forward to wrecking the streets of San Paro again.

  17. Oh my, well it sounds like there is gonna be a major cut. Wonder if your gonna sift through all 150k or just pick the first 10k. Well im super excited i have wanted to play apb again since it went offline. The couple of months since then have felt so long. Hope i can patch up from the apb launcher!

  18. So what about people who owned the game previously on Steam, D2D, or whatnot?

  19. Looking forward to getting the email and seeing what APB:Reloaded looks and plays like!!

  20. i cant wait i loved apb and now its back juhuhuhuhu
    im so happy
    but i cant wait grrr :)

    gZ: CranX

  21. So disappointed :( I submitted my email on the minute the website came out. Oh well, I'll just have to wait when it comes out.

  22. Lol I've only just realised that it says "Requests" and not "sent out" xD

  23. Lol I've only just realised that it says "Requests" and not "sent out" xD

  24. @Flux - The first email, asking you to answer a survey, get's send to everyone. And it hasn't been send out yet. The email AFTER that only gets send to people who are invited. So you stand just as much a chance still as anyone else

  25. Im gutted you guys didn't look into the beta testers for RTW and or just the other people who played it start to Finnish.

    Would not be cool if some newbie got the beta key and left the dedicated APB without(Like me).

    anyway I just cant wait any more. The changes look soooo good and the changes look like what the game needed the first time.

    G1 I love you!

  26. No beta. No replay.

  27. its all luck? well, good luck to you all! i hope the people who want it the most get it! Go G1!

  28. it's over 150,000! heheh

    Hope I get in

  29. @Raul

    Do you mean Kira Yamato of Gundam SEED?

    Either way, no, it's my actual last name.

  30. shadduo trolls bcoz i was one before...... :D

  31. can't wait for closed beta.
    In game nick Krrris: 289R played 400+ hours.

  32. I missed the chance of Closed Beta... Waiting for the open beta and I hope it will be soon... :c

  33. please define "pretty rapidly"
    (when u were talking about open beta)

    in months, days, weeks... ??

  34. how do i apply for Beta testing :( i really miss this game :S

  35. I just hope its going to be as good as the old one.. except no hackers, or repetitive missions, I really want to see this game take off again BUT I want to see it just as good

  36. Damn that's alot of people, I hope OP comes soon after if I miss out.
    Good luck all :)

    This is a silly question but for testing purposes will all accounts be premium or non?

  37. Awesome Awesome news! Seems like people have really faith in you guys, and im one of them=D Cant wait to play apb again. Ive been playing diffrent of mmo's and APB was everything i am looking for into a game.
    Anyways keep up the good work!

  38. ya i cant wait either :/ i really want to replay this game...

  39. Is there any way to submit more information for Closed Beta consideration? I would have liked to show a bit more information regarding testing I've done, along with speaking some sort of qualification from playing RTW's Closed beta testing in the Nightstalker's Gaming clan. ( One of the top in the closed beta. )

  40. @Sairen
    You will be given a chance to submit more information when emails go out.

  41. Agreed, as an officer in SPIDER (San Paro Inter District Emergency Response) I can assure you, my entire clan is hopping and popping to get another shot at contributing towards the Beta event. I certainly hope we can have that chance...

  42. Wonder how many players can join to one district at once?

    US server, CRIME, LaRoche, Nickname: Krrris, 289R, 400+ hours.

  43. anyone got some info on what the server names are gonna be in eu? same as last time?
    -love o839795287526273

  44. I am looking forword for the e-mail too!i am a big fun of this game and i want to participate in this closed beta and say me opinion for tha new changes!
    I have also create a forum in a Greek site for these game where i inform the members the news about APB RELOADED!
    You know, the the first APB wasn't popular and i can confirm that especialy in Greece !There was no publicity for the game and i discover it one time because i check out every day sites with games,news . . !Also friends in other countries didn't know the game and i have many examples!So,how an online game can be a successful creation while very few know its existence?
    So they need a good promo like other games . . . !Plus the changes the game needs!
    I believe APB RELOADED will be greate because i see good work !

  45. I hope also that closed beta keys will be given with accurate choices. Old APB players firstly is a good choice I guess. With some new peoples to have fresh idea too :).

    Good news.


  46. @JYamamoto woops yeah that's the name. My bad. Sweet last name to have though :)

  47. i want a Beta key T_T
    R290 Name:Kareo
    350+H gametime
    and i got 4900RTW points left..:S
    but i know they are gone.
    I hope i get a Beta Key

  48. I didnt even get the first e-mail to add me dxdiag wtf ^^ and I played both closed beta, and had an account as Zeronix on european servers for RTW. I even got videos posted from RTW at their channel of my sweet rides....

  49. WOW! I have been behind with the posts (dang school). Sadly it's Saturday and I don't have an email so I got the feeling no key (dang!), but oh well (although no body I know does have a key so maybe it's still good).

    Either way I am getting so excited to roll the street of San Paro

    Ange1ofD4rkness, M3dusa - Zombie


  50. This comment has been removed by the author.

  51. I never got the email saying i was an original owner. I used the same email for RTW/Steam as i did for G1. I played both closed and open betas for RTW and pre-ordered the game. Who do i contact about this?

    char name was bryaNNN

  52. I NEED IT!!! My ex player of APB! I love this game!

  53. @Everyone. No emails have been send out yet. Everyone who signed up will get the first email to submit dxdiag, -everyone-. So until you get this email be patient. After that they will start selecting beta testers.

    @Bryanb. They only send out that email to people who use to play APB and had not yet signed up to gamersfirst. If you signed up to gamersfirst with your old APB associated email BEFORE those emails were send then they never send one to you. It was only to notify those who did not know that APB was coming back.

  54. I also would like a test of APB. But I do not like is that those who had previously APB are the first to test them. I have no APB but I'm going to buy the game after testing it.

  55. We just have to wait for E-mail And cross our fingers. ;)

    Played 400+ hours and had 10.000 RTW points. I give some of my points to my friends so they can play in final days, but in last days game time was until 2020 :) so lots players joined to the center of Financial Dist that was fantastic, :) I can't wait to be there again..

    in all I spent 18,000+ RTW points :(

    In game name Krrris, R289, US server, LaRoche. 8000 RTW Points left. (gone!!) :(

  56. i know it hasnt reached beta yet, but any ideas when apb will be a full running game? date-wise? :P


  58. The game's fun, but the deal maker or breaker for me will be how generous you are to the player. Will they be able to do a reasonable amount of stuff without having to shell out cash or will you go the way of Champions Online and gives us barely anything before we gotta spend $5 here and $10 there? Choose wisely, I'd hate to see this fail again.

  59. Any idea when the email will be sent guys? has if buying the game and it getting closed wassnt enough we are having to wait... again! this is the second time some of us have been waiting on the game to open haha.


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