Sunday, January 9, 2011

End of Week 8 Update : Steps to Join the Beta

Closed Beta Steps - easy now, tricky later 

So today's post is going to be short, but somewhat information dense. I will start keeping things short since we are now completely in the thick of getting this game to the finish line.

To register for the beta, we have decided to take a pretty "simple" route in order for you to take the first step;

(1) simply submit your email here: in the "stay up to date" box. Make sure you give us one that we can actually reach you on - and not the 14 minute email variation :).
(2) Create a GamersFirst account (preferably with the same email, though not required)

That's it at the moment is the actual first required sign-up step (simple - eh).

But then it gets a little trickier. About 2 weeks before the closed beta (which probably means on or about the first week in February), you will receive an email sent to the address you submitted above. That email will have a unique link where you will go to activate your beta request. In order to do so you will be asked to submit a lot of additional data, among other things your DxDiag (if you don't know that is, then you might not be a great closed beta candidate) and some additional information about you, as well as about your system and your own background as a gamer. Once we have verified the data, we will then send you back your actual beta key. If you feel like you don't want to share the additional data being asked of you, you can always back out of the process, and just ask to be notified about the Open Beta when that's ready instead.

So far we have received about 20,000 emails that have registered their interest in the game at the above location, and we do expect that about 10%-20% of players who sign up for the email notification will in fact fulfill all our closed beta registration requirements.

Our goal is to have a closed beta with approximately 6,000 - 8,000 fully registered and confirmed players, which roughly means we'd expect to see 800 players online at peak times during the closed beta, which would be sufficient to test all the various system components before going in to the bigger Open Beta.

So why are we gathering this extra data, and why have a Closed Beta in the first place?
The question of "why have a closed beta" came up in a previous series of blog replies. It might seem obvious to us why we want to run the game with a limited audience as first pass. But happy to clarify.

For one thing, there are several components that have been updated since the game went dormant. Among them are the Vivox voice over IP libraries, the installation and unpacking components, and there will be some new components we need to test in order to see what might be normal vs. "abnormal" gameplay (you know what I am referring to :) ). As part of this process it's critical we gather data on as many diverse machines and systems as possible. Thus we need to get as many normal, common, uncommon, unusual, strange, weird and just plain odd system configurations into the beta as possible. If we don't think we have sufficient "diversity" in systems we would need to seek out more closed beta testers (though at this point that should not be a big problem).

The second main goal will be to test some of the new balance and progression systems. They will not at first be extremely different than what they were during the original run of the game, however, these progression changes are now "starting their journey" toward incremental change for the real long term (and we hope - improvements), so we need to see how people interact with them during the game run.

What do you "Get" for participating in the beta?

In return for giving us a bunch of extra data, and taking the survey when you sign-up for the beta (and then spending hours in the game) we plan to give you something lasting. As a thank you to our beta testers we expect to give away a token that shows you were a beta tester back in the day. Trust us, we will not forget who you were :)

Finally - what about those pre-existing characters and accounts from the old game?
First of all NO PRE-EXISTING ACCOUNTS will be part of the closed beta. During the closed beta you will create throw-away accounts. That's the purpose of closed beta. 

So this topic is one we will come back to later on, before Open Beta, but at the moment we are trying to allow players to reclaim "lost and found" items as part of the Open Beta (maybe in the "San Paro Lost and Found Department?").

Not all details are finalized for this (since it's really not part of the first beta) - but a few things are pretty clear at this point, and I am happy to share them (though it's possible some will have to be modified down the line);
  • YES - we plan on letting players of the original APB game reclaim the original content (ie characters etc.) that existed at the time the game shut down, since that data is considered "game content." This would give you most (if not all) customizations, gear, and character names back that you had during the first run of the game.
  • NO - we are likely to NOT give you back all the progression data (though some, but this particular point will be explained in much more detail before Open Beta since part of the changes to the game itself relate to progression). 
  • YES - you will need to create a NEW user account (a G1 account that is) before you can reclaim your characters, which means you have to basically sign up and agree to the new terms of service that govern the use of all G1 accounts (ie your old RTW account cannot sign you in to the game or anything else)
  • NO - we will NOT have any of your original payment data on our side, and therefore you also will have no RTW points or cash-equivalent credits. We simply have no information about anything you bought via EA, Digital River nor Steam. So we will have no idea what you did or did not purchase back during the original run of the game. No point in asking us. We simply don't know. If you tell us you spent a bizillion dollars we might feel really sorry for you. And the best sad story might very well win you some sympathy and recognition from our development team. But we simply don't have the data (nor the money) from whatever happened back then. Remember, that company simply does not exist any longer. I know I am going to have to repeat this information many times :(
  • and finally it's LIKELY - that you will be able to "patch-up" to the new game from the original installation. This gets a little bit tricky due to how patching is handled - but it at least appears plausible. Therefore, at least keep any old installations of the game around if you have the space on your drive, since it will save you a lot of content download time. However, we will get back to you before launch to verify this last part.
So, we will continue working hard to keep everyone informed, and I hope the above info has given you guys some additional clarity this week. More info to come next week!

Back to work....


  1. :D

    (1) submit email to CHECK
    (2) Create a GamersFirst account CHECK
    (3) count the days until February IN PROGRESS

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  3. Does this mean we have to use our GamersFirst account names or nicknames as our character names?.. i'm doubting it, but just checking... because some twat took my name, and I always feel incredibly stupid when i'm forced to substitute letters for numbers.

    It's Rapid99, not rap1dd99, damn it >.>

    You guys are the best though. Fingers crossed, hoping I get accepted for beta.
    Kinda hate that "testing experience" is usually needed. It always seems like they judge your acceptance by how many games you closed beta tested before. Which sucks because if no one gives you a first chance, you can never get "experience"... bah.


  4. Just wanted to say thank you for your efforts to get our loveable old characters back...! Awesome news so far, keep it up and see you in the beta. ;)

  5. great news about getting our characters back.. i really dont want some noob stealing my name and claiming my character. Really look forward to open beta and i hope i fit the bill to get in.

    I formatted my main drive so i dont have the original full game on my PC - im not worried about re-downloading the content, no matter how long it takes; im just looking forward to playing the game again!!

  6. Nice update this week. Thanks for clearing up what is expected of us if we get into Closed Beta.

    Have to say I'm quite surprised in the effort you put into getting our old accounts and characters back, I know a lot of companies would just not bother, though I guess it means more likely players get back to the game for you as well :)

    Signed up and awaiting orders!

    Not sure if they really look at "previous beta experience" very thoroughly. After all there is nothing at all that stops somebody from just filling in a bunch of games he never beta tested, as there is no way to verify it. I've beta tested about 4-5 games in the past in a time it was relatively easier to get into them, so I'm cool either way >:P

  7. Follow-up:
    "For one thing, there are several components that have been updated since the game went dormant. Among them are the Vivox voice over IP libraries, the installation and unpacking components, and there will be some new components we need to test in order to see what might be normal vs. "abnormal" gameplay (you know what I am referring to :) )."

    Do you want us to use hacks during beta so that you can monitor the data and gameplay?

    Hackers ruin some of the best FPS games, so I have no intention of using hacks unwanted. But if you desire the data it could be an idea to provide us with hacks or ask us to use them, where people can then say who uses them. To not disrupt gameplay too much perhaps you can assign different players to use them, or simply ask people to only use them during specific set day/times. Unless you expect there will already be people who hack during testing... :s

  8. Great Update! Cant wait for beta! Thanks!

  9. Can't wait for the beta!
    These weeks of waiting are going to be very long... xP

  10. I've been a beta tester before
    for RTW in closed beta and after the release.
    However I can't get any refunds right?

    Anyways I thank you guys for reviving this mostly good game. :]

    And I signed up
    hoping for testing this awesome game once again. :]

  11. *looks down, shakes head, & slow claps! YOU GUYS ROCK!

  12. Great news ...
    Why you not call people who played APB allready like me for closed beta ?
    You will invite people who never played APB.
    Old characters big NO from me becouse people played with cheat got every mission win and leveled so easy.
    People played APB buyed box and now they will be forgotten ?

    What a dream :S

  13. in "my controls" in the gamerfirst site(for the apb:r forums) there is a email account that is that the email adress i should input?

  14. Everything sounds like it is going well. I am looking forward to participating in APB:R cb.

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  16. Well i already submitted my E-mail to APB Reloaded mailing list, but did it again just to make sure after reading all this. I then made my gamers first account, but didn't see any reason to install the actual gamers first program since APB isn't on there. I cant wait until closed beta, ive missed this game since it left us and a day hasnt passed where i wished i could play again. I would be extremely dissapointed if i didn't get into beta but my background on PC gaming and time spent with this game should get me in.
    I beta tested for RTW and was one of the first in, last out.... im so happy its coming back :D

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  18. (Last Comment Incomplete)

    Is there any way to contact the APB team directly? I recently started a website / organization dedicated to gaming, gamers, and charitable causes; odd combination huh? Anyway, I was looking to possibly partner up with APB. I was an avid player from day one of APB and I know the potential this game has. Could you please either contact me, or point me in the direction I could write a proposal?

  19. Great news :) this game is coming back for real can't wait:)

    Nickname: Krrris 289R

    Just submitted for closed beta.

    Thanks for giving back our characters :)

  20. Signed up, I cannot wait!

    A bit confused that I couldn't register my usualy gamer name for G1, I'm the only person in the world that uses it.

  21. already entered email and have an account, but i have entered the email again :D

    really wanna get into beta again :) hit me up i will only have 1 beta going on in February so i will have lots of time for APB testing.

  22. We even get something for participating in the Closed Beta oO? Isn't it already great enough to get in ;3?

  23. Bjorn, I thank you very much for these updates, very informative. I have full confidence that you guys will do a great job with this game. I was a huge fan of APB when it was running.

    I have one thing to ask, though. When you were talking about the premium accounts, I assume you meant a monthly-subscription style payment.

    I ask that GamersFirst offer a lifetime payment option for an APB premium account, as in a one-time payment of $50-$60.

    I dislike monthly subscriptions, and if you offered a lifetime option like that, I would choose that option the moment it became available.

    APB lost quite a few customers to its bait-and-switch concerning the monthly subscription. If I could pay one-time at a reasonable price (comparable to any new non-F2P game out there), that would be absolutely wonderful.

    Please consider this. Thanks for all of the hard work you guys are doing!

  24. Hey man, I really appreciate the contact you have with the community. Let's hope that sticks when the game goes into commercial service, eh? I hope to test this game out (I never had the chance back when it was Pay2Play) And I have a LOT of previous testing experience :)

  25. Thank you very much for all the great information. :D I'm really happy that I'll be getting my old character back... 8] Matters to me more than a refund.

  26. awesome.. was playing in the original APB beta from the beginning and hope to be part of the APB-Reloaded beta again :)

  27. Love the Game, can't wait for Beta.. Hope I'm gonna be a part of it..

  28. ... and what if you already have an account?

  29. Great to hear we'll be able to reclaim our old account's contents. Personally, I wouldn't mind starting over from scratch. I'm not too sure about keeping some of the unlocks though, since I know for certain there were quite a few people abusing the systems (it was fun griefing them).

    I can't wait for Open Beta. Closed Beta too, if you'll have me. Hopefully the changes made to VOIP will go smoothly; it was heartbreaking not being able to hear people scream in terror when I ran them down in a dumptruck anymore after the first week/month. I still have APB installed, so good to hear we might be able to patch from there. Not sure why I kept it installed, but if this pulls through then I'll be glad I did.

    As a bit of a heads up, if you're looking for some dedicated testers for Closed Beta, might I suggest Combat Testing? They seem like a pretty competent bunch of testers; I haven't had much opportunity to join in on their tests due to scheduling conflicts (I always seem to be busy or have plans when they announce something).

  30. (1) submit email to CHECK
    (2) Create a GamersFirst account CHECK
    (3) count the days until February IN PROGRESS

    This ^ lol

  31. Just something that I remembered from Combat Arms and now saw in Need for Speed world, in the case of the later game I already had it installed and ready to play when i read how their F2P model worked and instantly uninstalled it:

    You 'rent' progression content, rather than keep it. In the case of NFS:World, you rent the cars you buy from in-game currency, rent the upgrades, etc. For 1-3 days minimum. After that you lose them again.

    I really, really, really HATE this F2P model. It forces you to constantly play the game to stay competitive. I rather have a major grind of a progression that takes months to max but what you unlock you keep rather than have to always be chasing my tail.

    If this is for real life money unlocks then fine, though I'd be fine with not having them in either, and what you buy you keep permanent.

    I don't mind people buying alternative guns that are different, not necessarily better. Or buying progression stuff but earlier than you unlock them.
    I do hate having to rent items and not keep what you unlock, or people who buy stuff for real life money owning non payers by a lot.

    Just my 2 cents on that :)

  32. Great news, keep going.
    I am also one of those who refuse a relaunch with all the old account data. Too many players used cheats or glitches to get to the top. I would prefer a complete re-start of APB.
    Maybe you can just let the players of old accounts keep their character names, that would be nice.

    As a gamer who is already experienced in APB I will be able to quickly process. And i think many others will do so, too.
    Also this would mean me to have a new challenge :)

    I want to see how the new APB community will grow and not how newbies get owned by fully upgraded players at the first day of release... despite the ability (maybe) to play the "pure skill" variety.

    Further I hope there will be no technical issues in case you transfer the old character data to the new system.

    But you already mentioned in your post that there will be much more detailed information about this.
    I am curious how you are going to handle this.

    Keep on the good work!

  33. Im happy APB is coming back. I didnt get to delve into the game. Mainly because of my computer processor but should change soon..

    HOpe to see you in beta.

  34. @_@

    just freakn awesome cant wait been checking the updates fervently hoping to see what was stated in this last update great work cant wait to see my beta key in inbox.

  35. Best news I've heard all month. Our gratitude runs deep...

  36. I just have to fix up my old rig that I took apart to play to this game again. I can't wait till it comes back.

  37. Just like everyone else that commented before me, I'm counting down eagerly.

    I'm thrilled to see this game coming back and possibly being much better then before. I'd love to help out in any way I can. I've been through many beta tests before, including the original APB.

    I'll be sure to send in my application once possible, and this is surly one of those games that I will be staring at my email waiting for a reply.

  38. This is Editor EVA from
    I was so interested in reporting APB:Reloaded deeply.
    Would you mind sending us account for Closed Beta?
    If you need further information about us or about the review,
    please feel free to contact me.

  39. I'm just glad they are giving us back most of our character names, gear and customizations.. I put hours of work into mine

  40. For those of you commenting on wanting a complete restart of the game:

    "NO - we are likely to NOT give you back all the progression data (though some, but this particular point will be explained in much more detail before Open Beta since part of the changes to the game itself relate to progression). "

    To me this means players WON'T be having their 'end-game' items, upgrades, etc. at day one. It means that you will keep most of your gear but not progression gear OR you won't be able to use the gear until you've unlocked it again through progression. Which means you wouldn't have to rebuy it, but still need to progress to use it.

    I really want my customizations back if anything, spend hours on my car and some of my clothes. Would be a damn shame to go to waste.
    My name and customizations are the most important to me, about the rest I don't care ;)

  41. I'm glad u guys are doing a closed beta and a open beta to have all those fixes,problems,bugs gone like the match making rank of the old APB like fighting as a rank 1 vs a rank + 10 not wasn't fair...

    I hope i won't lose all my items,costumization logo's and cars

  42. Ughh..... I'm excite, I admit. I'm still surprised someone would use my first name for their gamersfirst ID those impostors.

  43. Finally I will be able to play APB. Just please imprvoe the shooting and driving.

  44. I was a Apb original game beta tester...i wanna test again for you..i submit my mail and i have a gameFirst account...i need to wait now?

  45. Uhg, is it February yet?

    Oh my god, my captcha code was 'chode'... hahahaha... lmfao

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  47. APB reloaded sounds awesome... following on FB, Twitter and blog... can't get enough!!! Looking forward to a chance at the beta.

  48. Awesome! I soent hours just on my tattos in APB :D

    I did this beta stuff like when the blog started. lol

    Wishes to be cbt. Thanks, can't wait to see the new overhaul.

  49. Idea on additional revenue:

    Instead of all the fake ads around San Paro you could --!! TACTFULLY !!-- make use of real ads, on billboards, signs etc.

    Make them blend in with the city and it'll make total sense, it won't break the gameplay experience at all. Because it's a contemporary american city which would in fact have advertisements.

    This way it's easier to sustain the F2P model and we have to spend less cash ;)

  50. Hello Mr.Bjorn congratulations for your job trying to put APB where it deserves!!! online! hehe This is the first time I write you and its because I Think I diserve a CB key check out my translation job of your blog here and think if my work worth it:
    I translated all your posts to the spanish people, and trying to show graphicly your intentions to APB. I hope you understand my efforts and give me that key! Congratulations again for your work!, Sagasta.

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  52. I'm absolutely excited about the resurrection of APB, I hope ill be able to get back int he back and continue to help make APB better!

  53. I'm absolutely excited about the resurrection of APB. I hope I'll be able to get back in the beta and continue to help make APB better!

    *joins in the finger crossing*

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  55. Well I need sleep but reading about closed beta is going to make it hard to sleep.

    You know what would be awesome. My birthday is the first of February, what a better present from GamersFirst then a Beta Key. (BTW I have done closed betas before, Auto Assault RIP).

    But thank you guys so much for this, I can just see it now, my grades tanking cause instead of studian I'll be testing APB.


    I was praying for my old account back, I didn't care for my level or my RTW points all I wanted back were my creations. GamersFirst your name says it all. I still wish I had my old APB installed to save me download time (my college connetion is slow) but sadly I did a format, and lost all updates. But once again I want to thank you for letting us have our old accounts back, I wish I could meet each of you and thank personally for this. It's great to see a company who cares for the gamer, and I hope to see you in the closed beta.

    APB FOREVER (Ange1ofD4rkness)

  56. Really hope i get into this closed beta as i had 2 characters in the original game and loved it, unlike a lot of whiners who constantly complained about the game and gave it bad reviews.

    Is there no way to trace old players and give priority, as wouldn't that make a lot more sense? considering we knew all the faults with the old game.

    Anyway, nevermind, fingers crossed here

    wutang33/wutang1977 out(formerly wutangkilla)

  57. Funny one of the users talks about everyone whinning about the game. GamersFirst I would like to point out I was one of the most loyal fans to the game, I admit it had flaws but I didn't care I loved the game, I remember being furious it was shut down, not that I spent the $ on the game no that I couldn't play it anymore. I game it a 10/10 on gamespot and constantly argued with people on forums, and the game how great a game it was. I played everyday I could, including the last day when there were only like 30 of us. So just remember those who were loyal (i even would scav the web everyday to see if the game found a buyer), to bad we couldn't be rewarded for our loyalty

    APB FOREVER (Ange1ofD4rkness)

  58. @James
    Do not worry my good friend.
    This digital interactive artistic expression of cops and robbers online will not stay down when it falls. There is a yearning for persistent multi-player gaming that does not involve fairies and orcs.
    Keep up the good fight and assert yourself in your opinions of why you believe APB is a viable awesome sauce machine. I do believe that TLC and a well trained ear on Gamers First part will bring gamers flocking to the newly arisen mmo genre.

  59. Hi, I'll be quick on this comment because I don't have much time left.

    The previous APB version got boring after 2-3 days of play-time, simply because we had nothing else to do than run around shooting ppl in PVP and fulfilling easy missions. And then after doing those missions and killing all those players, we earn a little amount of money which we can't spend that much because theres nothing much to spend in, just character costumization and like 6 weapons variety. This game can't be simply a TDM game. RPG must be implemented here, else it will fail sooner or later like the first one did. People logged in and didn't know what to do, they were clueless about the game and after doing a few missions they found out there was nothing else to do.

    Also there was no level system, or at least a decent one. That really counts a lot as an achievement.

    Another thing to take in account would be to improve the Clan system. In these kind of games the majority of people want to create a clan and be the king of city, that's why I'm suggesting an addition of some kind of ranking for clans, not just a reference like "oh you got a clan nice, but it's only a name, so who cares."

    Clans should have power on this game. The game has "Notoriety" reference and such, so the most logic thing to add to the clan ranking system would be "Respect" amount maybe?
    Many F2P games rank the clans with XP. Well XP "word" is way too used now.
    So the main idea was to make clans ranked on Respect amount, instead of the so called "XP".

    How would you earn Respect?
    Simple. Completing missions, killing PLAYERS and also based on their notoriety/wanted level, killing players from other clans, maybe in the future who knows - having clan wars.
    Each of these categories would give the clan you're in an amount of respect. For example for killing a clanless player it'd give 1 respect point, killing a player with clan would give you 2 respect points, completing a mission would vary on the amount of respect given, based on its dificulty etc, and clan wars, the winner clan would win like 100 respect points. These values are just an example.

    To create a clan you'd be asked for several requirements, else it will be a clan spamming fest. Maybe a minimum level requirement, some money to start the clan, that'd be good I guess.

    Clan Levels:
    This feature would be pretty good. As you acquire Respect for your clan, it levels up. Let's say to level your Clan to lvl 2 it'd require 10k respect, to lvl 3 would require more, etc. Leveling a clan up should be HARD and CHALLENGING.

    Why would Clan Levels motivate the players? Because as you level up your clan, it would unlock special content such as Perks or Items. As of Perks, maybe earn a x% of more money per mission you complete, or earn x% more reputation with a faction per mission you complete. The possibilities are huge.
    Also it would allow the Clan Leaders to add more things to their clans so they could make them look unique: maybe unlock some types of clothing with a pre-made Clan Logo, so the random member would just purchase that type of clothes off the Shop and it would have the Clan Logo inscripted on it already. Unlock more types of cars to be bought. Seriously, theres a lot to think in what touches to Clan System. Clan Raids, Clan Achievements, etc.
    If you didn't understand anything what I did, then just look at WoW Guild system and you'll get the point.

    I read the other posts by Bjorn about a storyline etc, that's really good. We should be enjoyed with PvE missions with the possibility of Co-Op with friends, once again like in WoW when you invite ppl to a party and do the quests together. Those missions would of course increase the reputation you have for that faction, like it used to work on the previous APB, but the money should be splitted, else it could be farmed ;)

    I hope you do a good job and I wish you good luck.

    Kind Regards,

  60. So I'm just not sure where this leaves me and a few friends of mine, so I'll go ahead and ask anyway:

    ..During the days of the original Beta for APB, me and a few friends had managed to get in for the testing and such. Now, we have no idea how things went after the game went live, and whether our characters/accounts remained thereafter, so I just happened to be curious as to whether this means our characters and progress will also be brought back when the game makes its triumphant return.

  61. [PTM]Al_Pacino

    Those are some excellent ideas BTW.

    I was in the original beta and fell in love with the game and played it until it shutdown. But as many others, I got bored. It was weird I loved this game more than any other and at the same time hated it because of the lack of purpose and all the hacking and griefing going on. I mean the adrenaline rush when hunting a criminal or trying to complete a mission known your going to be ambushed was incredible.

    I hope they make this version more solo friendly as well. I like to run with clans sometimes and I love flying solo for a lot of my time. Like an alcoholic cop on a personal revenge mission against some crime syndicate.

    So my three big wishes are:

    1)Include more PvE/RPG to get some story driven motive into the PvP.

    2) Make the game solo friendly. Maybe match make the missions according to group numbers and level.

    3)Stop the hacks and exploits!!!

    4) Make the game truly persistent. No lobby's or meeting rooms at login!! If I log off in the middle of the freeway, I want to log back on in the middle of the freeway.I don't care if it means getting run over by a criminal in semi before I have a chance to get out of the road!!

    I can't wait for the re-release APB! Knowing about this blog and the beta, makes it hard to get into other MMO's right now!

  62. That was four wishes not three!

  63. Will the game in Russian and translated Are you the site in Russian?
    And what about technical support?
    My knowledge of English is not so great that I could speak freely on it.

  64. One other thing that needed a lot of work was driving. Driving was not fluid at all. They needed to take a lesson from NFS or other driving games as far as control and how natural it feels.

  65. I'm glad to see things coming up. It's probably going to be a massive headache when the people with RTW points come in (like yours truly), but I completely understand not having the information.

    I'll love to have my car back, and I'd love to have my Jesus-esq enforcer ready to go. Please do look into making the new version compatible with previous purchases somehow? I'd like to be able to use it through Steam again.

  66. I jizzed ... twice... after reading that we get our characters back... I can't wait this is gonna be UNREAL, i miss this game, and my CLAN BUDDIES!

  67. Cya in APB:R Beta if youre in the game add me: Darkwin
    hope to see ya in game =)

  68. I CANNOT WAIT FOR THIS GAME! I will passionately hate you if beta is not in my future. I kid of course, nothing but love for the wonderful people undertaking such a feat. I personally have played almost 100 hours of APB, and 355 hours of GTA IV (is it bad that that's not an exaggeration?). I am ready for this game. I can't wait to sit down the newbies, and tell them about the old days when a rubber bullet shot gun could stun you for 5 seconds from 500 feet away..

    Seriously though, I will write a letter if I don't get into beta.. A long letter - with multiple paragraphs, and lots of big words with bullets, and charts.

  69. When you said we can use the old installation folders, does that mean I can re-install APB using the disk I got at future shop, and you guys will just patch it to the new reloaded version instead of me having to download the whole game? :D if so thats awesome!!

  70. The first week of February has come and gone, meaning I shall spend the fallowing week glued to my email looking for that request form. Cant wait to test APB: Reloaded. I love to test, but this is one I'd love to perfect! I hope I can get in to help this game reach its true potential.

  71. Hey i really wanna know if the wheelman lvl will be transfered since i was almost lvl 15 -> ive put alot of hours into that part to get the progression completed. If that can't be transfered i think my head will explode running around the same parts of town doing the same stuff for 80 hours.



    Maybe a patch? ;)


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