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End of Week 11 Update : Game Changes and Closed Beta Features

Hi guys

This week Zak (aka "Qwentle") our designer will give an overview of design changes to expect in the Closed Beta. I have asked the team to be very open and honest about a lot of the things we are working on, so hopefully you guys will enjoy this week's read.

Bjorn / TechMech


Hey guys, for those that haven’t come across me yet, I’m Zak "Qwentle" Littwin, now the Designer for APB Reloaded (and previously the Development QA Lead at Realtime Worlds).  I’ve been asked by Bjorn to talk about some of the changes we will be testing during Closed Beta. This is going to be a fairly long post, so you may want to get a cup of tea and some biccies. Even so, this is only Part 1 of many posts about the upcoming game changes (and probably these design posts will occur quite frequently as we progress toward the renewed live service).

“Tease” Warning
First; let me be clear – in today’s post we are ONLY talking about the TWEAKS that are present in the Closed Beta (these are items we are actually testing out in this first release round, along with extensive system and server tests), and I will NOT be talking about the much more extensive changes we are planning to implement in the Open Beta and especially for Live Service. So without giving too much away, one of the key changes for a future release (again NOT for Closed Beta nor in this post) is the expansion of game modes (especially the addition of “Chaos” and the creation of the completely new mode called “Turf Wars’) as well as the release of a whole new district (the “Asylum” expansion) which we are working on to turn in to an awesome map, and which will drastically alter how players can engage each other, and potentially will alter (for the better) the whole idea of missions, while leaving in place some of the ideas behind the original game play from the original districts. 

These future changes will truly change the game play of APB and will make the game much more sustainable (imagine defending areas in the Asylum in a team vs team or even Clan vs Clan setup). But to be clear – today’s post is NOT about those changes. So forget this little teaser. Instead today’s post ONLY talks about the things that in fact will be in the Closed Beta.

Closed Beta Changes (ie - things we need our Closed Beta players to test) 

Gameplay Changes

Integrated Cheat Detection
First; yes – we have enabled PunkBuster in the closed beta. Not directly a gameplay change, but we think this will improve the gameplay experience quite a bit. This is a significant code change and will require a lot of testing (see Aphadon’s post from last week). So there will be a lot of technical changes as part of this update of which some have been mentioned in previous posts. Death to Cheaters!

Weapon modifications
Over in the Gameplay department, during Closed Beta the first thing you will notice is the change to weapon implementations. While previously the game was fairly well balanced (apart from a couple of weapons), the combat model wasn’t particularly fun in a lot of situations, with weapons not feeling very meaty (though the recoil addition in 1.4.1 helped somewhat). In Closed Beta to fix this, we’ve upped initial damage on all weapons, adjusted recoil for most weapons, and changed accuracy so the weapon very quickly blooms out to its minimum accuracy, but regains it very quickly once you stop firing.  These are fairly major changes, and will likely affect balance initially, and it is something we need to try out extensively. This change also gives some advantage to single-shot type weapons. We’ll be testing these balance changes extensively during the beta to see what you guys think. In our internal initial playtests the changes make the combat feel a lot more fun (which after all is the whole purpose of the game). 

General gameplay changes (marksmanship, witnessing, camera)
Other gameplay changes include the following items; marksmanship will not disable when you fall short distances, teammates will now show accurately on your personal radar screen, the arrest exploit has been fixed and a few other minor changes across various systems. Witnessing has been completely removed for the time being (the ready system kind of broke it), but we plan to reintroduce it in a near future build in a much improved fashion, as it is intregal to the open world experience. The default camera position has also been moved out slightly so that your head doesn’t obscure the centre of screen when the player runs to the right.

Core Game Progression Change
We’ve done a lot of work with changing the progression system ahead of Closed Beta. Progression was really convoluted before, with rewards at seemingly random points, and it had some strange mechanics that needed a lot of explaining by game prompts. Additionally in-game money pricing structure on some of the game items resulted in massive run-away economy problems. While there are other areas of the game that are higher priority to fix (for example spawning, matchmaking and missions), progression is something that is a lot harder to change once we are in live service, so it made sense for us to look at it now and create the new Progression System to be tested in Closed Beta. 

The first thing we did was remove organisation standing. It was a fairly obtuse mechanic that didn’t really fit into the game very well. Then we adjusted the contacts so they each fall under the category of either Weapons contacts or Vehicle contacts. As the names suggest – vehicle contacts unlock new vehicles, vehicle upgrades, and vehicle components, while weapons contacts now unlock preset weapons and character upgrades. All contacts unlock preset and customisable clothing options. Since the presets are now properly named you will now be able to tell which items and combinations are actually meant to be worn together (an annoying missing item in the original release).   

Open slot weapons and weapon upgrades are unlocked through specific roles that are levelled through using that weapon class (so shotguns and SMGs are all unlocked through the Pointman role, along with upgrades such as Magazine Pull and Reflex Sight), while higher level equipment is unlocked through performing the activity that relates to it (for example Performing Arsons unlocks better Petrol Cans). One thing that helps a lot is the new ability to see how much progress you have made in a certain role or for a certain achievement.  While progress bars couldn’t be added before Closed Beta due to some current technical constraints of how the UI works, we have added a numerical readout (ie. 5/12) so you can see how close you are to actually reaching the next level (making levelling something that now matters a lot more, and has more impact). 

All Symbols and some pieces of clothing are now rewarded through random rewards at the end of a mission.  Players have a very high chance (50%, modified by mission performance) to unlock one at the end of each mission, with different contacts unlocking different symbols.

High level vehicles are now using a slightly different unlock system. You unlock the base vehicles and presets through vehicle contacts at high levels, with kits and open slot versions gained through completing time trials around the districts with those vehicles (this bit’s not in yet, so open slot versions of the high-level cars, along with their kits, won’t initially be available in the first beta. We’ll be working on getting this in ASAP though).
Another major change to progression is leagues. We felt that leagues were not providing their original purpose, and instead were just causing players to exploit game systems, or ‘Zerg’ things in order to compete.  As such we’ve removed them completely in the short term, though we plan to add back Leagues at some point, potentially along with the revised (and more meaningful) Clan mechanics which are used in other games as well. 

Finally the "in-game" or "earned money" cost for most items has been drastically increased. It’s better for players to have a load of stuff they want and have to work to get the money together to buy them, rather than be able to buy everything right away and have a ton of money left over (something that had made the original money system strangely unbalanced). These changes are something that will need a lot of testing in Closed Beta to get to the right values, so we’re expecting a lot of analysis of user behaviour in this area. It also ties in to the roll-out of Premium vs. Free accounts (something we will be dealing with before and during Open Beta in greater detail).

We have also done some work on the Upgrade system. We’ve moved all upgrades into groups, so you can only use one of each type (we’ve also renamed them to fit with each system). I’ve also removed a couple of mods that either didn’t fit or were duplicates (Savage is gone, and Monolith has also been removed as it was functionally identical to Survivor). Going forward we plan on upping the difference that upgrades make, but adding substantial negative modifiers also, meaning players will specialise within roles rather than just increase stats. To facilitate this, we’ve also allowed the removal of upgrades without destruction. Initially this was added as a cash sink, but we found from both internal testing and live that it only served to stifle player choice, as players made a decision and never changed or explored other options along the way.

Vehicle Changes
During Closed Beta most vehicles have not changed dramatically, though a few vehicles have changed significantly. The biggest change is the removal of the “Han Cellente,” ie. the starting vehicle. We thought it looked pretty awful and handled terribly, leading many to concludes that cars sucked in general (when in fact, they had just been given a really badly behaved one to start with). Instead we have inserted another vehicle as the starter car that looks a lot nicer, and that has pretty decent handling. We have modified how this new starter vehicle operates and with a couple of tweaks we’re left with a cute little 2-door coupe that handles well, is stable and responsive, but not too fast (maybe not a very macho car, but that's why you will be upgrading at some point). So this should now be a really good vehicle to learn the vehicle system on.

Other changes include the G20 Vegas, which has been given massively increased acceleration and torque from scratch (just enough to make the front wheels lift off the ground if you slam your foot down on the pedal).  It’s a nice little effect but if it turns out to cause significant problems in Closed Beta testing we can tone it down a little. But heck – why not go over the top in Closed Beta with a few things, it's the best time to try crazy stuff that might work?

The Fresno has had its weight and power increased (so no change in handling, but better ramming potential).  We want it to feel like an old steel chassis vehicle when compared to it's lightweight contemporaries. The Mikro/Vaquero now grip the road a lot better and both them and the Bishada/Jericho have had their health reduced in order to put them just below average hp. 

The largest change to an existing vehicle is the Balkan Kolva (Dump Truck). We have made it rarer in the game, and massively increased the weight and torque, while lowering the turning speed and initial acceleration. Combined with much higher health (it is a fully loaded dump truck filled with tons and tons of sand after all), we’re left with a lumbering vehicle that needs a run up to get speed, but packs a rather insane punch if it manages to hit something. Ideally the really low acceleration from scratch will stop it from being a griefing tool (it can’t really change direction to block someone in a pinch), but we’ll have to wait till beta to see whether it works in a large scale environment. 

The idea behind these vehicle changes, and more changes we will be making in the future, is to give each vehicle a lot of individual personality and specialisation and unique benefits, rather than everyone rushing straight to the Cisco/Bishada/Jericho/T25.

The Premium Quandary
The last thing I was originally going to talk about was premium accounts and leased weapons since that's another big change for the new version of the game. In short, we want to make premiums highly desirable purchases, but not something that crushes Free2Play players. Our goal is to ensure everyone has fun in the game, while simultaneously encouraging premium activities, since that ensures we can stick around and pay for the costs of running and expanding the game over the next several years. We are also in the middle of creating weapons that can be leased that aren't necessarily better than the ones you earn, just different, more specialized or has some other specific benefits. However, seeing how we are running out of blog space (cough...), we are planning to share all the information about premium/free and earned/leased breakdowns as we get closer to launch. And just another teaser - you might be able to spot some of these new weapons in the images below (and it just means you will have to stick around for the future post where we will dig in to the new weapons in great detail).


So that’s what we’re initially putting into closed beta.  All of the above is of course subject to change and a lot of future changes will based on both measuring behaviour as well as reviewing feedback during the beta (since sometimes people request one thing, but actually acts in a completely different way when we measure their actions).

In a future post I will discuss subsequent changes planned for Open Beta and Live (the maps and complete game system changes I hinted at in the top of the post – since THAT will be truly revolutionary to the overall game play for the entire game), but for now I’ll leave you with some screenshots of the updated game highlighting a couple of the weather changes we have added (plus some of the new weapons we're adding).

Qwentle / your Designer

Weather updates in updated game (with some teaser weapons) 


Let's all thank Qwentle for sharing a lot of Closed Beta change details in this "Part 1 of Many" series outlining design changes the game will be going through over the next several months. Clearly there are four big "teases" in this post alone; the exact leased weapon configurations, what you actually get for being "premium," the new game modes/engagement modes and finally the actual details about the new world/map (other than the fact that it will be called "Asylum" we know very little). Nice. I hope this has whet your appetite a little bit for our future posts, so we will hopefully see you back here next week!



  1. As usual, only heightens my awareness of where you guys over there are taking APB, and I am just that much more open to the change. Still worried, but hey, sounds like everyone has the same goal in mind.

  2. I love what you guys are doing with the game so far. I cannot wait to provide feedback in the Closed Beta, if I am invited to do so that is.

    Cannot wait! ;)

  3. Those screenshots look extemely promising, and I can't wait for next Sunday. I need to build a time machine!

    Thank you for your hard work in APB:R, Qwentle

  4. if you allow swapable upgrades would G1 make upgrade presets with unlucked slots from premium/rental?

    its better to have contacts give you both unlocks so its easier for people to group up. or else you will get the "we lfm healer chaos vehicle contact x" when you need weapon contcact :/

    can you unlock from progression the same weapon you get from rental? would you mind giving us a sneak peek of rental weapons?

  5. I was a bit worried about you guys remaking the game but I can see now you know what your doing! Make sure to give me a beta key!

  6. "We have also done some work on the Upgrade system. We’ve moved all upgrades into groups, so you can only use one of each type (we’ve also renamed them to fit with each system). I’ve also removed a couple of mods that either didn’t fit or were duplicates (Savage is gone, and Monolith has also been removed as it was functionally identical to Survivor)."

    With these three sentences alone you've already proved you're more competent than RTW ever was

  7. I see that all the guns in the screen-shots have scopes. In APB-R will there actually be scope "HUD's" or graphic to show your in a scope rather then having the screen just zoom in. Made sniping weird and not feel right.

  8. I'm eager to play APB reloaded !

  9. Looking forward to APB (again). Hope the weapons change don't get progressively clunky as the idea of connecting recoil with the camera lol. The whacky idea's for beta can produce some gems but it worries me haha. Either way cheers to APB Reloaded.

  10. When will Closed Beta Testing start? It would be fair to invite not only beta testers from the original APB but also players with lots of hours spent ingame :-)

  11. When will Closed Beta Testing start? It would be fair to invite not only beta testers from the original APB but also players with lots of hours spent ingame :-)

  12. OH MAJ GOOOOOOOOOOD!!!!!!!!!

    Qwentle. You shall get better paid. YOURE AWESOME

    LOOK AT THE LAST PICTURE! ITS AWESOME. Imagine killing enforcers in that weather!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Wow nice SS!!! Amazing job guys. Cant wait to get back in San Paro!

  14. All changes you guys want to make sound realy good. I'm a little bit worried about weapon recoil and damage changes, but I hope you will succeed in saving weapon balance)

    P.S. It's just so cool that you guys are going to resurrect this incredible game)

  15. Thanks for all the info, can't wait to put another 1000 hours into apb.


  16. Awsome job so far, but you should be able to turn off visual mods for your gun, at least if they are just upgrade that doesn't really change the weapon (ie you won't get a sniper reticle using zoom in if you got the scope). If that's how I think it will be, just add an option to turn it off pls, some people don't like having a crazy weapon with lot's of stuff on it :). Kind of reminds me the "hat option" in WoW...

  17. Aghf, I cant wait to try the closed beta. I loved the game even with its flaws, and it just looks like you are going to make it way better than before.

    Keep working, and give us sometime a rural district with dirt roads and forests XD.

  18. All i need is a beta invite and my life is a heaven once again. I worked soo hard on my char, it's all maxed out =\ please give me my "Saiko" back!

  19. This is all really starting to come together by the looks of things. Nice to see a bit of order being put to the games unlockables.

    Can't wait to put the Dystopians back into action in APB.

    Keep up the good work.

  20. SylverDesigns and The Crimson Eye will definatly be back!

    I've spent over 500 hours in the original game alone(including beta) and I loved it, no matter all the bugs and inbalances. The game customization made everything good for me!

    Cant wait to start making videos again!

  21. Cool work, great ideas...
    thx 4 update...

  22. Very nice job really!!!

    if all go as its written in post, this game will live forever! we just need to test it.

    Waiting for Closed Beta for sure!!

    In game name: Krrris 289R time played 400+ hours

    P. S. wander when will be closed beta ;)

  23. I think the game is going to be epic. It was good wheni played in its closed beta before. But with all the changes being made it will be perfect, one of the best games ever.

    And to all who r worried about the recoil, stop being noob, recoil just makes the game more challenging and worth playing.

  24. Good work:) I hope i get invitation. I have a lot of time:D:D

  25. LOVE, ABSOLUTELY LOVE the new changes to everything especially how you level up with contacts. Looking even more forward to the release of APB :) Keep adding more guns!!! Nice tease with the pics.

  26. Good job so far guys, It sounds like things are really starting to come together. I agree with the other posters that removal of some of the weapon/character modifications was a great idea, as well as grouping whats left so that the "big three" power combo's wont be seen on every character.

    One thing you state though that does concern me is:

    "Players have a very high chance (50%, modified by mission performance) to unlock one at the end of each mission, with different contacts unlocking different symbols."

    Based solely off this sentence, my concern is that this will lead to teammates potentially kill-stealing from one another, and that this could really hurt the "support" role required sometimes in teamplay. If you only reward the "best" player each mission (which im guessing would be based off of objectives grabbed and players killed), then team mates won't want stand back and protect an objective while their teammates take the offensive against the next objective, since their teammates are likely to get more kills and thus get the reward.

    Sometimes in APB having the ability to keep a man or two back and provide protection to your objective, was much more beneficial to the mission than the guy who killed the most people.

    Aside from this, and my still lingering concern about your gear leasing ideas (which I still believe is the stupidest concept ever implemented by any game developer), you may just find this old APB player living it back up on the streets of San Paro, upon its return.

  27. Reapers corking here,

    no more leagues? no more pretty reapers signs in social and total awesomeness? i loved seeing our name there on the top of the league everyday, having the ppl working their asses off for it.

    Anyway gj on the rest of the stuff, no more garbage truck grieving?

    anyway i hope to get my chars back though, really cant play anymore without 3 slotte ak47 or my rocket launcher :D

  28. This comment has been removed by the author.

  29. I really hope you make smart choices about the weapons this time around, I would really like to see the NL9 reverted to the way it was before the patch that changed it into a primary Stabba Pig with more shots. Nerfing the NL9 while not doing anything about the rampant N-Tecs is what pushed me to quit the game the first time.

  30. can't wait, hope i get a beta key! :3

  31. Mostly tweaks it seems. Hope you do much bigger changes with all vehicles and really make each one feel useful and unique.

    This concerns me though:
    "e are also in the middle of creating weapons that can be leased that aren't necessarily better than the ones you earn, just different, more specialized or has some other specific benefits. "

    I think it's good if payed for weapons are leased. So you pay for a certain amount of time you can use it.
    If you go the Combat Arms route of also leasing all weapons bought for in-game currency. (So any weapon you buy in-game you buy for certain amount of time before it dissapears) I will not play this game. Full stop.
    I'm not saying that to try and 'force' you to do otherwise, it is simply due to past experience. This one feature combined with rampant hacking is what ruined Combat Arms for me and made me quit playing it. You always feel like you are chasing your tail. There is no progress. You are forced to play A LOT to try and keep up with your gear. It makes the game feel like work and not fun.

    Make weapon purchases PERMANENT. I beg you.

    Also try and work on the way the districts look, their infrastructure etc. It felt like a hollywood set, not a real city.

    I hope you understand how I can not blindly cheer until I see the game myself. I'm a critical person and I've been let down more than I've been pleasantly surprised. But I'm really looking forward to playing APB with my friends again. So keep up the good work!

  32. Yet more wonderful stuff, loving the weather changes too.

    So glad to see the end of Survivor/Savage. They just cancelled eachother out.

  33. Wow! I'm very excited for the changes that have been implemented. Honestly I expected the first run of closed beta to be "just get the game on it's feet" style with very few changes implemented yet.

    I was pleasantly surprised to see I was very wrong about that. I can't wait to give these changes a run.

    Very excited!

  34. Can't wait to get back onto the streets and try out these changes, sounds like some good steps in the right direction!

  35. I was very affraid of the changed that would be made to the old APB. But this post actaully gave me hope. Hope that the best game I've played in the last couple of years comes back even better!

  36. I tested for RTW, ill test for you, as long as i get my old character w/ his clothes back when the game launches :P

    Only concern i have is the new bishida and jericho hp, these cars were already fragile, and with decreased hp and increased gun damage they will be like paper.

  37. "Going forward we plan on upping the difference that upgrades make, but adding substantial negative modifiers also, meaning players will specialise within roles rather than just increase stats."

    I love this. :)

    This post makes me so excited to play APB again!! And those screenshots are so cool, the weather updates look like they'll really add some more atmosphere to the game. :D I look forward to next week's blog, thank you guys for all the awesome information!

  38. Wow, everything sounds so great and weather will make the city seem much less static. One problem though occasionally there was a bug with the bishada that when you entered the district and started the car the front would lift up and your car ended up lookng like a "\" and wouldnt be able to see the road and if u werent a good driver ur car would just go flying across the map in some crazed death spiral. I hope that isn't going to happen with your changes.

    Yes! Garbage yrucks nerfed i loved the fun but hated it whem i was on a mission. I think the spawn will help because their esd always 2-3 trucks around the gas station as if it was promoted.

    ): you guys designs are way more complicated and cooler then mine!

    lol thx and keep up the good work.

  39. i really like the direction this game is heading. I have been telling my friends all about this game, i have yet to play it.

  40. Just wondering,is LastFM support still in this? cant let all my 80s mp3s go to waste LOL

  41. There should be like one special car in the game that can be found in all the districts. It should be the coolest with with an hp that's the highest for it's class, and it should spawn at one of 20-25 hidden parking spots. When someone has it, it doesn't respawn until it is destroyed. THAT would be a cool addition to the live game :D

  42. Great post, but I have some concerns...

    So, leasing weapons for G1 coins/credits/points: sounds great! But are items bought with in-game cash permanent? And, if so, what would be the draw to making a temporary purchase with real money if the difference is mostly aesthetic?

    I also saw mention of money-sinks, weapon mods, and weapons themselves... Since weapon mods aren't much of a money-sink, and I see no mention of anything that may need to be repurchased time and again, doesn't that mean that in-game cash will--at some point--just waste away in a player's virtual wallet? What is going to be the money-sink for in-game cash?

    I'm liking the changes though (except for the longer grind, maybe). The screen shots are great too, but really aren't helping with the wait. Looking forward to next week's blog.

  43. Aww I can't believe you guys are removing the “Han Cellente" from the game. I know its not a great car but it was fun when your cool modded car has gotten blown up, you're desperate for a vehicle to finish the mission and you sometimes end up with this really crap car thats easy to recognise...

    But hey it was fun to try and finish the mission without that dodgy car rolling over.

  44. I am loving that this game is being resurrected, it is a truly great concept. However, the concept of modifications to weapons that increase damage and rate of fire are a ridiculous addition to the game as they greatly imbalance gameplay.

    Perks such as "magnum ammo" and "Stopping Power" in games such as Call of Duty or Battlefield are too effective, so effective in fact that it completely negates the benefits of choosing other, more creative perks. During my brief time playing this game I realised that APB suffers from the same problem with experienced players dealing significantly more damage per shot to lesser players. This, to me, seems foolish. While I love the sound of a lot of your changes, this seems like a screamingly obvious balance issue to address, please, please fix it.

    Thanks, and I look forward to playing APB:R

  45. Haha I like that. If you look in the screenshots you notice that the graphics look like crap in some of them. That must mean you guys have more advanced graphic options. This might mean my friend can play on his sucky PC and I can play w/o lag! Well at least one good thing will come out of this. Yah I just got to rating 100 when the servers went down.

  46. So I heard on Kotaku that some closed beta invites already went out to some people. I'm a bit confused because I signed up for everything, I was in the original APB beta, but I didn't get any email even when other people (who supposedly weren't even in the original beta) are receiving an invite and sometimes not even wanting it.

    I'm a HUGE fan of APB, and I'd be extremely brokenhearted if I didn't get into the closed beta. And yes I checked my spam folder.


    First of all "Death to Cheaters!" LOL!

    Secondly I like how you are going to help with specilizing weapons and how 1 shots now get a benefit (I don't know how many times that HVR would fail me cause I had to get a second sniper shot to save my teammates but couldn't)

    As for the vehicles! SWEET! I always complained about how the Jericho looked like a Mustang but didn't handle or have the power of a muscle car, and the wheely thing might be an issue with people using a keyboard (but still awesome, but what about the Vegas? that was a muscle car)

    As for that MINI car (which name slips my mind) that thing I always complained about the handling didn't serve the car right

    And the start up car, thank you, I hated that thing so much, never drove it so, thanks.

    Again weapons specilizing and vehicle sounds awesome since the only way I could get parts for my Jericho was to get arrests which was a pain with the LTLs always being tweaked. So that will be nice, I will get my Jericho and some sniper rifle (if there is one I like you added over the HVR) right away.

    For symbols I hope we get some basics still and that actually makes me ask, please tell me you got rid of that idea were you would put a preset price on players custom symbols to sell, cause that made me furious (again my symbols were extremely accurate so I charged more cause I took more time on them)

    Also Turf Wars, sounds like a giant game of King of the Hill taking the whole map and slicing it up, which if that is the case, AWESOME!

    And the weapons look awesome to. The second screen makes me happy cause there was that Enforcer NPC who leaned on the balcony in social had a scope on his assault rifle that pissed me off we never got. The others also look amazing to (would love to see a Barrett M821a).

    Man you guys seem to address so many problems and I thank you for that, I actually have forgot what else I wanted to say...dang excitement I can't wait to get back into my custom cars (Jericho and Vegas especially) and cruise San Paro

    Oh and FYI you get me as a premium off the bat, no perks needed, I love this game so much and am so glad you guys are bringing it back I would pay to keep it up. (ahh ran out of words to express exitement)

    APB FOREVER! (Ange1ofD4rkness, M3dusa - Zombie)

  48. I am so excited that i came to read again and i was reading JYammamoto comment about the money sinks in which he/she as valid points.

    Since so far there doesn't seem to be recurring costs for weapons other then ammo what if you introduced durability?

    Add a durability bar to weapons and require maintence for them. Nothing crazy but after X ammount of shots fired or X ammount of hours the weapon has to get a little cleaning,etc to keep it from jamming or breaking completely?

    Have some negative effects like the chances of jamming when at 1/4of the durability bar and once durability reaches zero the gun will break and the upgrades & gun dissappear from your inventory and require you to purchase everything again.

    It sounds like it would be effective since you wouldnt want your gun jamming or breaking and adds some reality to the game which i know some people want but i could careless.

    Nothing major and wouldnt effective the game too much but would provide a reasonable and understandable money sink, assuming the price for repairs is balanced enough that it actually has an impact.


  49. do I see an OCA with a silencer and a scope? I want!

  50. Nice changes, i am looking forward to give it all a good test run.

    About the cars though... don'
    It was the only car i perfected my skills in next to the T-25 and jericho.

    Though you guys are free to add a roadster model, mostly cause i drive a roadster that looks like the Cisco myself. ^_^

    Might want to tweak the Jericho a bit so if you drive alongside someone your wheels don't drive up the side, ultimately placing the Jericho on it's side.

    -love o839795287526273

  52. About the Dumptrucks.

    I realize that being griefed by a guy in a dumptruck can suck. However it can not be denied that the Dumptruck was AMAZINGLY fun to blow up other players.

    I really hope that the changes don't completely ruin that.

    I have never had more fun, or been more frustrated in a video game. APB has amazing possibilities and I really hope you guys can do it right. It really sounds like the changes you guys are making are in the right direction. I love the progression changes for unlocking things. It also sounds like the weapon changes are finally going to make sense. Single shot weapons should feel powerful when you hit people with them.

    I can't even put into words how greatly I anticipate APB:R. Thank you for keeping us well informed on such a regular basis.

  53. I dont know how much more excited I can get to test this! I've always loved testing video games and have done it for years, but this one tops the charts of games I've been hyped to test! Hopefully I'm one of the lucky ones that gets in ^^

    *prays, wishes, kisses babies, screams "please let me get lucky!!!"*

  54. Can't wait for next update! Like alot of others here I played the original APB and had tons of fun. It's the only game for a long while giving me so much pure fun without being an obligation like WoW and other mmo's felt like after awhile.

    Driving around with your friends tearing up the city is just pure awesomeness :D

    However if I can make 1 suggestion that I've been hoping for awhile it's more cars. It would help the diversity of the game alot, and I can't imagine making more car types both on the street and in our car vendors is a very hard thing to do. It might be a "cheap" way of making the game feel more diverse, and wouldn't cause people to ultimately only wanting to use 2 types of cars.

    Anyways keep up the good work :) And I'll be crossing my fingers for a beta invite for me and my friends so we can tear up San Paro once more :D

  55. I'm so glad you're remaking the game, and better yet, free to play. I found out about APB the day they announced it will shut down. I was soo upset when I found something that looked surprisingly awesome for once. But then again, I've seen the flaws right afterwards, but when you announced it will be back, it brought me hope. Thank you.

    Now that that's done, I would like to ask some few questions.

    First, when will you be able to send out forms for the Closed Beta to the people who signed up to hear the news?

    Second, if you are to make the weather part in the game, will you also be adding rain, snow, sleet, hail, and even mist? It would be interesting for the city to have snow, (Though the way today's weather been going, I doubt anybody would want that. lol (cept me, cause I'm from the south lul.))

    Third, I hear you are making a zombie mode? If that's true, will it be in the Asylum district? Since you know.... the name seems to fit. lol

    Aaand, that's about all for now. I'll ask more later another time.

  56. I don't like the idea of making the dump truck more rare. I see where you're going with it, making it more of a "bonus" vehicle, but dumptrucks and security vans were a pretty important part of some missions, so making them more rare may in turn make these missions more luck-based.

  57. twincannon
    no its exatly the other way around.
    as a real top of the champs in apb.
    if you just play 4 hours a day, you would be almost always sure to atleast getting grifed real hard by those huge trucks, atleast once a day.
    it would either be friends of those who you play versus giving their friends a way higher chance of winning. or it would just a random completly bored guy who just wanna troll and ruin others gaming exp.
    if just 1 player knows how to grief "perfectly" the whole mission is already decided.
    -love o839795287526273

  58. Ohh btw. Is there any chance of offering a "collector's edition" package sort of with some premium time, access to closed beta, etc. included?

    I don't know what would be included in such a package, but I know for sure I'm willing to buy one to support you, and for access to the beta. I'm sure many others are too.

    Again thanks so much for giving APB a second chance! It's really something new when it comes to online games.

  59. wow What a cool pics, i'm so anxious to see the new apb face!!!!

    APB this is THE GAME!!!!

  60. please please please...
    dont overtake the new ready system,its awful.
    it takes away your freedom of choice.
    before u could decide what you feel up to:
    wanna do some grp action or prefer a 1vs1.
    now this is not given anymore.
    very annoying when u would like to do a 1vs1 and equip yourself for that,ie stun weapons..and end up in a big grp.
    atleast at that point i stopped playing really.wasnt fun anymore

  61. John
    goddamit newfag, the "new ready system" was real good at keeping low scrubs for holding r15 for to long, ye it did have some flaws.
    1st if you qued as r15 alone you would be very almost everytime faced in a 1v2 where they could be r10 and r10. wich is just real huge of an leading step.
    2nd you could be thrown in a match (you as r15) getting grouped with 3 others being between r7-r10 vs 3 r13+, and the misson could in stage 5/5 with your team only having 5lives left.
    ye ofc r15 should be a little special. MAYBE even if you havent played for a while you would auto lose it, or you WOULD HAVE TO PLAY WITH OTHERS THAN YOUR 3 BEST FRIENDS, lol i dont know. just seeing Mobster ONLY playing in a group of 4 WITH ONLY around 5 players being used(6 in total with him) that is just homo.
    on the other hand it might be ok since you could have your main char wich you only used to play "to compete" and you could have a alt or more to just mess around with and still keeping your "skills" up.
    -love o839795287526273<<<< 900+hours played in total. YE I KNOW ITS MUCH. APB I LOVE YOU

  62. I really hope this all pans out the way it sounds, APB had alot of potential and you guys are tapping into it. Just dont fail us in the end because now hopes are up high :)

  63. Nice update! APB is sounding like the MMO in it is going to be emphasized much more in this new version with the importance on how clans work (can't wait for the details on this) and the specializations instead of just picking up whatever gun you feel like using. I am very happy about the premium account option. I am much more comfortable with that type of account. Thanks for probably the best update so far, well except for the fact that there is going to be an APB Reloaded.

  64. This comment has been removed by the author.

  65. One other thing that is slightly off topic.

    Please allow this game to be installed and ran apart from the gamers first live program. Allow this game to feel like a premium MMO that stands alone from the current and terrible (sorry to have to be so blunt) line up in the gamers first selection. I think this game can be gamers first crowning jewel if they market it like a real premium game that has a f2p option.

  66. You guys think you can actually make night time dark, and so that lights on the vehicles and even the police lights have an ambient impact? You know, like grand theft auto or need for speed? We're tired of the dull textures that only signify lights.

    This is the unreal engine. You can do SO MUCH with it.

  67. As Shawn mentioned (and I think I've mentioned as well, here or somewhere else...), adding durability to weapons would be a great money-sink and add balance to the more expensive/powerful weapons; repairing a cheaper weapon is no problem, but maintaining a high-end weapon means pouring a good deal of cash in to it time and again.

    Honestly, I love when F2P/Cash-Shop Shooters use degradation/maintenance to the purchasable items (real cash or otherwise), and really dislike having items that must be repurchased after a preset amount of uses or once the timer runs out. Of course, I also love the full suite of weapon modifications that they use as well, but one thing at a time here. I'm not too fond of purchasing or unlocking an item once and having it readily usable forever after, it's linear progression and that always hits some sort of upper limit, and then said limit has to be raised in order to keep people satisfied.

    Anyways, just something to consider.

  68. Wow, I like what you guys are doing with the game, the weather looks great. :-)

  69. Waiting impatiently for the next update :D

    Hoping for some juicy beta stuff! :)

  70. wheres the feb 6th update!?! you guys arent in america(i think) so i know the superbowl isnt an excuse, we want more!

  71. I have purchase APB: All Points Bulletin last year, two week later they shutdown servers. Question is what benefits do customers gain from buying APB:Reloaded (Again) that has purchase before, if any at all? Does may account from RealWorld even exist? if so, can we still access it and use what we have bought, created, and saved? Other than that, I'm glade it's being resurrected and restored.

  72. i dont know alot about what gamersfirst is doing to the game however i am very very and very excited about the game i cannot wait!

    i really hope you dont have to buy anything alot like cars or weapons with g1 credits i am glad you will make this game free but if you have to mostly use g1 for alot of stuff

    you might as well make the game not free!....

    FINAL NOTE: pleave gamersfirst you probably dont gave a crap about this comment but please.. please dont ruin APB i dont think you are but just in case. best regards good luck looking foward to APB.R CB if i get chosen :)


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