Friday, November 19, 2010

End of Week 1 Update : The Crazy Cat Lady of MMO Publishers?

Wow. What a week.

From the moment we announced on Tuesday morning that we are taking over the IP for the game, and are planning to rebuild and relaunch it, until now (so just about four days) we have been crushed by email, interviews, suggestions and attention. Our leaders in PR (Rahul and Ronjini) have done a great job fending off the mad rush of items coming in through the chute. This is great, though in the short term has been a little hard to manage. We are excited too. Now we just need to focus on getting everything set up to put us firmly on the road to relaunch.

Here are some topics I wanted to respond to from the last post's comments (and keep the comments coming,  we all read them to help drive where we are heading with this thing) and some of the new things that have happened this week:

Funny Post? Probably?
The funniest post someone put up this past week may have been the one saying GamersFirst is becoming the crazy cat lady of MMO publishers, picking up all the lonely strays along the road and making a new home for them (9Dragons and now APB). Not sure we agree with that statement as a mental picture, but, sure - we certainly think these are great games that for one reason or another were left orphaned and still have phenomenal potential. I guess the comparison breaks down a bit when you consider that very few stray cats come with multi-million dollar pricetags and big teams to rehabilitate them. But that aside, ok, fine - we might be the crazy cat lady now that I think of it...

Clearly in the case of APB we certainly feel it is much more than an orphaned game, since the game actually had some truly innovative and exciting components, and from our view, it's a great platform to use to launch a lot of new game play features and game modes from over the next several years. But more on that next week (when I will start sharing the design goals for the re-launch).

Game Balance
Making the game Free2Play does not inherently destroy the game balance (if there was proper "balance" in APB to begin with that is) as some comments seem to have worried about. But balance is one of the key things we worry about ourselves (and one of those things that keep us up at night).

Balance is in fact one of the hardest items to manage in any game in general, and in a F2P game in particular, since in F2P it is literally the balance between "grinding" items and "leasing/buying" items. If it's too hard to grind for stuff, then free players give up and leave which reduces the playing population. If it's too expensive or non-motivational to buy things, people don't buy (and in spite of it being free-to-play, we clearly do need devoted fans of the game to find purchases to be a valuable enhancement of the game experience, if not - then the game would risk dying a second time, something we clearly will work to avoid).

There are two types of "balances" that we have to worry about as we go forward; game balance as determined by what can or cannot be bought or earned through progression over time (things related to feeling accomplishment after hundreds of hours of play), and game balance as used to describe matchmaking or team dominance in each individual game session (will I get slaughtered today?). Those two are very different beasts, though related since one deals with the reasons for a person to stay with the game over the very long term, and the other deals with the reasons for a person to play a quick session right now. Sometimes they are opposing forces; if you gave everyone all top weapons from the start, that might be fun for 30 minutes, and then the game loses its long-term purpose (or things might just be so chaotic as to be unplayable). The opposite is also true; we stopped publishing one of our prior RPG games quite some time ago because the grinding factor was so brutal that Western audiences found the game unplayable (the game had hundreds of levels, and really no way to speed up the process). So all the user data we have built up over time in all the games we publish will certainly come in very handy when it comes to setting up the new grind vs buy system for APB.

Anyway, those are the overall parameters. What we will do with them are actually the topic of an entire future blogpost. However the general idea is that we will offer items for grinding (progression) that are almost the same as those for sale, but still different enough that it will appeal to two different audiences. Not better or worse in some cases, just different. In WarRock the same is done with guns like AK47, TAR21 and the AUG on one hand (which are generally earned/grinded-for in game) and the Famas and G36 on the other (which are most often directly leased, or only earned if you have a premium account while grinding). Of course there are a lot more nuances to that design in WarRock, with multiple levels of premium accounts and leased weapon slots (for example; slot 3 and 5 can have the Famas, but if you didn't outright buy the gun but grinded for it while using a $5 bronze premium account, you cannot place the gun in slot 5 etc.), but that's the general idea. For APB we are looking for a similar system where Free players will have fun but will have to grind a lot to be competitive, and paid players will have a slightly different progression path altogether. Much more detail to come on this topic in the future (and when we open that can of worms for public discussion, I will be ducking behind sturdy office furniture to avoid angry snipers).

QA Offers from Gamers
One big category of communications has certainly been offers from former clans and teams to help us QA the game going forward. This is great, and specifically the way we normally handle that is by letting people apply through the community boards once those are up and running to be part of the test patrol. But in the meantime we are happy to build a database of everyone who might be interested in helping out with Closed Beta testing, as well as upcoming feature testing. If you convince us through your passionate and reasoned arguments that you are an awesome tester, we are likely to let you try to be one. So argue away about details and features you were passionately for or against, and we will likely give you a shot.

Our Team and Former Contractors
Our team actually deserves an entire blog update on their own. So this post won't cover the things going on with the team. That will come in due time, since as we get closer to launch I actually want people to know the individuals involved in this effort, given the influence key people will have on the title.

But the exciting update this week is that we have been talking to several former APB people that worked on the title, and now have worked out deals with some of those former team members that will be doing some work as independent contractors during the transition. Since we do not yet have a UK entity or UK company, we might be working toward setting that up in the future. We currently have offices in the US, Turkey, Brazil and India, and have been looking to add a European office as well. So certainly the location of some team members is something we will consider going forward (though of course the weather in California beats Scotland any day :).

Overall, we are still interested in talking to additional people that had an affiliation with the original title, so if you are such a person, or know such a person, certainly feel free to spread the word and send us a line.

Final thoughts
Next week should be just as crazy as this one, and in the next round I expect we will start sharing "real" details about the actual game edits and changes currently underway. We want to vet them a little bit more internally but after that our goal is to have quite a bit of public discussion about upcoming changes as part of the relaunch process. I expect passions to run high on all sides, but that in the end the game will be that much better for it. So stay tuned for Week 2's update...



  1. Excellent! Let me be one of the first to mention I'd certainly help with closed beta and in any other way. I played the game from Steam beta, until the bitter end. I have a passion for this game, and am excited to be a part of it. Further, I am a Senior Programmer/Systems Analyst. (I design and implement telephony systems for banks, governments, hospitals, collection agencies, and other entities.) I know what kind of feedback is useful at different phases of implementation. I also understand that bugs happen(having created probably more than my fair share) and have the patience to continue testing without flaming. I know how to create and use a test case. I think I'm a great fit as a tester, or whatever else the crazy cat lady of MMOs needs to make APB completely awesome.

    =) So... Am I in? =D jk...

  2. Keep Up The good work, I look forward to more updates. I cant wait to play this game again.

  3. Hello, I'd really like to participate in the closed beta. I played since RTW-launch of APB and I have lots of feedback I can share with GamesFirst. I can help you keep the team spirit in missions, help you find bugs etc etc.

    Since I played the game then, I can help you guys get the game as good as it was back then again.

    // Sebastian

    Was in Closed Beta, PTW, pre-ordered and played till the servers went down. Would love to test G1's Beta.

  5. I am completely excited overall about APB Coming back. I spent many many MANY hours playing the game from the time it was released until the very last minute it was closed. It was basically all I did, addicted. I was devastated when APB Closed.

    I would love to be a beta tester for Reloaded and give my feedback on everything. I'm 24 and have played games my whole life :) I'm following up on facebook, and here EVERY single day, lol. Just waiting for beta sign up, and release dates, oooohhhhhh IM SOOOO EXCITED! lol. like a child on christmas morning :) :)

  6. I will gladly come back and play if the veteran players like myself are given substantial reason to play. I honestly played that game to death and I do not feel like leveling back up when I paid 60 dollars for a two month game. All of the veterans should be aloud to reclaim or have auto set level characters. Don't even get me started on my artwork and everything else that I and everyone would be losing too.

    I am not the only one that feels this way. A lot of the community that loved the game played it religiously so if there is not incentive for us to come back, we wont. We wasted our time and were angry about it, if you want us back give us what we worked for back :D

    Thanks guys.

  7. Whether it will be possible, преобрести currency for content payment in Russia, how earlier game time? Simply schemes of payment GamersFirst in Russia difficult enough. Excuse to me, my English.

  8. Hey, I really like the idea about the Game Balancing system. I really find it an essential part in making successful game. Using a Game Balancing system like WarRock is awesome in my opinion. Look at DDO & LOTRO, they've let the Free players grind as well for the special items and to unlock dungeons. You can also pay per month to get all the benefits of the game and letting the players choose between F2P and P2P is pretty cool. LOTRO doubled their revenue by going Free To Play because they've knew that DDO succeed in reviving with their Game Balancing system.

    And please, advertise the game a lot. if you wish to get more players interested in the game and participate in the community. But apart from that, keep up the good work and we'll be all waiting for upcoming updates.

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  10. i was a beta tester for APB since phase 2 and played till the end :D so glad it is coming back, always glad to help beta test again if u need people.

    regarding the FTP model i hope you are also possibly considering a Booster pack setup? alot of people wont bother renting/buying guns/items for real money but a booster pack that doubles your XP and possibly $$ for a set time. days, weeks etc it would bridge the gap between just buying guns and grinding since the free players that are just going to grind will want this to help them, this way everyone gets happy since more to buy and you get more $$$ to help make the game better :D

    but anyway, let me know if you want a tester or anything i am here always and will to help with lots of ideas :D

  11. Perfect news!
    I wanna be beta tester :)
    I played APB since "Key to the city" event until The End, I have good expirience testing some other projects, I'm professional player (funny, yeah, but its true :D ) and I want to participate in test.
    By the way i can be representative of russian community, i have a blog about APB:R and a lot of time to spend on game.
    My english sucks but my skillz are perfect <3
    Where can I send full text about me to participate in CBT?
    BTW my mail to contact- (EU) or (ru)
    So excited ^_^

  12. Oh this is awesome! I love K2 network (gamefirst) give us updates and showing us what's new is the perfect way! I would love to help you guys with the beta testing!. Thanks for buying APB! it was the best game of the year but the payment was faaar to wierd. That's why a F2P game is perfect! ***AND it would be awesome if in the future we let's say are can buy a special thing for real money, then u can pay with the phone, u know sms or something like that! :D***

  13. I loved APB and was happy to hear about Reloaded, but the mention of weapon leasing already has me worried. I refuse to play any game that asks me to lease content. I'm not opposed to all f2p, however. The VIP options in DDO and LOTRO (as well as the soon to be free PotBS) are great. Access to premium content and a stipend of store points for a monthly fee works very well for myself and many others. Please consider some sort of VIP payment model for those who prefer monthly fees to mechanics like leasing.

    Otherwise it sounds like you have some great plans for the game and are prepared to work out the rough edges of the initial release. Very happy to see the game getting a second chance.

  14. I've been keeping my eyes on everything APB related since a year ago. I have played the game since the "Key To The City" event. I'm a Veteran of APB & a dedicated fanboy.

    What makes me a worthy beta tester is that I can keep my cool and supply the fellow G1-ners with the information they seek. I would also really love the experience of it all if anything. Working with GamersFirst better my favorite game would be one of the best things ever to me.

  15. I am so excited that I cant think of anything except APB all day long. Me and my friends are such dedicaded fans with alot of ideas and feedback to make this game better. I would certainly make a good tester in this aspect.

    I played the game since the very begining of the closed beta and played it to the bitter end. I putted many, many houndreds of hours in this game since I totally loved it. The first game in years that I really loved playing.

    So I would love to be a tester to this great game to make it even better than it was before. Cheers

  16. Hello I certainly want to be beta tester, I been with APB since Heavy Hitters times, means I been testing the game about 4 months, then I was in PTW test, then I obviously got the full game and been playing until it was officially dead.
    This game gave me the best gaming experience I ever had, and I'm really looking forward to make it better. I want to find bugs, glitches, everything, because I will play this game in the near future, I want it to be perfect.
    Other things I want to mention, I hope you guys wont be greedy like RTW was(no offence RTW if you reading this :D), and this game will be playable for F2P users. This game has so many potential I hope it wont be ruined again.
    And yeah I know no one would listen me but I want this game be One Time Buy game but with full access to the game, it could also reduce cheaters/hackers problems, which was one the biggest problems in old APB.
    Oh and I'm wondering where the game servers will take the place, I hope there will be some servers In Europe or anywhere near it, because if its somewhere in US, no European players will play this game, the ping would be awful.
    Now see you till the next update.

  17. Over the years I've seen mmos come and go, communities dwindle and fall, and games that just downright fail. But APB is unlike the others though. In other mmos you are forced to do boring grinds at some point, but in APB the cash grinding/gun grinding was all but boring to me. I had fun playing this game solo and with my Reckless Intention buddys on the old LaRocha server. I've created who knows how many designs, shot and arrested how many criminals, and drove god only knows how many meters in my cisco vehicle. I am proud to of have been apart of the beta community and APBs north American community. When APB fell, we all thought it was the end. No more criminal killing, no more killer designs, no more stunts, and no more feeling the rush of combat of close quarters and street combat. But when we heard that you wonderful people (I love War Rock by the way) we all just got excited and started getting rough ideas for when we'd start Reckless Intention back up. Now, we are proud to have been one of the only few enforcer clans who have never hacked and placed on leaderboards (although some of us were called hackers). A couple of us have been playing since beta and noticed quite a few problems such as one way access areas. Now I admit, I have been pretty cheap and used these areas on escape missions with my clanmates, but I assured myself it was only for testing.

    After we sent in our reports (and probably a few dozen others did too), RTW fixed most of the spots in Waterfront and only one in the financial district. May I request that this would get looked at by your level designers in the future?

    I do know that level design is not as simple as place a wall here and every problem is fixed, but instead it takes long hours of planning. (I've worked on maps and mods as a level designer using the source engine and have some experience with the UDK. So there is no rush for you guys to get done.)

    Now for my suggestions on microtransactions. I propose that guns should entirely be left alone (unless there is awesome reskins)
    Instead, you should sell entire districts in packs like the call of duty games (say 2 districts for twenty five bucks?) and sell special designer clothing made by your artists. You could also sell customizable reskins of various vehicles, weapons skins, and even change the profession of your character. This would balance the game for everybody (as all guns and vehicles would be gainable while providing an extra incentitive to purchase for more replay value and stylish action.)

    Well that is it and I'm looking foward to see what you guys do with the game. Reckless Intention however is looking foward to making one hell of a comeback on the streets of San Paro. If you ever need a betatester(s) just email me and I'll be glad to help out. And, congratulations on purchasing APB you guys have certainly made my year.

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  19. Hey, I'd really like to help out in the closed beta. I played since the Closed BETA of APB before hand and handed in lots of feedback (None was taken in, still found the same bugs on release day - sure you will listen tho :D). I then pre orderd the game (Even tho Amazon screwed me over and only gave me a normal copy of the game so i had no extra stuff)and have had so many idea's that would help the game grow. I have also BETA tested a few other games such as Age of Conan
    Seems how i have already played the game a lot, I'm sure i can help you guys.
    So yeah - hope to hear from you.

  20. Well I i didn't got the chance to play APB before, but I would like to help on the CB.
    Just a few stuff I like/would like like to see:
    Cool thing I got from gameplay vids was the fact that we can freely customize our character and vehicle, but I wonder if we can upgrade vehicle stats like speed, armor, etc (that should be cool). I also would like to see "weapon modification": paint, aim, stability, things that make our weapon unique and leave our own mark on kills :D
    Keep up the good work and thank you for reviving this good looking game. =)


  21. Should setup a UK office in Dundee ;)

  22. I would like to be a Beta tester allso. I only played the game for the last two months, before the servers were shut down. But i made a clan and got to R307. Even though there was alot of people, allready max R when i started. So i fought my way up, not knowing anyone above my R. And on the way i saw alot of things, that needed changed. Some of them got changed, in the last update we got to get. And more where to come in the next update. But there was still alot of work needed being done. I am familiar with making bug reports and have good patience. Further more i would consider it a honor to be testing APB. I will follow APB where ever. And will try to promote people to joining aswell. Because APB is the Greatest Game, to see the light of the sun, In my opinion. One Question, how do i go about advertising gamersfirst on my website?

  23. Well I certainly loved APB and and played the first Beta release they had. I played almost all the time, but sometimes I couldn't afford it. The games VoIP was solid, but it was too pricey. The graphics of the game is what drew me in and also it's way to communicate to your clan. I made a clan and before that I fought my way through the game and noticed so many things that need to be fixed or changed. I really believe that I could be a good beta tester if you give me a chance. The last time I played the game it was okay and decent on the driving, but there should of been more of a community sorta racing like how some real gangs have to gain rep. Hope you choose me to be a beta tester and keep up the work on the game, hope it turns into a solid piece of work.

  24. finally APBR coming back hell yeah... 2K thanks for buying APB..
    only I worried about weapons in APBR.. if it be like in War Rock (pay real money for 30 day use) not weapons please... if we can got weapons from lvl up + we can also buy it early. It will be good.. but not weapons p2p please... no..

  25. I played APB all the way from Closed Beta to the day the servers went down.

    Planing on bring our 100+ strong clan (MPS) we built on the old APB to the new one.

    Would love to be able to test out and give you feedback on the new version.

  26. I should have mentioned when I posted above... I use the name ABPKyuu on the G1 forums. In case you need to contact me. =D

  27. NIce, I always wanted to play APB but I couldn't as I didn't have the money but with this free to play thing I might have a chance to play it now just a question will it be playable on a Mac too hardly any free game are does it take a lot to make a game Mac compatible? I think it would be really good if you guys could :)

  28. It's very exciting to hear you guys' plans for APB, it's awesome that someone jumped in to nurse this game back to health. :D I was with APB from the closed beta to its final days; I watched the community go on a swift decline until there were very few people left that I could play with. I took a week-long vacation from home, and when I came back I discovered that APB had shut down. I was really disappointed and angry that the game had been abandoned by its players, and I never had a chance to say bye to my friends before it shut down. Now that it's coming back, I'm exploding with glee that I can play it again next year. 8) Thank you all very very much for reviving one of the funnest MMO's I have ever played! :D

  29. NICE! We got progress = pure awesomeness is getting closer)

    Was in CBT, played till servers off...

    Looking forward to test APB again...(nostalgia).

  30. Let me first start off by saying; THANK YOU FOR SAVING MY FAVORITE GAME! Although APB had many flaws, which resulted in its downfall, I never gave up and kept playing through all its troubles. I had played from open beta to it's unfortunate downfall. From the moment I started playing the game, I couldn't stop. I probably have logged about 700-800 hours playing, and would be playing right now if I had the choice. I know the game inside and out. I think I would be a perfect fit for closed beta. I'd love to share my feelings with you guys to help the game grow and develop to what it can, and I believe will become. I know APB has a bright future, and I would love to be a part of it.

  31. in terms of balance, the less than lethals need to be balanced, they flawed by design. unless upgrades that work on health work on stamina.

    2nd the matchmaking. needs a look at. change the variables it uses to put teams against each other add a gear score and use player level. this will benefit prebuys vs free account too

    re: "almost the same as those for sale, but still different enough that it will appeal to two different audiences"

    offer the same guns in terms of stats but different looks, offer xp boosts and money making boosts too please

    as for why choose me for beta? my computer can run apb for days, I'm highly skilled with computers and I was one of the top players in LaRocha. also I will work my ass off to make this game better

  32. oh also lol at "The Crazy Cat Lady of MMO Publishers?" Ive read that too haha

  33. Hello APB Reloaded blog!
    Great news!
    I was a closed beta and open beta tester and i was really upset when game was closed and waited for any news and now the APB will be alive! (Frankenstein laugh). So I want to be a beta tester again in APB Reloaded. I will find every bug i can if it will be, believe me i really have a fantasy to find rare bugs! Besides, as a part of Russian community players i want to help with any translations on Russian language of news and updates or game content, items, missions, etc. I want that because Russian players were nearly 40-50% of all APB players, and all are happy with news that APB will be alive! But many russians really haven't learned english language and since there is no official translate of news i want to help with that problem! So if you are interested in taking me in beta testers of my translation on Russian just let me know on email (RU)
    or just pm me here;)
    With great respect, Sinholder.

  34. Such great news!
    Looking very forward to APB coming back, and would love to help out with the beta testing. I have beta tested several other MMO's (AoC, STO, CoH/CoV,CO to name a few)and am very meticulous at finding bugs and running missions to find flaws.
    I played APB from retail launch to the bitter end, and logged maaaaany hours of gametime in.
    I am a mature gamer, started with Pong back in the 70's and havn't stopped since! :)
    I'm detail oriented and have a calm, soothing personality (heh), and my system ran APB very smoothly during it's few months of life.
    I'm very interested in seeing what new systems you plan to add to the game...and again, I'm always willing to help!
    Thanks for the update, and hope to see everyone in game sooner than later! :)
    Jeff W

  35. I'm glad to see the game is making a comeback, and would be happy to beta test APBR. I've had some prior experience with beta testing and have plenty of spare time on my hands to do more. I preordered APB, logging several hundred hours into the game, and played it until the day the servers shut down. My previous experience with the game will make APBR easier to test and also gives me a more critical perspective.

    As for the paid benefits/balancing. I respectfully have to disagree with paying to use a certain gun only for a set amount of time. If you paid for it, it should stay. Otherwise it'll feel like a monthly membership fee with only half the benefits. I'm not very fond of microtransactions, but if anything, people should be able to keep most of what they buy.

    I'm still concerned about how griefers will be managed and controlled when everyone will be able to log on for free. (Don't remove collision detection for non party/enemy vehicles)

  36. Forgot to mention, that on the G1 forums I'm Intense, thought this comments give some sort of contact info like email.

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  38. Sorry K2, but it seems that you really are convinced to ruin this game making it Pay to Win, i hoped you wold have balanced with the payment crap but you are talking about an entire PAYMENT leveling syste, and thats horrendous, in my opinion you should just make a XP boost thing, a money Boost thing , and some stuff like cars.

    PS: Or those blog posts by your employee arre pathetic... i got ya

  39. I played APB ever since APB was in beta, and played until Real Time Worlds was shut into Administration mode. A lot of my friends played as well; some played almost as much as I did, and some quit for various reasons. I would love to see this game rise again, but I would hate to have my friends not play it due to the various issues that were seen in the original APB. RTW was a bit slow at getting a patch out for balance, but in the end they did a decent job at balancing the game out. After the NTEC was nerfed, many people started using a wide variety of guns such as shotguns, snipers, and people still used the NTEC. Balance was only one issue in the game. RTW kept bringing up how the driving system was not responsive enough, but most of my friends that quit APB didn't mind the driving, as it took a bit of skill and was fairly easy to get used to. In my opinion, changing the driving system should be a low priority, if not none. Another big issue would be content. A lot of people complained about how repetitive the game was. I like the idea of a racing district, and i think more ideas similar to that would really boost the game in a positive direction. And lastly, the payment. I have only played a few free-to-play games, including GunBound and more recently League of Legends. I do not think someone should be able to buy an item with real currency that gives a significant advantage over other people that other people in game cannot purchase with in game currency. League of Legends gains income through selling champions and skins. I think the same concept can be applied to APB. Have guns be purchasable through micro-transactions and through in game currency. However, a few things that don't directly affect gameplay, such as clothing, music, symbols, and so on could be purchasable only through micro-transactions. This would keep balance and the players happy!

    These are my opinions and criticisms. I hope GamersFirst takes these into consideration. I really would enjoy being a beta tester, so i hope they consider it. I wish the best of luck for the development process!

  40. Awesome! I can't wait to see APB raise again. I would like to help beta testing! I'm from Germany, so I can help out with language specific details, too. I've been playing APB from early beta stage until the day the servers went offline. I have spent several hundreds of hours in this game and also have made many suggestions to new features in the official APB forum. I'm a web developer & designer for 8 years now. I'm self-employed and so I am very flexible.

    One thing I wish you'd take a look at is the performance of this game. Since RTW released APB it wasn't optimized well. I have a high-end computer and still got lags and stuttering in APB.

    Do you also think about forming local support teams for different countries? I would like to help people and give support. For example I could give German players support and help them out with technical issues or any question regaring the game.

    I'm ready - just shoot me an email if you want:

  41. Hello! APB was my first online game and it was just magnificently to play
    on streets of San Paro.After APB went down i attempted to play other online shooters, and no one (cross fire,BF2,counter strike,Point Blank,Call of Duty Black Ops - Multiplayer and many others...)not even close to compare with APB!And the shortcomings that were in APB very low, and the enormous advantages.If you give me a chance to be a tester, I will a critical look at the innovations, because old APB was awesome!
    I can play about 4-5 hours a day.
    With best wishes Nikolay from Russia!

  42. Hi! APB is a game the best game in the world I was shocked that the project is shut down unnecessarily waited for APB again open and this happened to APB back my dream to be a beta tester can analyze all sorts of errors, and various shots
    If I take a beta tester, I'll be very happy to beg me to take a tester I really liked playing on it very heavily worked
    I hope you isprvite all bugs
    If angered me here e-mail communication
    Thanks in advance

  43. Hello. First of all I have to say my hearth made a little jump in the air aswell when I heard about APB coming back :). Ive played this game from 1 week after the release till the last seconds it was alive. Pretty much achieving anything achievable in the game content available back then, which should indeed be expanded.
    As some before me mightve said already Id just like to say again how we paid 50+ euros to play this game and put many many hours and effort in it, itd be sad to see if we won't get anything back for it when it comes back up. Would be great if youd share your ideas on this subject with us to let us know where we're standing.

    I myself had the most difficulties with the amount of Game masters and such being active in the game itself. Things as hackers which weren't too hard to spot never got any action against. Introducing active Game Masters in the new release, ready to answer questions and help with difficulties would be a huge improvement aswell.

    There were more problems ofcourse but I wont go in on those as previous posters have that all covered up already.

    Ofcourse Id like to be a part of the Beta myself and leave any suggestions/ideas behind :).

  44. well I do hope one awesome feature stays in the game which is the trading for money within the game.

  45. Let me in Let me in hahah i played the game tell the end and would love to be a beta tester cant wait tell game hits full force again been keeping up on forums and all the information u guys been giveing everything sounds awsome cant wait tell next weeks post

  46. This comment has been removed by the author.

  47. I'd like to be a beta tester is possible too =x I also wanted to give my 2 cents that I think would add to APB to make it better.
    My first idea and more likely one to be used is to give Enforcers the ability to buy the customizable Hockey Mask, my reason for this is that most vigilante's wear masks, from superheros to regular people wanting to clean up crime. My Best example for a vigilante that wears a hockey mask would be Casey Jones from Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtles. It really makes senses for both crims and enforcers to be able to use this awesome acessory to hide their identity while they fight crime!
    My second thought is that maybe to combat the Crims' getting the good guns faster and easy hard camping locations is to add a Riot Shield for the Enforcers as a primary, while their secondary can be shot with either by hip fire or aiming it at teh risk of exposing your character's head. I think APB was missing this item as a valuable anti-spam deterrent that tends to happen in close-quarters-combat of the tight places where people love to camp. Maybe even give crims this as well or something like it. I really think it would be worth it to have one of your squad guys carrying it to help deal with the camping thats always done
    I hope these ideas are helpful to your team bringing back an awesome game!

  48. I just want to play, was a subscriber before and will be a subscriber again. Closed Beta, Beta doesn't matter.

    Haven't been this excited about a game since COD1. True Blue FPS convert.

    Work from home and will have easy 2 hours a day to test. But I'm sure I would play much longer ;)

  49. Hey I preordered this game and played till the servers died with 3 others in my clan who really had l lot of fun despite the flaws.

    Please make sure you have anti cheat enabled. This game at launch didn't and when they did enable it the servers were all laggy.

    Also 100 players in a zone is something I hope you can achieve. RTW said 100 players but in reality it was 80.

    Group size or the ability to join Gangs or Squads by linking them together would help a lot. There needed to be more massive skirmishes, too many 10 or less players on a side.

  50. Hey just wanted to say thanks for picking this game up and I really do hope you guys achieve the potential this game deserves even with all the bad press leading up to it's failure.

    My 3 friends and I played this game from preorder till the servers got shut down. I was very angry when I got home only to find the game was dead on what was supposed to be a patch day.

    That being said you guys need to consider this:

    100 players / action district or more - RTW advertised 100 but it was only 80.

    Pure skill / Chaos Rules - Pure skill was set to release the game died, you guys need this in something heavily requested. Chaos is equally if not more requested but you should hold off on that till you add more content.

    Missions - Some were too one sided, like having 4 mins to kill your enemy 10 times or you lose. The enemy just had to avoid you and it was pretty boring.

    Groups - Size of 4 is pretty small, allow Enforcers to make Squads and Criminals to make Gangs that link a max of 16 players

    Raid style missions - Have criminals try and rob the bank with a big pay out if they can succeed against enforcers trying to stop them.

    Bounty Missions - Fix witnessing properly and bring these back based on witnessing.

    Motocycles - Needed eventually

    Closed beta - Would love to help

  51. god iam soo late:(
    hai! i played apb since day1 and played till last second. iam cereal super exited about hearing apb coming up again and already now i have no doubt iam gonna buy it again.
    i see myself as an extremely good player,(top10 individuel skill on obeya)having played with and versus literally the best players on obeya, over a 600hours played on different characters i got ALOT of experience on the highest skill lvl to date in apb. I would really like to be in the closed beta aswell.
    characters i had:
    for more information email

  52. Might aswell leave a comment here,
    Was Gobb on Apb eu logged around 700 hours on the patriot server.
    Was a member of Rezistance which was the biggest(?) non russian criminal clan on the server.
    Really happy you are bringing the game back up even though my hours of grinding wheelman up to around 14.5 seems to have been a waste ;)
    Would like to put my name down as a willing tester along with a large part of my clan since we are all huge fans of the game despite all the flaws it had we would all like to help make it as good as possible to show or gratitude to RTW for coming up with such a fun game and for you for rescuing it.

    Got experience as a closed beta tester of Fallen Earth and Battlefield Heroes.

    Couldnt find an email adress anywhere so figured at the worst this comment would make me look silly :P

  53. First of all thx for making my dream come true. i have been holding my breath sins the games closed down in hope that it would be picked op by anyone, so we all can rome San Paro again.

    i'am a systemadministrator by day for the past 8 years, but i love to game, and no other games have given me so much fun as APB, i would love to be concidered for one af the beta tester spots.

    oure APB crime Guild (Rezistance)is realy looking forward to APB-Reloaded, having its full potentiale released, but then again some think that a it may be to late, i dont.

    realy looking forward to release. and again thx from denmark

  54. I would be really grateful if you picked me to be one of the beta testers, and if you need anymore than I can get about 20-30 players who had experience and some with no experience of the game. I already test out Star Wars the Old Republic and help them out and I was hoping I could do the same with APB Reloaded. I also think that maybe a good idea for the game is having a hideout or a place for players to chill by themselves or store guns or whatever at their house. I also was thinking you guys could include a side where you can face off against both gangs and officers, it will probably bring more players to the game it's just another thing to try out during beta I guess.

  55. I would love to participate in the closed beta and help out with the games process. I've played APB since the start full time by the name of zEio. I know a lot of buggy places, that were still in the game when APB shut down.

  56. I would be especially interested in the Beta. I played APB since Closed beta and until the servers finally closed down. I achieved a rating of 307 and spend countless hours in the designer, tweaking and changing many aspects about my character and vehicle. Since APB shut there has been an empty void waiting to be filled. I tried CoD:BO, Tf2, Hell even GTA:Sa multiplayer. Nothing can fill the void and immense passion I had for APB.

    I was a devoted officer of a clan and a hardcore and dedicated gamer to the APB franchise I'm just glad you guys saw the potential in the game and resurrected it.

    I have been in a few closed betas in my gaming history, One notable one being the Closed Beta of World Of Warcraft. Back many moons ago. I was also in the Global Agenda closed beta testing phase.

    I can't wait for the announcement of beta (weather I get in or not!) and the final version of the game.

    I am contactable on GgEnvy(at)Gmail(Dot)com

    Or tag me on this google account.

    Many thanks

  57. I loved the concept of the game but was totally disappointed with the spray and pray game play.

    as far as i am concerned this might be the best thing that could of happened to the game, however i get the feeling hitboxes wont be added.

    bring skill into the game and allot more people will play

  58. Just don't listen to a word Cappadocia says. His ideas are worthless.

  59. I personally can not wait. My clan played during closed beta on North American, but only during the last couple weeks of closed beta. We also all bought the game and paid and played til its last day on sunday sept 26th ? or 19th i forget. I've been in other closed betas such as more recently APB, Mortal Online, Darkfall, and earlier I was in Ultima Online beta. I would love to see how apb turns out and me and my friends and clan mates the 4 of us played apb almost every night. Its a great game and I am happy that GamersFirst is releasing APB Reloaded Thanks alot! Please if you do any close beta contact me at and I wish you all the best luck

  60. This comment has been removed by the author.

  61. AWESOME SUCH GOOD NEWS!! Was in closed beta before, would love to help test the game and give good feedback, Can't wait to play APB again! Thank you!

  62. As controversial as people whined about it I loved this game every bit and saw the power to add content and grow it. Put me back in coach!

    Work at home, play something daily, I have time to test.

  63. This comment has been removed by the author.

  64. This comment has been removed by the author.

  65. This comment has been removed by the author.

  66. Hi, I think I'm really well Positioned to Participate In The Closed Beta Test of PDB.
    I am a Dev. and a real-life no.
    I touch a can go to "any games. Starting WoW, star wars galaxies, DAoC, via CS
    Battlefield Without Forgot Dirt Blur and co.
    I Spend about 60 hours per day watching video games. See more.
    I played a lot PDB Beside the golden days stop it, I Looked Over and Over if He Had Been
    Redeemed by someone. I Do Not Tell You The Joy When I Learned He Had Been Bought by someone.
    I Play Some but not F2P Dramatically. I am familiar operation With The goal I Always preferred
    nevertheless pay a subscription. Purpose There Is talk of BPA, it is Not Like Others games, it's a game
    Revolutionary. MMO-TPS (not fps ...). It is currently single, I Have Always Believed In The potential of this
    games. And I hope With your help We Will finally take off. In short, I'm a real fan of this game. And
    Participate In The Beta Will Be Year Honor for me. And I'll be a great beta test: p, I Will Return
    about problems etc. .. I Know What I Have Played Role SEVERAL times.

    Well, I hope you séléctonneré for this beta test.
    Good day / evening.
    PS: Sorry for my English, I am Swiss goal and I speak French cooked properly. But I do not think
    this problem ^ ^. Quite the Contrary, I am Known for That too because i am from Another Place
    The English, I Would Not Necessarily Have the Same View.

    Sorry for post deleted.

    Contect me : wapkagut [at] hotmail [dot] com

  67. Oh my God. Me, my brother and one of my friends were absolutely devastated when we heard APB was shutting down. We loved that game so much, and must have racked up 300+ hours each on it. We were just blind followers from the beginning simply because of the incredible concept. Sure, things about it pissed us off, but winning a match in that game was pretty much like a miniature orgasm. Seriously, when that game shut down, we were just completely crushed. We played it since the day it came out to the public, all the way until the final days. After hearing news that it's bought and that it is going to come back, you would not believe the amount of yelling and cheering in our voice server that day. We love the game to death, and we would be more than honored to beta test it. We are die-hard fans of the game, and would still be playing it now if it hadn't have shut down. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR PURCHASING THE GAME! We are so excited to hear this news it is unhealthy.


  68. such a question the game will be set from the old drive, or license will need to download a new and even more old players something kompinsiruetsya in the game and remain the ACC?

  69. Am totally looking forward to playing this game again. Beta tested couple of months pre-release, and bought, enjoyed and kicked ass until the servers went down. From 54th Street Precinct, getting clan members to reorganise for APB:R! Would love to beta test this again.
    Gamer ID: Hindrancescorn

  70. I liked this game from the beginning. Played 400+ hours.. US, La Rocha, server, In game Name: Krrris. It would be pleasure for me to Participate In The Closed Beta.

  71. I'm so excited that APB is coming back! I am a little concerned about the new FTP dynamic since I have played dozens of FTP games (including 9Dragons and Knight Online) and I would hate to see APB become another grindfest game. The blog post comforted me that you guys are considering all the factors while making the transition.
    I would love for the opportunity to test the game, as I was an ardent player of APB. Either way I will be playing APB on day 1 when it re-launches, and I look forward to seeing what you guys do with it. Good luck!

  72. I know this question has probably been asked but, will k2 allow previous APB players play with their original accounts/characters?

  73. Well I think i would be great for a closed beta spot, with a brilliant reason: "why not?" no jk ;)

    i first beta tested aion that was fun for a certain period. After that i played the game, it was kind of a big online grind, it wasn't for me.. after that some time went by and the first news arrived about APB and since 2005-ish i've been following what happened. played the APB closed-beta since Februari and contributed ever since. after the beta i wanted to buy it but i was too late or perhapse lucky i didn't because of the unfortunate things that happened. but now apb is comming back and I AM ARE READY! :) again!

  74. Hey K2 Networks!
    My name is Zlata and first of all i wish you the best luck with your new purchase and all that left to do is to make some changes that all of us would like to see and then APB will definitely become the game of everyone's dream.
    I'm writing on behalf of Carte Blanche clan, a clan that during CBT and release was one of the most powerful ones and because of it we were always discussed on the forums and in game. When the administrators pulled out the plug we went on to believe that APB'd ressurect one day and finally our dreams are coming true all thanks to you. We know everything about this fascinating game and we are looking forward to help you if you don't mind so our clan apply to be the beta tester. APB missed the clan wars and you should pay your attention to this important feature of gameplay. If you do it you'll keep the interest of the gamers much more longer than it was on release. We have tried to make clan wars and race events by ourselves but if it were implemented by the developers it would be much more easier.
    We are 25 ready to help volunteers and all that we want is your approval to our apply.
    With the best wishes from Carte Blanche. E-mail -
    We are -

  75. Apb, back from the (premature)grave! its fantastic. I played the Beta, and contributed a fair amount trying to help improve the game where possible.
    When I heard the game died, something inside of me died a little.
    No, the game wasnt perfect
    No, the game wasnt Done
    No, I didnt buy the game

    The point is, the game had flaws, but it had SO MUTCH potential.
    It needed time to develop. Unfortunately it didnt get time for it.
    Hopefully it becoming F2P it gets the honest chance it needs to become one of the best mmo`s out there in its field. Nothing compares to it so far. The possibilities are endless. The systems are unique. Just perfect for the perfect game.

    This is also the reason I would like to be a tester. I have beta-tested many other games, like Aion and EVE-online.

    on top of it all:
    FANTASTIC! that it gets another chance!

  76. can't wait, also have been there from beta til the end, i talk to my gf about this game all the time cause she also played and loved it as much as me, we WILL be back on resurrection day!


  77. Greeting, GamersFirst ! I want to take part in test APB. I play in games since 6 year old. I want do relation my life with games (to work in someone games’ company)…I took part in tests Final Fantasy 14 Online, Battlefield 2 Bad Company and Requiem (I was in 10th the best testers). I played in many games, last were APB (2 months) and Starcraft 2. I am the representative of the Russian community.
    My pluses: responsibility, communicable, old gamer, game time 3-6+ hours per day.
    My minus: Middle knowledge English (but I do improve it every day).

  78. As a former playtester for APB during it's closed beta and a former player i am happy that APB has been "saved" but i do have concerns on the premium services and how they will work.

    I think a more in depth post about the ins and outs of the system is needed because the general opinion of K2 and it's f2p games tends to be on the negative. The worry is that paying for items could ruin the game and take the skill out of the game.

    If i am offered a chance to test the re-launched APB then i will accept that opportunity and i'm sure my fellow ARC clan members would be happy to do so to. ARC is a clan that was formed in APB and is keen to play the game again.

  79. One of the best parts about this game is the customization of our characters, and I swear to god, if you try to limit that and make us pay to unlock customization, I will come down to your offices and punch each of you in the balls personally.

  80. Good Lord, people. Read up on what they've said their going to do before getting upset at them. I think some of you have villianized G1 in your mind to the point that you are suspicious of every comment. You're sounding like cappa. Stop it. =D

  81. Well I have two questions. First is what are you going to give the players that bought the game, and didn't go to EA support. Are you going to give them free points or nothing at all? Second one is, are you going to implement a graphic settings? Well other then that I be keeping my eye on the game, and can't wait to jump back in.

  82. I was one of those involved with APB from very early on in beta. I saw a game with so much promise. The community bent over backwards submitting bug reports, suggestions, highlighting problem areas and all of this was ignored by the previous devs.
    I hope this time we can do it right and once again I offer my help in testing. Hopefully this time we will be listened to.

  83. Let me first say that I love the news, and I really hope you guys can pull this off well. APB had so much promise from the very beginning, but was marred by poor design.
    That said, I would absolutely love to be in on the closed beta, just like I was for the original APB. I'm not too sure that posting here in the comments is going to do much to get me there, but, it's worth a shot. I loved, and still love APB. I put a lot of care and effort into making my characters unique on the streets of San Paro, and despite getting crushed by overcompetitive clans, people with T3 weapons I had no hope of affording, and the hackers, I still loved playing the game. When I found an actual fair match, the game shone so brilliantly. I'd love to do what I can to help the new developers recreate that experience for everyone, and not just the select few lucky enough to not get slapped by matchmaking.

  84. Ignite's comment about purchasing symbols and clothing gave me an idea: considering how hard was it in the original to grind whatever you wanted and how negligible was the impact of it on gameplay (you just looked flashier), I see unlocking decals and clothing elements for real money (or ground-for in-game currency) as a viable way of income (I'm saying that because, among other things, I just couldn't be bothered to grind BRs all the way to Level 40 and their top-tier questgiver to Level 6 just to unlock ONE GODDAMN VINYL). There were also some promises RTW didn't keep, for example the Chaos and PureSkill rule sets or even a leveling guide (it was introduced in Beta 0.5 or so, but we never received a complete version upon release).

    Also, if anyone still remembers, I was the guy who designed Mass Effect paintjobs for cars, Cisco Normandy and Patriot Mako. - the Jade Law-approved Charge Cisco Normandy.

  85. I am so glad that APB is being Reloaded. It was a great game, with lots of potential, ruined by various issues.

    I spent a lot of time in Closed Beta playing and testing the game, submitting feedback etc.

    Loved the Jericho and spent hours customizing it, though I was no graphic designer, but I had fun with it anyway.

    I loved the driving (when it wasn't affected too much by server lag) even though as many would point out, it wasn't very realistic. But I think they completely missed the point of the driving in the game. The driving in APB isn't about realism, it was about having crazy car chases with your team mates hanging out the window shooting at your opponent, having crazy crashes, silly slides and generally having a total blast. Driving in APB was brill for that reason.

    Anyway, if you want someone opinionated who has a fair bit of experience of the game (from the Enforcer side of things at least) then give me a shout, I will be happy to beta test.

  86. Whats going to be done about the incessant HACKING that plagued the original game and was the driving force for its downfall?? If you dont fix the HACKING (linked to the Unreal Engine) then the game wont have a chance to bring back quality players.

  87. First off I'd like to say I'm happy to see someone decided to resurrect this game and try to give it a much needed overhaul.

    Me any my clan beta-tested APB since February up till launch. We decided not to buy it since we felt the game lacked the content for the monthly fee they were charging, so we wanted to wait and see how they handle post-launch... and unfortunately it seems we made the right call.

    Not to sound elitist but we consider ourselves serious an mature gamers and all of us have played other MMOs (some still do) and many online shooters. We enjoyed APB greatly even with all it's unbalances and really tried working towards improving the game and making it a better experience. A lot of things we disliked (that we informed the devs about) were fixed in patches (recoil, bigger emphasis on skill with the upgrades nerf, balancing weapons etc.) and we never abused exploitable bugs, we reported them instead.

    So if you guys need beta-testers...

    Regardless, we all look forward to seeing what you can do with this and hope you guys manage to turn this game into what it was supposed to be.

  88. Pre-ordered, paid for RTW points for auction house, and a few months of time. Im more than willing and happy to help beta test. In the short time it was out i logged 250+ hours while still working a full-time job.

    I rode this game out till it was not longer capable of riding, then longed for somthing to replace my addiction to APB. Im getting excited just thinking about playing APB again. Cant wait to get back into San Paro and kill some Enforcer scum. =D

  89. Awesome! I was playing both the closed beta and the PTW. Later on I decided to wait for it to get popular in fear of it going offline (which now seems a reasonable decision I made) because of an orginal way of collecting fees, which could either catch on or fail. This time, as a free to play title I hope it'll gain more popularity and hopefully some devoted gamers who will make the community great, thus making the game much more enjoyable. I wish you good luck and await any call from you in case you need any suggestions. Good luck!

  90. Hello! I'm Vindiesel21. I was a leader of the strongest enforcer clan "Knights" in Europe.
    Each of us dreams to test APB as early as possible!
    Most of clansmen were beta-testers in this game, so we are experienced gamers. We promise to be active and help you to find bugs and so on.
    Our players:

  91. As what Lance said, I am basically the same. I have beta tested this game when the closed beta was around. I was a loyal player till the end. I have discovered many bugs (some of which did not get fixed). I really hope you do something with this game. And please do not make customization and all of the old clothing and weapons cash shop items, if you are going to have appearal in the cash shop, add you own items. We don't want that corruption.

  92. Hey "Knights" I remember you camping under the bugged bridge in Financial and doing all that dirty stuff, must be very proud of your "skills" haha

  93. Yeah, and I remember "Saints", who were camping there every time they could.
    As soon as I learnt about it I punished players who used this bug.

  94. hai Vin_diesel21 where can i find more information about knights:D?

  95., but our site's the russian one :( But if you're interesting to smth pm me there

  96. Actually, the whole relaunch thing is better than rtw continuing to maintain the game. First off: they did not listen to the community. Second: they only patched stuff no one cared about. Third: awesome new features are possible this way.

    I have been playing the game since beta till the end for 5+ hours a day (was a rating 300+ enforcer).

    There are so many things that can be done to improve this game with very little work. I'm looking forward to post my ideas in the forums once they are up.

    Till then dear gamersfirst ppl.

  97. Thank you for bring APB back, i been waiting and wondering; when it was gonna happen, i loved the game since the launch on Steam to the end, now seeing that it is being bought back its great news! keep up the good work!I hope and wish for the best,most success in this new launch!

  98. It was heart breaking to see such an fun game to just burn up in flames so quick. I'm not expecting you to answer or to read this by any chance but if you do will you address these questions soon?

    From the podcast on Avault

    1. It was said that former players of APB COULD get their old accounts back if it were possible and it would be addressed after thanksgiving. Any news on that?

    2. The downfall to APB was how poor the anti-cheating systems were and the fact that it is going to be F2P, I cringe at the fact that it won't have the sufficient protection.

    3. The city was rather "lifeless" but although the game needs somewhat good specs to run it (seeing how APB:R will be f2p some people might not be able to run it as well) I think it's better to put it on the bottom of list for now.

    4. I like the way you guys are steering this ship atm, I'm one of those fanboys that want the game to come back and the clan that I was in is still waiting for the day servers go live (Code Killers represent!)

    5. Props if you remember those OP dump truck griefing.

    From, an worried but optimistic APB player.

  99. Sweet, i glad to see my favorite game come back to life, apb was the only thing i truely enjoyed after playing tons of WoW clones and it was heartbreaking to see it get flushed away (along with my $50 bucks) in about 3 months. I put trust you you guys seeing as it was secretly free to play (sell wep mods for rtw pts i had 3 months paid for in 1st week!) and that now there will be some hax protection even though as much as people claim, hackers werent that much of a problem and most "hackers" weren't but the problem was lack of a matchmaking system i remember making a new character and being R10 vs R289 and at that point my star can't beat a rpg/nade launcher with full tier 3 mods, also there were major balance problems with stuns vs guns and even guns vs guns. Anyway i have tons more to say but not much room so i'd like to considered to closed beta test as i did play the game before & after release and loved it! Also if possible would love to keep my account with all my designs and such as so much tme was spent there although i know its more logical to wipe everything ]:

    Sorry with the long msg peace.

  100. Visit!
    Curently looking for Administrators and Moderators!

  101. You need to put as much effort on game balance as possible because it was biggest problem of APB all the time... it was same in beta, ptw and retail version and IMO only way to get rid of it is to totally change how does the weapon work.

  102. Thanks to you and your colleagues for bringing back a great game to us fans. Was hard to see RTW fail, even harder when the login server started refusing access..

    As a player from start of last version with around 400h spent in game (Hello I'm Andreas and I'm an APB addict..) I have a deep understanding in the game and its features. I would like the opportunity to share my opinions in a beta version should one be created.

    I will see you once the official release has been made available regardless. Catch you on the flip side!

  103. can i be a tester when you start having closed beta my email is

  104. For me it sounds like a few of the beta testers that originally tested the game. Was not that dedicated, and didnt belive in the game. They got to play for free, and just abbandoned it when they had to pay. Ever consider how much that contributed to the failure? I would be surprized if gamers'first would pick them as testers again. I'm talking about a few people that has posted above this post. I didnt get to play beta myself, but i have been waiting for this game since gta 1. I bought the game and 6 months subscibtion, because i belive in APB, and its here to stay, the day i had the money for it. 14 days after launch sadly, woud have liked to play more time. But what i am saying is, why let the freeloaders that just play because its free, come test if they end up telling their friends not to invest in it what so ever? wouldent that be bad for the deticated fans the game and the company? And i dont care to if the Betatester quitters flame me on this one. Thats how i feel.

  105. Ohh yea please do something About all the cheaters. Might start with getting the websites that actively sold subscriptions for apb cheats closed. I meen you could go google apb and within the first five links three of them would be cheat sites. Getting some GM's in the districts and adding a gm chat wouldent hurt either. Maybe make the first 100 ipbans official. To state an example(and make it ipbans, or else people will just make a new toon and cheat some more). Allso if it could be made possible for dumptrucks to do less damage on gas stations. So people maybe can spawn their car AND get away. without getting griefed. I know that both these issues have been said allready, but they cant be said enough. Because it is really really important that these two points get as high on the to do list as possible.

  106. Maybe the solution to the matchmaking problems, could be. Making districts with a Rating cap of 100. And no restrictions on others. So the people that want to build their first character can learn the pvp part of the game without getting nerfed. And if your under rating 100 and feel like a chalange you can just join the normal districts without a rating cap. Irealize that this might split up some clans. But if people want to be with their clan they can go to a non capped district. Just an idea. ^^

  107. Allso regarning the gas stations, i know this is a minor detail. But i still think it is worth being mentioned. Why do all the gas stations sell fruit and nothing else lol? Can you maybe put something more likely to be at a gas station in the windows? Dont rush about it though, i know there is alot of issues far more important.

  108. Ohh yea, How we with a "normal" keyboard going to comunicate with the russians? Or report them if we need to do so? I meen how can i Report a Name I dont have the keys on my keyboard to spell? That at least for me, was an issue when apb was running. I got nothing personal agains russians. I just think its frustrating to see one with a impossible to spell name, aimbotting me in my face. Knowing i cant report them. Ok thats it from me for today, i look forward to any replies.

  109. Zemtex, you can make screeshot. Thats all.
    I havent germany keyboard too and wont to setup their symbols on my pc, but if they want to use their real names in their characters name- why not? Print screen & send if you need.

  110. What happens to the players who still have APB installed on there computer?

  111. I would love to be a beta tester. I Loved APB and I really was not happy when they shut it down. I was excited when I heard that it was gonna be re-opened. I remember quite a bit of the glitches. And I was there for most of the aim botters being kicked such as the most famous one in APB was "SAVINO."

    So if you would give me a chance i would be more then happy to be a closed beta tester

  112. il videogioco sarà anche in altre lingue oltre che l'inglese ?

  113. Just found this blog about APB!

    I've been frequently checking up on what's been going on with the game since it's collapse. I personally played it from the pre-release to the very bitter end. It's no secret to my friends and family that I've been a major fan of this game even after it's demise.

    I feel I could be a valued tester for the re-release of APB in a different aspect than most. I majored in Graphic Design and the customizing feature of APB I was most fond of. Being an experienced designer I could give valuable input and testing to the new customizing system. Also, If you ever think you may need some banners or graphics for the re-release, I'm also an eligible freelance designer.

    Thank you for your time, consideration and THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR GIVING APB A SECOND CHANCE!


  114. I'd be proud to have the opportunity to help test the reloaded version of the game. Not only was I a player in the previous version, I was also a very successful and recognized designer. I believe my experiences in both aspects of the game would be helpful to you. And I assure you I'm not just trying to get in to play early, or try to push my ideas into the game. I just want to help secure a successful relaunch because I loved APB and can't wait to see it come back and stay this time.

    Along with my past experience in both subscription and free2play style games; WoW, EVE Online, LotRO, Everquest II. And a large amount of beta testing experience; DC Universe Online, Battlefield Hereos, Shattered Horizon, Smashball, Warrior Epic. I also offer 6 years experience preforming telephone tech support for Apple software and hardware products. I'm pretty much conditioned to log relevant detailed notes and feedback (normally while doing 2-3 other things).

  115. Testing? I can do that.

    With my character Libra, I was in the closed beta for the original game since around february (Furious Fighters group), and had an opportunity to reach R250+ in closed beta. During this time I was a member of TnBGAMINGdotORG, a clan that ranked #1 on many of the scoreboards for both daily, weekly and monthly accomplishments (including total kills and consecutive wins). This allowed me to feedback aspects of the game unavailable to many players (like top clan ranking rewards and balance between organized groups with voip.)

    I spent a lot of time with the customization tools, sold designs and music in the auction house, did commissions. Hours of experience with all the customization tools.

    APB was far from my first betatest, my track record so far includes the closed beta of SWG, WoW and Aion, as well as Age of Conan. I also have some experience with GamersFirst's other offerings (primarily 9Dragons).

    I would be happy to help test APB Reloaded! I work as a technical operations coordinator and am used to giving feedback on software still in development. I recognize what kind of feedback is useful to you in which stage, and am very analytical.

    I look forward to re-entering San Paro!

  116. Me and my gaming friend wanted a game like APB for...well ever since gta came out (I know not the best comparison but yea) we always said why cant this be in mmo/large server chaos shooting each other stealing cars awesomeness. At the first peep of APB (original) we signed up and emailed to get into the closed beta, got into both the us and eu closed beta buged tested and the whole shebang, loved playing the game since day -200 all the way up till the last minute of the last hour of the last day, and once it was announce you guys were picking it back up we have been so excited to see what happens, this game was so innnovative and FUN, just poor management, i would love to test it and fix the problems we all witnessed in the original that existed in closed beta, open beta, release, and then were exploited in the last weeks of the games life. please consider me for beta testing)

  117. This is a great game and I would love to help in developing it and see how it will change you, hopefully for the better;)
    I played the game almost from the opening, and still every day I wonder what she is perfect in comparison to other games.
    I will be glad to play again on the streets of San Paro.

  118. This comment has been removed by the author.

  119. If you're still looking for testers I would gladly give you guys a hand. I was in the closed beta of APB and took the time to actually give feedback about any issues that were relevant. I've been in many betas over the years, among them being Aion, Champions Online, Medal of Honor, and WoW to name a few. Considering how i'm a member in a clan that's been active for over a decade as well puts myself and my fellow testers in quite the favorable light. I am among the members in our clan that spread the word about games that should be on the radar, APB being one them. We had quite a few from our division enjoy the game while it lasted and i'm sure if I am given the opportunity to test for you guys I can get the majority, if not all and more to return if the necessary changes were made.

    One of the big concerns I have is our old accounts. I spent a good amount of time at the symbol design kiosks and made a reputation for showing off my works. It will be unfortunate if we all have to start from scratch again as it would take hours, and I mean HOURS for a design to come out just right.

    Another is the risk of cheaters. This needs to be addressed before anything else in my opinion and fast. If you guys can find something besides punkbuster to prevent cheaters from ruining other players game time then you're on the right track of allowing this game to make a triumphant return.

    Besides those two issues I have nothing else to add. I would love to devote my time to you guys to make sure that all your hard work and dedication will not be in vain. Best wishes and can't wait to see its return.

  120. Hello. I want to take part in a beta test APB.Igrat first start the game. Know very well the game mechanics and a good game. Thanks in advance

  121. Hi please count me in for the closed beta, i played this game from pre release until the servers shut down. I would consider myself a veteran player and would give some useful feedback. I was an mainly enforcer on the EU Patriot server - good luck with the project - its going to be amazing

  122. i'll be more then baby to participate in the closed beta, i was basically a closed beta tester with the first launch, well i played the first day it came out onto pre-order so close enough eh? and im looking forward to no nerding this game with my brother, as well as spending money on it as i always do.

  123. If you want the opinion of a semi-veteran and casual gamer on the closed-beta, I'm your guy.

    I love this game so much, and to help improve it would mean a lot to me.

    I do not get angry like most other gamers do, I have patience, I try to understand and I try to give the best possible feedback on the matter.

    So yeah, if you need the viewpoint of a casual gamer, I'm available.

    I have no idea if this will be read, but I'm giving it a shot.

    My email is:

    Best of luck with the game, I am really looking forward to it!


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